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A Romp Across Iðna A Romp Across Iðna Full Cast Fantasy Erotica Series A Romp Across Iðna is an erotic fantasy adventure told in a second point of view. You take off on an adventure to discover the truth about your father's mysterious death where he leaves behind a cryptic note and a mysterious amulet. On your journey across the world of Iðna, you will earn experience and equipment as you slay foul beasts, complete complex puzzles, and bond with monster girls of all shapes and sizes. , , , , ,
Alasdair Kent's Erotic Tales Alasdair Kent's Erotic Tales Narrated Erotica Series Dirty, sexy, twisted, intelligent erotica that you definitely won't want your kids to hear.This podcast is narrated by a text-to-speech program. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
All The Filthy Details All The Filthy Details Narrated Erotica Anthology NSFW Erotica, 18+ Adults only! All The Filthy Details is a podcast providing Erotic stories and interviews from the independent Erotica scene. Stories are made in dimensional stereo, so headphones are recommended. , , , ,
Audio Fanfic Podcast Audio Fanfic Podcast Narrated Multigenre Anthology Making fanfiction accessible through audio.Early episodes are not included in the RSS feed, but are available to stream on the Audio Fanfic Podcast SoundCloud page.This podcast is a mixture of storytelling and discussion segments. Mature , , , , , ,
Audio Orgasms Audio Orgasms Narrated Erotica Anthology An Erotic podcast, that is nothing but sex stories, written and narrated by me. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleAudio Orgasms Introduction anthology erotica mature narrated podcast , , , ,
Bawdcast Bawdcast Full Cast Erotica Series Years ago, thirty-something latte-slinger and struggling artist Evie Dresden gave over to her most secret, submissive desires – with catastrophic results. Since then, she has denied her sexual impulses, unable to trust again. Instead, she contents herself with a simple existence: days at the coffee house, evenings volunteering with Theatre Nova, and bedtime all alone. , , , ,
Black Widow Black Widow Full Cast Erotica Anthology Black Widow is a scripted podcast that investigates the mindset of dating as a millennial. It is a show which promotes positivity around sexual experiences, especially the experiences of women, whatever end of the sexual spectrum they might be on. , , , , , ,
Cashmere & Friends Cashmere & Friends Full Cast Erotica Anthology Cashmere is known to put you to sleep when Insomnia gets the best of you. On this podcast, she invites some friends to help tell some bedtime stories; adult stories. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Chanel Ivy's Steamy Romance Reads Chanel Ivy's Steamy Romance Reads Narrated Erotica Anthology - Reading excerpts from the works of Forever Morris Publishings best selling author, Chanel Ivy -Reading excerpts from other authors exciting work. * Fair warning, Chanel writes mostly steamy lesbian romance thrillers that will get you worked up and ready for more. But know now, nothing is off the table when it comes to topics of discussion. , , , ,
Confident Sensuality Confident Sensuality Narrated Thriller Erotica Series When Melissa was growing up, she valued her family, until things abruptly changed. She lost her father, and her cousin became a consistent part of her life (against her will, might I add). Now, several years later, she learns from her unbelievably attractive professor, Mr. Lorenzo Angelo, that her deceased father left a mess for her to clean up. Unfortunately, this mess, so to speak, puts her family in the line of fire, as Mr. Angelo knows… , , , , ,
Control Control Narrated Erotica Series An original, erotic drama, based on a real Female Led Relationship. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleThe Beginning erotica mature narrated podcast series , , , ,
Danmei Podfics With Gem Danmei Podfics With Gem Narrated Erotica Anthology Danmei Podfics With Gem is a mature audio drama podcast dedicated to turning your favorite smut and fluff Danmei fan fiction from across the fandom into audio stories, including MXTX stories (MDZS, TGCF), Meatbun (2HA/Erha) and more. All podfics and original fics can be found on AO3 (Archive of Our Own). Grab your headphones and enjoy the stories. , , , , ,
Dinner at Yiffany's Dinner at Yiffany's Narrated Erotica Anthology Dinner at Yiffany's brings the Furry world to you wherever you are. We often don't have time to sit and read, especially to read erotic works. Instead, let us bring it directly to your ears. I read. You listen. Relax , , , ,
Dirty Diana Dirty Diana Full Cast Drama Series As an escape from her carefully curated life and dying marriage, Diana secretly runs an erotic website where women reveal their intimate sexual fantasies. The 6-part show stars and is produced by Demi Moore alongside an impressive and expansive cast. With DIRTY DIANA writer/director Shana Feste has created a sex-positive podcast that tells the story of a marriage on the brink of collapse and the hard work that goes into finding your partner again. DIRTY D… , , , , ,
Dirty Erotica Dirty Erotica Narrated Erotica Anthology Time to get your freak on! Wanna hear hot dirty stories that will help you connect with your nasty side, well then subscribe and give us some likes baby! Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleCrush , , , ,
Dirty Story Night Dirty Story Night Narrated Comedy Anthology The cast and crew of It's All Been Done Radio Hour gather at an after-party and try to top one another with filthy erotic stories. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Libsyn Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleWhat to Expect It's All Been Done Presents , , , , ,
Dr Lori Beth Bisbey's Erotic Library Dr Lori Beth Bisbey's Erotic Library Narrated Erotica Anthology On this podcast, I am inviting you into my personal library to experience my favourite erotica. All of the volumes that I will read from are on my shelves. Each week, I will treat you to a piece of erotica – either my own or from one of my favourite authors. Some weeks, I will be joined by these amazing authors themselves and you will have the chance to hear them read their own work. , , , ,
Erotica Verbatim Erotica Verbatim Full Cast Comedy Erotica Anthology Join Sir. Laurent St. Wright, Britain's elder statesman of film and TV, as he sits by a roaring fireplace and reads aloud some of his favorite erotic literature that he's collected over the decades - ably assisted by his beautiful cast. Imagine Letters to Penthouse meets Masterpiece Theatre with a splash of Drunk History. , , , , , ,
Erotica with Vivia Volupta Erotica with Vivia Volupta Narrated Erotica Anthology Erotica with Vivia Volupta podcast is dedicated to Sexual wellness, Love & Romance, featuring sensual self-help & advice, erotic hypnosis, meditation, comedy/drama fiction, and adult bedtime fantasies. , , , ,
ETL Echo Audiobooks ETL Echo Audiobooks Narrated Urban Fantasy Erotica Anthology A collection of different Enemies to Lovers One-shots and short multi-chaps fan fiction from Ao3 , current pairings include: Dramione, Drarry, Reylo, Darklina, Panville and Zutara! Mature , , , , , ,
Flirties Flirties Full Cast Erotica Anthology Hey sweet thing! Welcome to Flirties ~ a collection of short, tender audio stories for hopeless romantics, horny hearts and anyone in need of some loving sounds. All the stories you'll hear in this podcast come from real fantasies that were anonymously sent to me by friends and strangers. I hope they leave you feeling tickled. , , , ,
Fuck Humans Fuck Humans Full Cast Horror Erotica Series In order to live in harmony, Humans and monsters are forbidden from having relations with one another. Will this peace last? *Erotica podcast that focuses on LGBT relationships and teratophilia. Listener discretion advised. , , , , ,
Girls on Jane Girls on Jane Narrated Drama Series GIRLS ON JANE is an unapologetically sexy, raw and downright hilarious window into the vibrant underworld of mid-2000s lesbian culture in Manhattan's West Village. So dust off your sexiest pair of motorcycle boots, pour yourself a tall glass of your chosen poison and step into a whole new world. A wild and wonderful world made up of lesbians and lipstick, dykes and Dr. Martens, queer babes and champagne, sex and salaciousness, heartbreak and hedonism, glamo… , , , , ,
Goldenyaa Hot Air 'N Curl Up Goldenyaa Hot Air 'N Curl Up Narrated Multigenre Anthology Hallo Goldenyachies If you're looking to change your life in a prolific way with wide variations of growth, selflove, lifestyle with substance, relationship and talks of interracial love. And also with erotic thriller storytelling. , , , , , ,
Gummy and The Doctor Gummy and The Doctor Full Cast Science Fiction Erotica Series When Dr.Edwin Glum tries and fails to create his own perfect, sexy partner, he unknowingly sends out a horny distress signal to the gooey, pink alien named Gummy. As Gummy touches down on earth, they soon see just how pent up the Doctor is in more ways than one and start to wonder if there's something to be done about that , , , , , ,
Kimaya's Closet Kimaya's Closet Narrated Erotica Anthology Get sweet, short and immersive stories delivered right to your ears. Stories range from innocent and dramatic to full on erotic. You choose your desires. If you're into gritty, unapologetic stories that don't lineup with general customs and norms, or you're just feeling naughty, this podcast is for you. , , , ,
Kiss: The Audio Series Kiss: The Audio Series Full Cast Thriller Series Some believe that a kiss is one of the most intimate connections that two people can share, but when it comes to Washington, D.C.'s Lipstick Serial Killer; a mere kiss could easily equate to death. The , , , , ,
LetMePutU2Bed_Podcast LetMePutU2Bed_Podcast Narrated Erotica Series Audio Erotica... Presently only short stories created by myself & other friends of the podcast. Stories will be told in 3/4 parts throughout the week. I hope u decide 2 Let Me Put U 2 Bed Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Making It Up As We Go Making It Up As We Go Narrated Horror Anthology A collection of podfics (audiobooks for fan fiction) for Destiel readers, by a Destiel reader. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleMaking It Up As We Go: The Trailer anthology erotica fan_fiction horror mature narrated podcast , , , , , ,
Monsters University Monsters University Role-Playing Urban Fantasy Horror Series Welcome to Monsters University, a homebrew TTRPG for the monster lovers and roleplay enthusiasts. This is an 18+ live action role playing game set in the premier institute for higher monster education. Murder, intrigue, mystery, and romance abound in this silly fantasy universe! , , , , , , ,
Monstica Monstica Full Cast Urban Fantasy Erotica Anthology Monstica is an anthology monster erotica fiction podcast with a strong focus on diversity and inclusivity Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleMonstica Chelsea Makes Podcasts delivery_guyThe Delivery Guyfuck_humansFuck Humansgummy_and_the_doctorGummy and The DoctormonsticaMonsticasubject_99Subject 99 cmakesp.wordpress.com anthology erotica full_cast mature podcast urban_fantasy , , , , ,
Mz Raine's Bedtime Stories Mz Raine's Bedtime Stories Narrated Erotica Anthology Join Mz Raine as she reads you a short erotic story in every episode. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleMz Raine's Bedtime Stories - Episode 1 anthology erotica mature narrated podcast , , , ,
Möther's Creme Diaries Möther's Creme Diaries Full Cast Comedy Series In this 90's nostalgic radio show, women (drag queens) call in and share their erotic adventures with late-night host Shaniah. The first ever fiction podcast starring drag queens, this program brings you back to the days of song requests & dedications tuned into your FM radio dial.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ , , , , ,
Nobilis Erotica Nobilis Erotica Narrated Multigenre Anthology Nobilis writes erotic science fiction stories and shares them with you in audio format.Early episodes are not included in the RSS feed, but all episodes are available on the Nobilis Erotica Libsyn website. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , ,
Private Affairs Private Affairs Full Cast Drama Series Veronica (Vee), a recent Melbourne transplant, unexpectedly finds herself in a situation with a charming Aussie doctor and has to quickly learn how to keep her wig on when things get sexy, as well as navigate other complexities of an intercultural relationship. , , , , , ,
Purple Panties Purple Panties Full Cast Drama Series On the outside Maddox, Loren and Stephanie go against the grain when it comes to sex. But as relationships shift and physical needs change, can they keep up with the facade? Follow these women on their journey as they navigate their personal and professional lives in Atlanta, where the sun isn't the only thing that's hot! , , , , ,
Read Me Romance Read Me Romance Narrated Multigenre Anthology Original, never-before-heard romance audiobooks from your favorite authors, narrated by professionals and presented for your listening pleasure every, single week! We'll begin a new, original audiobook every Monday, releasing one section per day, until wrapping it up with a big, swoony happily ever after on Friday! , , , , ,
Shipwreck (The Booksmith) Shipwreck (The Booksmith) Narrated Comedy Anthology Shipwreck is a San Francisco-based erotic fanfiction competition that pits six great writers against one great book each month. Fics are performed to a live audience by our resident thespian, that we might preserve author anonymity till the votes are tallied. Hosted by Amy Stephenson and Casey Childers. , , , , , , ,
Short Sex Stories Short Sex Stories Narrated Erotica Anthology Sexy stories to get you through your day... Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links RedCircle Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleOur First Time Filming anthology erotica mature narrated podcast , , , ,
Steamy Stories Steamy Stories Narrated Erotica Anthology The podcast where bromance becomes bromosexual. A collection of short, sexy stories and hot hookups. Written by JC Calciano. Narrated by Ben Palacios & Casey Alcoser Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , ,
Subject 99 Subject 99 Narrated Science Fiction Erotica Series Scientist Dr. Scope does 'research' on an alien. Warning: The following podcast contains graphic descriptions of sex between a woman and an alien. Listener discretion is advised. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , ,
Tales After Dark Tales After Dark Full Cast Multigenre Erotica Anthology Sexy, Erotic Tales told through a female gaze. Brought to you by the Tales of the Forgotten Fiction Network, Tales After Dark is an anthology series. With new episodes dropping weekly, every month we bring you a different story, and some may have subtle connections to other Tales of the Forgotten Shows. , , , , ,
Temple Erotica Temple Erotica Narrated Erotica Anthology Stories of Sacred Sexuality is a show to light up your body, soul, and magic from the inside out. Awakening memories and envisioning futures of sovereignty, power and mystery that feeds the ecstatic contributes to healing the planet and our homes. , , , ,
The Delivery Guy The Delivery Guy Full Cast Comedy Erotica Series Loves blossoms between a guy and his delivery man. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleTrailer: The Delivery Guy Chelsea Makes Podcasts delivery_guyThe Delivery Guyfuck_humansFuck Humansgummy_and_the_doctorGummy and The DoctormonsticaMonsticasubject_99Subject 99 cmakesp.wordpress.com comedy erotica full_cast mature podcast series , , , , ,
The Desert Rose The Desert Rose Full Cast Fantasy Erotica Series An erotic audio series for adults. When her father slain by her treacherous uncle, a nameless Princess has fled her home in search of a new life. Fate drives her to exotic shores where a new beginning for her awaits in a house of pleasure. But will she be willing to shed her old identity for something new? , , , , ,
The Good Bits The Good Bits Narrated Erotica Anthology Erotic audio dramas that will charm the pants off you. Each episode will inspire your desire with a sexy story from a bestselling novel. The Good Bits is diverse and feminist, sex-positive and anti-shame. We believe that sex can be fun and flirty, seductive and slutty, romantic and indulgent—but still wear a fabulous dress that leaves something to the imagination. , , , ,
The Steamy Parts The Steamy Parts Narrated Multigenre Erotica Anthology Long time fan of romance novels or have you never read one in your life? It doesn't matter. The Steamy Parts invites all comers on a journey to the steamiest part of all sorts of romance novels. Whether you're on your way to work or just relaxing around the house, the Steamy Parts promises an immersive, scintillating, and efficient listening experience with each episode. So come on , , , , ,
The Story of Alys The Story of Alys Narrated Drama Series Tumble down the rabbit hole with Alys as she explores the desires of another, journeying through the body and mind to places normally hidden from view. As she explores the dark cracks and crevices of the heart and soul, you as the listener can control what unfolds in front of her. But while your choices in how Alys moves across the board may shape the experiences that follow, nothing can change the winds of her fate. One way or another, Alys will always… , , , , , ,
The Third The Third Narrated Erotica Series Every proposition comes with a price - especially those of a sexual nature. So when Sadie Walsh, a stifled yet fiercely ambitious woman, finds herself in the middle of a moral dilemma when a high-powered client unknowingly awakens her sexual curiosity, the path that she chooses to take could be her ultimate awakening or her inevitable demise. , , , ,
The Wolf Among Sheep The Wolf Among Sheep Narrated Drama Series Follow Bahdy as he tries to navigate life after ending a tumultuous relationship, losing his job, and on the verge of a mental breakdown. Bahdy is invited by a friend to try his hands at being an erotic masseur where he quickly meets colorful characters and learns some life lessons along the way. , , , , ,
Titillating Stories Titillating Stories Narrated Erotica Anthology Do you enjoy listening to tantalizing stories? Is romance your passion? How about drama with a sexual twist? Relax and listen as your host Nicole takes you on a lustful journey filled with stories of passion and erotic endings. Sexy, romantic, romance, erotic, erotica, bedtime short stories. , , , ,
Vicky Erotic Tales Vicky Erotic Tales Narrated Erotica Anthology Erotic tales narrated by Vicky, lesbian threesome stories, erotic sensual arousing literature, sexy naughty talks chronicles, erotic fiction.This website contain adult images. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Wylde In Bed Wylde In Bed Narrated Erotica Anthology For your weekly erotic pleasure, you can enjoy deep and intimate erotic audio stories and erotic romance readings all designed with one thing in mind, to give you the deepest, most intense pleasure every Sunday night at 10pm CST. It doesn't matter if you are single or a couple, you can enjoy intense pleasure, all you have to do is lay back, put your headphones on and let me voice take you into your deepest fantasies. , , , ,
Yuki: Space Assassin Yuki: Space Assassin Full Cast Science Fiction Erotica Series An Erotic Fiction podcast. The daring (and sexy) adventures of a femme fatale just making her way through a wild Galaxy. Inspired by the feel of '80s and '90s sci-fi adult films and comics, and all themes and clichés they entailed. If scantily clad slave girls and the lusty aliens that covet them aren't your thing. Baby, don't say we didn't warn ya. , , , , ,
Zenetizen - the Intuitive Tantric Reiki Healer Zenetizen - the Intuitive Tantric Reiki Healer Narrated Erotica Series An elegant Erotica Romance Fantasy Fiction written by Z. E. Lian[...]. Audio narration of a fictional journey through the eyes of Zenetizen, the Intuitive Tantric Reiki Healer. A written series of first person stories with audio narration following her cases of sexual healing, including her own. Mature Content. Listener discretion is advised. , , , , ,