This Fable of Ours

This Fable of Ours produces Cataclysm Titan, a science fiction audio drama series about a world where giants suddenly appear all over the globe. After each chapter of the story is released, listeners are offered a chance to contribute their ideas to influence the next chapter.

It has begun: the Cataclysm. Our world and another are beginning to crossover, and it is being witnessed by billions in the form of giants appearing all over the globe. Tunisia and Italy were first… after that nowhere was safe. Bigger than the largest skyscrapers, and deadly with every movement, the Titans are taking our world. Written by This Fable of Ours, but with each chapter including influential decisions made by the community, Cataclysm Titan is unlike any audiodrama. Listen, influence, and help create a narrative that will twist and turn as you, the listener, dictate it.