Streams & Variations

Narrated Musical Multigenre Anthology

Streams & Variations is an anthology series of original songs and monologues, blending different genres and styles to create a new experience for fans of short fiction and storytelling songs.

For each episode, a new monologue is given to a songwriter. That songwriter then writes a song inspired by the monologue. That song is then given to a different writer, who writes a new monologue. Which is given to a songwriter. And so on.

Like a game of broken telephone, each artist has only seen the work that immediately precedes and inspires their own. And each artist only has one week to create their work before passing it on.

This genre-bending first season contains new work from award winning songwriters, playwrights, authors, actors, and various other performers to create a completely novel collection of songs based on stories based on songs based on stories.



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