Escape This Podcast

Escape This Podcast is a podcast in which a group of people role-play their way through an audio escape room.

Escape This Podcast is a show that is a mix between escape rooms and table top roleplaying. We design escape rooms, complete with their own story, characters, setting, puzzles, and secrets. But these rooms are special: they only exist in the minds of the people playing them, and the listeners at home!

Every episode, we invite guests to play through the escape rooms to see if they can find the clues, solve the puzzles, and escape. As a listener, you can join us and follow along, but that's not all! Every room that we play is freely available with each episode. This means that with a game master and a few friends, you can play all of these escape rooms yourselves!

The rooms play a little like a dungeons and dragons game, a little like a text-based adventure game, and a lot like a real escape room.

So why not give it a listen, and maybe try to host a game yourself?