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Alabaster Flats Alabaster Flats Full Cast Western Comedy Series Welcome to Alabaster Flats: The Self-Aware Western. Name's Whiskers. You heard about the strange happenins here, hm? Biggest mystery this side of the Pecos. We've suffered, or rather, experienced 17 sheriffs in 30 days and we don't know why. While you're here you'll probably meet Miss Sofia she runs the Short Stick Saloon. Try to steer clear of Morgan's Mercantile, and whatever you do, don't let deputy Wyatt Chirp tell you a story. You'll thank … , , , ,
Badgerclaw Badgerclaw Full Cast Western Comedy Series Welcome to Badgerclaw! A new fiction podcast from Moon Lasso Media. This fun, family-friendly story set in the Old West is full of adventure, drama, and plenty of comedy. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Bird Woman Bird Woman Full Cast Fantasy Western Series Bird Woman, a magical realism, multi-episode audio drama series, is set in the early West. Bird Woman, Sacajawea, discovers her shape-shifting powers as; part Woman & part Eagle. She fights alongside the Expeditioners making heart-wrenching choices between the Native world & Clark's world, discovering her full powers & true destiny on our Expedition, as Bird Woman. , , , ,
Blood for Wildflowers Blood for Wildflowers Narrated Horror Western Series When Billy “The Face” Marshall and his gang intercept a package with a mysterious set of coordinates, it sets off a chain of events that will change them all, forever. From the mind of Donnie Goodman and featuring the narration of Rain Corbyn, comes an AM radio styled drama perfect for a rainy day. , , , , ,
Bullet Catcher Bullet Catcher Narrated Urban Fantasy Western Series An orphan with nothing left to lose braves the treacherous desert in order to become a mystical bullet catcher. Since her brother went missing, Imma has dreams of becoming a bullet catcher: an outlaw who can fend off bullets with a bare hand. So when a real bullet catcher shows up one day, she jumps at the chance to honor her brother's legacy and learn the tricks of the trade. But when she uncovers a shocking secret, she is propelled on … , , , ,
Calamity Calamity Full Cast Western Series Calamity Jane guides a theatre troupe across hostile lands while fleeing the ghosts of her past. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleIntroducing: Calamity full_cast podcast series western , , ,
Dawson's Den Dawson's Den Full Cast/Narrated Western Comedy Anthology Drop into the den for conversations with Will Dawson, tall tales, wildlife stories and a whole lot of fun!This podcast is a mixture of storytelling and discussion segments. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , ,
Dust World Dust World Role-Playing Science Fiction Series A post-apocalyptic sci-fi western actual play RPG podcast about a group of flawed individuals, the Boys, that are trying to stop Red Earth a mad dictatorship from taking over what's left of this rock. , , , , , ,
Dusty Cantina, Librarian, Gunslinger Dusty Cantina, Librarian, Gunslinger Narrated Western Comedy Series Dusty rides into the surprisingly literate town of Dry Gulch. The town is rife with book discussions about Consuela, the Bandit Queen of California, government document cataloguing and other local libraries , , , ,
Frontier Gentleman Frontier Gentleman Full Cast Western Series Herewith an Englishman's account of life and death in the West. As a reporter for the London Times, he writes his colorful and unusual accounts, but as a man with a gun, he lives and becomes a part of the adventures in the new territories. , , ,
Frontier Justice Frontier Justice Full Cast Western Series Frontier Justice is an immersive audio drama created by Scott Lyman, set in the American Frontier and Mexico in the 1880s. The story tells of a lawman turned vigilante Jack Cooper, who embarks on a journey for revenge after the murder of his wife at the hands of the infamous William Cornell Gang. , , , ,
Gadsden Gadsden Full Cast Western Comedy Series When the wildest of America's West threatens to tear apart the nation's newest expansion in pursuit of buried treasure, the territory's first female psychiatrist leaps headfirst into a whirlwind adventure to keep the peace by confronting inglorious soldiers, perilous rebels, and destructive stereotypes. , , , ,
Ghost Light Dice Ghost Light Dice Role-Playing Fantasy Western Series Welcome to Ghost Light Dice, where thespians meet TTRPGs! While times may get dark, our light is always on and all are welcome at our table. From 5e to Pathfinder, homebrew to module–there's always something on our virtual stage! So pull up a chair, crack open a cold one, and let's get rollin'! , , , , ,
Grimwell County Grimwell County Full Cast Horror Western Series A western horror serial set deep in the wicked heart of Texas. GRIMWELL COUNTY follows the adventures of Deacon Langley and the gunslinger, Church McMillan, as they encounter the nightmares of the dark Texan frontiers. , , , , ,
Iron Frontier Iron Frontier Role-Playing Steampunk Series The gods have fallen. The heavens and the hells are gone. All that remains of that time long before, is man, beast and the world of Æmia. Welcome to the Iron Frontier! Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , , ,
LCP DnD LCP DnD Role-Playing Fantasy Anthology Telling immersive stories, using table top roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons and Savage Worlds. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Podbean Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SamplePrologue pt. 1 of Fillmore's Crossing | The Adventure Begins , , , , , , , ,
Let's Be Legendary Let's Be Legendary Role-Playing Steampunk Fantasy Series “The Feywild West” is a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons actual play game, set in a homebrew Wild West steampunk world. The Feywild West follows two people discovering what it means to be in a relationship, all the while seeking revenge and learning the truth of their pasts. Let's Be Legendary Podcast is a LGBTQ+ podcast, with both main and minor characters, as well as the players falling under the queer blanket. An RP heavy game with a… , , , , , , ,
Little Town of Rainbow Little Town of Rainbow Narrated Horror Western Series During a blistering cold December Nevada Desert night in the year 1882, Henrik is battling starvation and hypothermia when he is found face down in the snow by Ramsey, the Mayor of Rainbow. Henrik awakens to find himself trapped in Rainbow. An alluring town brimming with Occultist, Shaman's and Soothsayers, all desperately vying to influence and infiltrate the highest positions of power in the budding United States of America. Just as t… , , , ,
Mage Hand High Five Mage Hand High Five Role-Playing Fantasy Western Series Your New Third Favorite RPG Podcast! Campaign One: Join our trio of wild west gunslingers and magical cutthroats as they descend into the dusty, lawless frontier in “The Badlands.” Mature , , , , , , , ,
New West - Hill Country New West - Hill Country Narrated Science Fiction Western Series The year is 2083. The global population has been decimated by the final flu. The United States – not united for a long time – is no more. New lines have been drawn. Five divided nations stand. The story begins in one nation, the New West, which is much like the Old West. The heart of the wild Comanche empire, turned thriving Texas Hill Country, turned desolate and violent and ruthless once more. A harsh landscape and a society wi… , , , , , ,
Outlawed Faith Outlawed Faith Full Cast Science Fiction Western Series In a dystopian universe, on a dead-end, backwater world, an orphaned girl, a mystic Seer, tries to escape from the sway of her megalomaniac uncle & his band of agents, the Klinkertons. She tries by seeking out the help of a reformed gunslinger, Kulta Blackhand. It's a Steampunk/Western/Sci-Fi. , , , , ,
Pit of the West Pit of the West Full Cast Horror Western Series A weird-western horror audio drama following a former bank robber who, after betraying his gang for a handful of gold, makes a deal with a mysterious benefactor to save his own skin. However, this deal leaves him marked with an evil curse, and he must wander the supernatural underbelly of America to rid himself of it, and perhaps, redeem his very soul. , , , , ,
Powder Burns Powder Burns Full Cast Western Thriller Series SEE the Wild West as Sheriff Burns does. WITHOUT SIGHT. The show brilliantly legitimizes the audio drama genre in it's use of a blind central character, allowing the listening audience to observe events as Sheriff Burns does; and tackles social and ethical issues still troubling America today, all is the guise of a classic radio Western. Starring John Wesley Shipp (CW's , , , ,
RADIO: Outcast RADIO: Outcast Full Cast Urban Fantasy Western Series RADIO: Outcast is a fantasy-western audio drama that follows three strangers on an unexpected adventure. When Helix, the Messenger God of Sound, gets yanked from the 1980s and sent to the 1880s by her abusive ex-lover, the God of Time, she must forge unlikely alliances with two humans: Jesse, a cowboy out for revenge, and Charles, a conman running from his past. The three of them embark on a journey across the American West, each with thei… , , , ,
Red Dirt DnD Red Dirt DnD Role-Playing Fantasy Western Series Red Dirt DnD mashes together fantasy with the Wild West. The actual play Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast takes place in the fictional country of Rutoya as four adventurers map the Ka'alban Frontier for the Dwarven train barons. Elves and Orcs collide with saloons and sheriffs in this show featuring local Oklahoma actors and D&D veterans. , , , , , , ,
Retribution Retribution Full Cast Western Mystery Series After seven months of brutal drought, Terra McHale, a beleaguered farmer, discovers the answer to ending the drought lies with the town pariah, Willow Gravis. But Terra quickly discovers there is more to Willow and the town than she knew. , , , ,
Richard Wade U.S. Marshal Richard Wade U.S. Marshal Full Cast Western Thriller Series 1910 and the new West is dawning. Bringing a future of telephones, cars and new ways of doing. But there still rides a man of the old West. A Lawman out to serve justice to those who need its help and to those who deserve its sharp sword. That lawman is Richard Wade, U. S. Marshal. , , , ,
Saratoga Lights Saratoga Lights Narrated Horror Thriller Anthology Saratoga Lights is a noir-western story of crime and vengeance in rural Texas, told episodically. Created by Randall LaRue and Matthew David Rudd. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , , ,
Shitty Cowboys Shitty Cowboys Role-Playing Fantasy Western Series Something strange is happening in the town of Westhallow. Clockwork cowboys enforce a strict dress code of cowboy boots, hats and dusters and require everyone to speak in western lingo. Will our heroes liberate the town or will they enjoy the theme? , , , , , , ,
Sounds Like Crowes Sounds Like Crowes Role-Playing Horror Series Sounds Like Crowes is an actual play podcast where a posse of nerds pretend to be cowboys. Above all else, we strive for production values. We want the sound that hits your ears to be crisp, and interesting. That means starting with good equipment and recording conditions, and editing all the boring bits out of the gameplay. , , , , ,
Tales of the Wasted West Tales of the Wasted West Full Cast Urban Fantasy Western Series Gunslingers. Outlaws. This place may remind you of the American West of old, but the truth is stranger than that. These are Tales of the Wasted West, an independent audio drama produced by students from the University of Maryland, College Park and Baltimore County. , , , ,
The American Immortal The American Immortal Full Cast Urban Fantasy Western Series 1825... After an unscrupulous thief and an obstinate Native American teen kill each other, they take a wrong turn on their way to the Afterlife and wind up back among the Living by mistake. , , , , , ,
The Courtship of Mona Mae The Courtship of Mona Mae Full Cast Western Drama Series In the 1870s, pioneers Mona Mae Christophe and Zekial Montgomery search the American West for her mother, Clara, who she was sold away from during slavery. Mona must recall a past long forgotten in order to survive, so that she can find her mother, love and create a way of life for herself. , , , , ,
Wandering with the Dead Wandering with the Dead Full Cast Horror Western Series “A new horror western audio drama set in the old west” ~ A bounty hunter carries his dead bounty across the old west, trying desperately to cash in on it before it deteriorates to nothing. The journey gives us a fascinating opportunity to explore some of the weirder tales of the old west. , , , , ,