Airship Daedalus

Airship Daedalus is a full cast steampunk adventure audio drama series. Set in the 1920s, it follows the crew of an airship crew as they patrol the skies, protecting the world from dark occult forces. It is presented in the style of an old time radio program, featuring monophonic sound, and the extra crackle and hiss of antique broadcasts.

Airship Daedalus spins an exciting tale of two-fisted pulp adventure, set against the backdrop of 1920s exploration, science, mysticism and derring-do. Written by Todd Downing (Ordinary Angels) and drawn by Brian Beardsley (The Devil's Own), Airship Daedalus follows the adventures of Captain “Stratosphere” Jack McGraw (ace pilot) and his crew: Dorothy “Doc” Starr (medic & occult expert), Carl “Rivets” Holloway (mechanic), Edward “Duke” Willis (comms & munitions), and Charlie “Deadeye” Dalton (sharpshooter). Sometimes aided by Stede Bonnet and his Sky Pirates, Captain Stratosphere scours the globe in search of rare artifacts to keep from falling into the hands of the devious Aleister Crowley and his Astrum Argentinium. Crowley's primary weapon in his quest for world domination is the mega-Zeppelin Luftpanzer, commanded by his right hand gal, Maria Blutig. With powerful magic and fanatic followers on their side, the Astrum Argentinium and the Luftpanzer pose a major threat to the natural order, thus a secretive organization founded by scientists and industrialists has set the Daedalus II on its course to be the “Shield Against the Darkness”.