StarForce Media

StarForce Media produces fan fiction audio drama series. They currently have series based on Sailor Moon and Star Trek.

[…]a new villain appears, old enemies return, and the Sailor Scouts fight to protect their families and school! Will the Scouts prevail?

The Dominion War is over, the Reman threat to destroy the United Federation of Planets has been foiled, and an uneasy peace between the Romulan Star Empire and the Federation is in place. The next chapter in Federation History begins. The USS Jamestown, an experimental, Nebula Class vessel finds itself trapped in an alternate reality where the Romulan Star Empire has conquered nearly the entire Alpha Quadrant. Without allies and without a place to call home, the Jamestown begins a one-ship-rebellion against the Romulan Star Empire in an attempt to restore what was once a shining light in the Alpha Quadrant.