Raven's Gift

Raven's Gift by Tobias D. Robison is a fantasy story that has been released as a free audiobook.

When Raven comes to Redthwen to meet her mentor Orvannon, she encounters a vicious traveler, a hag with an extraordinary Voice of Command, and that hag's charge, a mysterious little girl. By the time Orvannon arrives, Raven will have learned too much about these strangers, and she will have discovered a dragon with the ability to put people into a swoon.

Orvannon's instructions start Raven off on an epic adventure. She will master the greatest bit of nose-magic in all of her native Ausland. She will face the dragon in combat. And she will have to deal with the hag while totally under control of that woman's power. These adventures lead to more, as Raven discovers how the great city of Shelton is under attack. She must use all her persuasion to bring a powerful wizard to the city's aid, and she will find that facing up to the attacking army is not enough.

Raven explores the magical caves created by three great wizards, eventually discovering the greatest evil of her time. Victory in the “big boss battle” is not enough. When the evil magic is destroyed, Raven and her friend must avoid starvation, and face the lightning bolts of yet another mage, to have a chance of staying alive in peace.