Sermons on Little-Known Gods

Sermons on Little-Known Gods is a free podcast audiobook.

Thanks to faulty judgment and a bit of treacherous help, the creator god Karik has lost the First Ones, the handcrafted forebears of humankind and his only effectual link to that troublesome creation. Worse still for Karik, he is deprived of his seductive power over human women, which in times past has made these little ones worth all the trouble.

With the First Ones gone missing, Karik finds humanity drifting beyond his range of control. And when the humans misbehave, Karik’s fellow gods show little patience.

Enter the Rarechild Mandy and the half-god Puck. If they can locate the father Puck never knew, solve the riddle of Mandy's recurring visions, and hear a summons from across the Pacific, they'll have some slim hope of harmony between the humans and their gods.