The Adventures of Captain Hudson

The Adventures of Captain Hudson is a full cast audio drama produced by Audio Cinema Entertainment. The title (described as “the first of many shows to come”) The Adventures of Captain Hudson: The Lost Mines of Paradise, is available for purchase on the website. The running time is approximately 5 hours. There are audio samples available to listen to.

In this, the pilot episode, we are introduced to our reluctant hero, Captain Jim Hudson and the crew of his state of the art DC-3 cargo plane. The story primarily takes place in 1936 where we find that Captain Hudson, is just trying to make an honest buck in the dawn of the air cargo business. Central to the story is his home base at Mercury Airfield in the Coastal town of Crescent Cove, California. From there, Hudson and his pals embark on unexpected adventures as they journey into the forgotten desert regions of the Southwestern U.S. As one thing leads to another, things begin to go terribly wrong.