StoryRise is an Arizona-based monthly storytelling event. Their website offers a podcast archive of recordings from their live shows.

[…]storyteller Sandy Oglesby from Phoenix, AZ. […] tells the story of “One Wish,” an Irish folktale with a twisted path and ending.

StoryRise director Sean Buvala shares an Arab folktale of “The Talking Turkeys.” Sean says there are many sources for this story and he's combined parts of them to make this one story. What if the queens turkeys could talk and what might they say to the king?

Storyteller Sean Buvala shares a seasonal tale about darkness and light.

[…]storyteller Liz Warren shares with you the folktale of “The Month Brothers.”

[…]the stories of “The Mountain” told by Sean Buvala, “Why the Sea is Salty” told by Harriet Cole, “The Old Woman in the Vinegar Bottle” told by Laura Rutherford, “The Story of the Two Stones” told by Elly Reidy and “The Story that Never Ends” told by Sean [Buvala].

[…]stories of the Underworld, The Queen Been, Mistaken Words and The Camel and the Monkey.

Featuring the, umm, “seasonal” October stories from professional storytellers Sandy Oglesby and Sean Buvala. In this 55 minute podcast, you'll hear the stories of the “Two Farthings,” “The Blue Shawl,” “The Fiery Steed,” “Biddy Early,” “Snake Leaves” and a story telling you just why you shouldn't be “parking” with your boyfriend out there on Camelback Mountain. It's a podcast of sometimes edgy and sometimes funny adult Halloween stories perfect for this “boo!” time of year. Remember, these podcasts aren't for the bunny-slipper crowd. Adults and teens only, please.