Action Pack Podcast

The Action Pack Podcast is a (mostly) monthly podcast in which three writers – J.R. Murdock, Scott Roche, and Michell Plested – broadcast the newest segments of stories that they are working on.

A Boy Scout troop leaves their survival shelter camp to find that the world has changed. They and their leaders must quickly learn how to deal with the zombie threat while they try to find their families and friends and maybe save the world along the way.

Abigail Champski  would be content to continue working in her laboratory that sits in the corner of her father's locomotive construction yard. Her father, unfortunately for Abigail, has been asked by his boss to head from New York to The Sierra Nevada Mountains. The reason? There's gold in them thar hills and Cecil Champski is the man who can build equipment large enough to get at it.

The Gold Rush has happened, the Trans-Continental Railroad isn't complete yet, and steam power combined with ingenuity will get them across the country to the Golden West where chaos reigns supreme. Getting at the gold may just be the easiest part of the job.

World War Two is finally over, and engineer Jeremiah Looper imagines that he'll be able to return to more peaceful pursuits. A sudden rash of crop circles and sightings of alien craft disturb those plans. With the aid of the beautiful psychic Doctor Alberta Danaher and his old friend Captain Lee “Siggy” Sigfried they will uncover and foil a plot that threatens to rip the Earth in two.