Tales of Wihtlore

Narrated Fantasy Folklore Anthology

The stories of the Sacred Isle of Wight We are the story tellers, the keepers of those ancient wisdoms that are shared through inspiration and meditation in those most sacred of places.

Britain has always been considered a magical place, steeped in history and mythology that goes back to before written records were kept. This country has always been known for its link to those other domains that are shrouded in mist and sorcery, never easily found but always felt and known about.

The Isle of Wight is the home of the ancient gods, spirits and the great dragon. This is where they stand and watch over us: above and below, the spirts and energies flow like water. This hidden world has always been linked to our reality by the most scared and mysterious of places. Surrounded by water, the purity of their isolation makes them special, holy and centres of the old magic.

Our world is not the only reality, there are other realms where creatures of myth and mystery live. Sacred islands occupy both existences simultaneously with many places of power allowing the veil to be made thin and a crossing maybe possible.

Join us on our adventure as we uncover the secrets, the stories, the music and the spirits of our sacred island. Beneath our home the dragon sleeps and she is waiting for the time when she is needed again; from nose to tail, she is threaded through this island and her heart beats for us all.


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