The Legacy of Jade: A Traveler's Faith

The Legacy of Jade: A Traveler's Faith by Paul B. Moore is a fantasy story that has been made available as a free audiobook.

Velinor, a seeker, believer, and member of the Travelers, journeys with young Jade to seek the Orb of Chandrylon and the Crimson Cross - weapons with which to fight the the most powerful sorcerer ever known in Alluvion. With the assistance of his companions Aramil, Dantanious, the dwarf Oren, and Gathylon (a golden dragon of the House of Wentmane), Velinor and Jade traverse the forests, mountains and plains of Alluvion on their quest, battling rival tribes, goblins, dragons, and the machinations of Aramil's evil uncle, Tirden, King of the Celides, on the way.