Tales of the Queen City

Full Cast Mystery Thriller Series

“Tales of the Queen City” is a Noir Detective Suspense Thriller set in the city of Seattle, Washington in the 1930's. Poet Wilson is a down on his luck World War I disabled veteran. The Great Depression has hit the city hard, and Poet is living in Seattle's Hooverville, a shanty town for homeless people affected by the depression. At the shows start, Poet's old army buddy Prince Cranston shows up with a rare job opportunity to find a missing rich girl. Wendy Radcliffe has been missing for over a week, and her father Charles fear that Wendy's addiction to heroin has made her vulnerable to the criminals of the Seattle Underground, an abandoned section of the city that sits under the new downtown core. Poet reluctantly takes the case and soon finds himself embroiled in a world of speakeasies, organized crime, and kidnapping. Will Poet find redemption for his past crimes? Will Wendy survive the ordeal? Find out in the ongoing story of Tales of the Queen City!


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