Star Trek: Starfinder

Star Trek: Starfinder is a full cast audio drama series based on both the Star Trek series of televisions shows and movie, as well as the online video game Star Trek Online. The series is set 30 years after the Star Trek: The Next Generation movies.

The Odyssey class U.S.S. Starfinder is about to launch on her maiden voyage. She is to herald a very bold experiment- her Captain is not a living being, but a very advanced self aware AI programmed with the experience and tactical skill of dozens of Starfleet's finest commanders.

The ship is ordered to explore a newly “open” region of space called “The Outback”; non navigable subspace anomalies blocked passage into this expanse near the Federation colony of New Australia, located near the Romulan border of Alpha Centauri.

But suddenly, just after the retaking of DS9 from the rogue Dominion fleet of 2800 ships, the Outback's navigational hazards vanish, and passage is now possible.

Starfinder sets course to explore and uncover the mystery behind the strange event, as do the Klingons who send a ship that clashes on and off with the Starfinder crew.

Along the way, they soon discover the Tholians have entered via interphasic rifts, and have begun aggressively laying claim to the Outback for themselves.

Realizing the grave threat a Tholian controlled “backdoor” to Federation space could bring, the crew must balance a mission of exploration, defense, diplomacy, and more.