Nother (sometimes referred to as Nother Audio) produces original audio dramas that encompass fantasy and science fiction. Nother's creator, April Sadowski, emphasizes that the productions are family-friendly and marked with a rating.

There is no sexual content in these productions and if something is rated PG-13 it is likely due to themes such as death which might scare young children. Please review yourself before allowing your youngsters to listen.

Explore the whimsy realm of Wonderland through the eyes of the curious Alice.

April Sadowski reads the story, which will be presented one chapter at a time.

Sound and background effects add to the story’s depth.

The story is released one chapter at a time. There are also PDFs of each chapter with embedded audio available for download.

Adapted from the novel, Lady from Day is a 4-Part, 40-episode fully-casted audio drama about an adventurer Lia and her group of companions and their quest to save the princess Daschl Feyris from her malady that is causing the kingdom of Feyris to go into famine. Lia, her counterpart Siegfried roam Feyris and the outlying regions in search of a cure for the princess. Through their journey they meet up with some unexpected people and encounter some horrible creatures.

The premise behind the story is a mysterious door in the attic, one that appears to have the ordinary contents of a closet to most who open it. However, there is one girl that thinks there is something more to this door. She can see what appear to be ghosts, haunting the frames. What could possibly be behind the door? Why do the people look lost? Sasha becomes stuck out of time, exploring her past and future while trying to find her present.

4-Episode Series

Partly Sunny follows the crew of Solar One, a ship enlisted to help fix the sun which is being depleted of energy at an alarming rate.

Rated PG

Once in a while you will meet strange devices, those who you have no control over, but those who quite possibly have control over you. Such is the case with a certain elevator in a most commonly overlooked residential apartment building in the busy metropolis of New York, just south of the Irish district of Inwood.

This was a Script Frenzy ’12 adaption of a short story written in the late 1990s.

Rated G