The Adventures of Great Grandmother Beady Dine

The Adventures of Great Grandmother Beady Dine is described by its creators as “an experimental spy-fi audio drama and album that incorporates a story told by actors with sound effects and features instrumental surf-like music transitioning each scene”. It is currently in production, but many tracks can be previews as either streaming audio or streaming YouTube videos.

These are the accounts of research scientist and author Beady Dine who narrates each of her journal entries taking YOU the listener into a dark world of intrigue….

It all begins one seemingly average Monday, as Beady arrives to work at the technological research firm the Omega Institute, and notices several instances of strange behavior from her fellow collegues. Shortly thereafter, it becomes apparent that the change in moral is directly related to the actions of new owner & CEO, Professor B.T. Wilkins. Wilkins, who's been appointed to head up a new branch of government called the Bureau of Business Licensing and Regulation, not only has the power to purchase shares of businesses struggling to keep from Bankruptcy, but also to enforce and impose an oppressive “carbon output tax”.

When Beady refuses to hand over “Project 9” to Wilkins in order to qualify for membership in the secret scorpion society and keep her job, Wilkins steals the project and fires her anyway.

Later while at her favorite coffee shop to think things over, Beady is accosted by two agents with questions about her recent private sector job loss. After establishing that she now has no way of paying her daily carbon output tax, the agents escort her to a facility where she is to report on a regular basis to a carbon counselor.

Instead of a government bureaucrat though, Beady is pleasantly surprised to see her friend and former co-worker Spiff Johnson, working undercover for an internal affairs agency investigating Wilkins for fraud.

Part of this investigation, is the recouping of a downed space craft which mysteriously disappeared after recovering environmental data proving that solar activity alone is naturally responsible for climate fluctuations, and not Co2; thereby exposing Wilkins & his profitable Carbon output hoax.

Spiff, in need of Beady's expertise, asks her to go with him & a team of others on an expedition to the crash site to analyze the data from the craft's data pod. What happens next is a shocking nightmare of horror as the team arrives to find themselves face to face with Wilkins and an army of terrifying unstoppable robots!