You Can't Get There From Here

Full Cast Multigenre Anthology

You Can't Get There From Here is a brand new collection of audio dramas from Toronto's Factory Theatre. A limited series featuring five commissioned audio theatrical works from some of our country's most creative minds (Playwrights Anusree Roy, Matthew MacKenzie, Yvette Nolan, Keith Barker, and Luke Reece), You Can't Get There From Here offers listeners fresh perspectives on familiar Toronto landmarks and neighbourhoods and glimpses into the micro-dramas occurring each day around us, hidden in plain sight.

Each episode offers a new, self-contained story and a vivid audio experience from each of our five playwrights and the series features the vocal talents of over 20 artists. Audiences can choose to listen from the comforts of their own rooms, or take a journey across the city – either way, they are sure to see the land on which we live and work anew.


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