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Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series Role-Playing Fantasy Comedy Series Acquisitions Incorporated serves up locally-sourced adventure from convenient franchise locations across Faerûn. Their adventures began in 2007 with a podcast of three friends playing D&D, and inexplicably progressed to live games on-stage before thousands of audience members at PAX. , , , , , , ,
Amazing Tales of the Atlantic Amazing Tales of the Atlantic Full Cast Multigenre Comedy Anthology Amazing Tales of the Atlantic is a radio play anthology series celebrating the residents of Atlantic Canada. Each episode of Amazing Tales of the Atlantic will feature new chapters of one of three ever-evolving tales! , , , , , , , , ,
Balderdash Academy's On the Air! Balderdash Academy's On the Air! Full Cast Comedy Anthology Join the wild crew behind Balderdash Academy with On the Air, the groundbreaking comedy experience that blends live theater with radio plays that never were with a new show every night. Each performance of On the Air is all new and features three never before heard radio plays as we follow the comedy trials and tribulations of the ensemble of Dasher's Radio Theater on the Air. , , , , ,
Coalition Radio Hour Coalition Radio Hour Full Cast Comedy Anthology Coalition Radio Hour is a live, improvised radio drama production performed and recorded at the Coalition Theater in Richmond VA. Crammed with Romance! Intrigue! Murder!? Each episode features two heart-pounding dramas, with live musical accompaniment, mildly intrusive commercial breaks, and more! This is a trip to the 1940s you won't want to miss! , , , , ,
Collapsing Horse Science Fiction Radio Hour Collapsing Horse Science Fiction Radio Hour Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Anthology The only hour of radio that's neither an hour, nor on radio! The Collapsing Horse Science Fiction Radio Hour plies your ears with a selection of half-hour SF and fantasy stories from the intimidating collection of the Story Keeper. SILENCE! , , , , ,
Crime City! Crime City! Full Cast Horror Thriller Series Thrills! Chills! A serialized monthly detective show, performed LIVE in the style of a 1950s radio drama! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts YouTube Listen to a SampleWelcome To Crime City! Population: Crime! audience comedy full_cast podcast series thriller , , , , ,
Dead Drunk Detective Dead Drunk Detective Full Cast Horror Comedy Series Dead Drunk Detective is a seven part comedy-noir podcast serial starring the most unlikely of private detectives. How unlikely? He's a drunk zombie, and his name is Johnny Stumbles. And with his sarcastic secretary Betty, he'll have to deal with Dracula, The Bogeyman, and The Devil to get to the bottom of the case , , , , ,
Don't Close Your Eyes: Live Radio Theatre! Don't Close Your Eyes: Live Radio Theatre! Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Don't Close Your Eyes is Montana's longest-running and most-popular live radio theatre presentation! Each week during the summer, writer/directors Ryan Cassavaugh and Keith Suta take turns writing and presenting a brand-new one-hour play in a variety of genres from the golden age of radio! Since 2011, DCYE has produced weekly radio plays all summer long at Bozeman's Verge Theater! , , , ,
Ghosts of the Internet Ghosts of the Internet Full Cast/Narrated Horror Anthology A Live Reading of Ghost Stories and Horror Tales for All - Kids and Adults - come and read with us online!!As of this writing, some episodes are not available to listen to. Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , ,
Golden Age Radio Golden Age Radio Full Cast Comedy Anthology Gather your family around the radio and let us celebrate the holidays together with three completely improvised radio dramas. Golden Age Radio welcomes you into the most famous recording studio of the 1940s, WGAR. In its smoke-filled halls, its expert actors will take you on three different adventures each and every week. Follow Lady Victory into the underbelly of Tower City as she metes out her own brand of justice. Join the Max and Mindy Mason and… , , , , ,
HSB Audio HSB Audio Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Delight, Thrill, and Inspire your Imagination! Classic Style Radio Variety and Original Audio Theater. A showcase of our past work and brand new productions. Host and writer Ryan Neely will present the vintage stylings of the High Street Broadcast, as well as introduce exciting new works, all aimed to entertain your ear and engage your mind. Welcome to HSB Audio. , , , ,
It's All Been Done Radio Hour It's All Been Done Radio Hour Full Cast Comedy Anthology It's All Been Done Radio Hour is a live comedy show in the style of old radio serials. There are currently five programs that we rotate through. Once a month, several of these are performed in front of an audience near Columbus, Ohio, then the content is released weekly as a podcast (along with extras, such as cast interviews and fake commercials). Content is PG-13-ish. , , , , , , ,
Madison Story Slam Madison Story Slam Narrated Nonfiction Comedy Anthology Madison Story Slam believes in building community through storytelling. Tune in to hear funny stories, sad stories, and eve the occasional dramatic story. Host, Adam Rostad, brings you great stories each week from the real people who lived them. , , , , , ,
Make-Believe Make-Believe Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Every story is a crossroads. A diverse company of Chicago artists produces new audio dramas—recorded live—and stages freewheeling audience conversations about them. Led by Founder and Executive Producer Jeremy McCarter, Make-Believe shares suspenseful, moving, hilarious stories, and tries to discover how they shape our world. , , , ,
Man: The Live Podcast Man: The Live Podcast Full Cast Superhero Comedy Series When the heroes and villains of River City mysteriously lose their superpowers, Marvelous Man and his arch enemy Professor Peril face their greatest challenge yet... surviving as regular people. , , , , , ,
PL Radio PL Radio Full Cast Multigenre Anthology PL Radio presents new audio plays and other recordings produced by Playwrights Local, Cleveland's only theater devoted to original, home-grown works. Founded in 2015, our mission is to foster diverse talents and raise the profile of area playwrights both within Greater Cleveland and beyond. , , , , ,
PodCube™ PodCube™ Full Cast Comedy Anthology The Future, is Yesterday™. Using our Patented 4D Adiabatic Q-Bit Streaming Technology, PodCube makes it possible to stream audio from any time or place in space or time or place. With just over 3,000 deployed PodCubes actively collecting audio from various positions in the Blakely-Huffman spheroid, we're leading the way in Time-Agnostic PodCasting™. , , , , , ,
Radio Phonic Audio Radio Phonic Audio Full Cast Comedy Anthology Radio Phonic Audio For Hearing (and also listening) is a comedy podcast recorded live on stage in Los Angeles. The show is made up of several different radio plays complete with fake ads and real celebrity guests. , , , , , ,
Selected Shorts Selected Shorts Narrated Multigenre Anthology Over thirty years ago, Selected Shorts was born on the stage at Symphony Space and quickly became one of the best known shows of its kind spawning a popular public radio show, podcast, audio collections, and national tours. The series was conceived with a simple premise: take great stories by well-known and emerging writers and have them brought to life by terrific actors of stage and screen. Whether featuring stories around a lively theme, the fa… , , , ,
Shipwreck (The Booksmith) Shipwreck (The Booksmith) Narrated Comedy Anthology Shipwreck is a San Francisco-based erotic fanfiction competition that pits six great writers against one great book each month. Fics are performed to a live audience by our resident thespian, that we might preserve author anonymity till the votes are tallied. Hosted by Amy Stephenson and Casey Childers. , , , , , , ,
Shortwave Kitsch Radio Show Shortwave Kitsch Radio Show Full Cast Multigenre Comedy Anthology Take an exciting leap back in time to celebrate the tradition of radio drama! Shortwave Kitsch is a comedic peek into a slice of history that'll keep you wanting more! Each show is a new work written, performed, and recorded by local Charlestonians in front of a live audience. Every episode will be available here on the modern-day interwebs so you never have to miss out on any of our stories as we travel back in time, through s… , , , , ,
Small Fish Radio Theatre and Thespinarium Small Fish Radio Theatre and Thespinarium Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Small Fish Radio Theatre and Thespinarium produces portable theatre for the ear. Since 2012 we've produced over 40 podcasts featuring the work of over 50 artists from around the world. We've recorded live at Chicago Fringe, Chicago Dramatists, The Biograph at Victory Gardens Theatre, Simon's Tavern and the Swedish American Museum in Andersonville. Small Fish Radio Theatre was a top-featured podcast on Atlanta Fringe Audi… , , , , , ,
Tales of Christmas Tales of Christmas Full Cast Drama Christmas Anthology A compilation of Christmas dramas full of holiday music sure to warm the heart and soul. Performed by KIRO, KSL and KSFI radio stations. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Omny.fm Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleA Very KIRO Christmas 2018 , , , , ,
That Damned Hotel That Damned Hotel Full Cast Horror Comedy Series A brand new original supernatural comedy! The place: Hollow Grove Hotel, a lovely establishment that's been the site of only a few (dozen) murders over the years. Also, it stands over a portal to hell, so it might have a minor demon infestation. But, no bedbugs! , , , , ,
The Incomparable Radio Theater The Incomparable Radio Theater Full Cast Multigenre Comedy Anthology The Incomparable Radio Theater is a series of original radio shows that pays homage to classic mid-20th century radio while also giving a nod to modern pop culture. It's produced by the people who bring you The Incomparable podcast network. , , , , ,
The Mystery of Easter Island The Mystery of Easter Island Full Cast Drama Series My name is Katherine Routledge. In 1914, I sailed from England to Easter Island, in the distant South Pacific, famous for its huge, stone statues. This is the story of a journey, and it is the story of a place. One that feels as near to me now as ever, even though I could hardly be farther away. This is The Mystery of Easter Island. , , , ,
The Parsnip Ship The Parsnip Ship Full Cast Multigenre Anthology The Parsnip Ship, hosted by Iyvon Edebiri, is an intimate series of plays performed before live audiences and made accessible as a monthly podcast. The series fosters community by exploring diverse perspectives and bringing awareness to inspiring voices. , , , , ,
The Rhyming Detective The Rhyming Detective Full Cast Horror Thriller Series The Rhyming Detective is a full cast, comedy adventure podcast series recorded in front of a live audience in Leamington Spa. If you can laugh at comedy that doesn't use swear words, then this new audio podcast should be just your cup of tea. Unless you don't like tea, in which case replace tea with a drink of your own preference. , , , , ,
The Unseen Hour The Unseen Hour Full Cast Comedy Anthology Stories of the mysterious, the horrifying and the absurd. Performed live by 3 actors in 10 roles, in the style of old time radio drama. With special guests every episode. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample , , , , , ,
The Witching Hours The Witching Hours Full Cast Horror Comedy Anthology Hilarious and hair-raising tales of the unexpected and insane abound in this eerie anthology of audio drama - all recorded live at BATS Theatre in Wellington, Aotearoa (New Zealand). Website RSS Feed Additional Links , , , , ,