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Openly Gamer Theatre

Openly Gamer Theatre is a series of audio podcasts that present recorded sessions of people playing role-playing games. Some have casual conversation mixed with it, but the main focus of the role-playing session is devoted to telling a story via the medium of the game. The later ones have been highly edited and produced into something akin to radio-drama. The podcasts are produced by Gamerstable who have a weekly round-table discussion show about role-playing games.

There are currently five multi-episode gaming sessions and a single one-shot available to listen to:

  • Victoriana: a Victorian-era fantasy game
  • Star Wars Saga Edition: based on the Star Wars series of movies
  • 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons: the classic fantasy role-playing game, using the 3.5 rules
  • Savage Wolrds Deluxe: based on the Conan of Cimmeria works of Robert E. Howard
  • Spirit of 77: 1970's pop culture game using the Apocalypse World rule set
  • Call of Cthulhu: Done in noir-style. 1920's era.