Red Rabbit

Narrated Science Fiction Anthology

Listen closely…The Red Rabbit Podcast is a science fiction anthology series narrated by Ticket Hickory. Each season, listeners will enjoy a different story from Ticket's extensive library of strange and mysterious tales. But be warned, listeners, that if you are satisfied with the obvious this is not the podcast for you. Red Rabbit is a mysterious place where riddles and questions abound. However, if you are brave enough to stay on the journey- you will discover all of the secrets of Red Rabbit. Fare thee well, brave travelers! Season 1: Red Rabbit. Listeners play the role of Peter as he discovers terrifying secrets about his hometown and the sinister corporation he works for. Part serial, part game, you will have to pay close attention to find all the hints, allusions, and clues if you want to discover all of the terrifying answers to this mystery, sci-fi tale. Season 2: The Endless Falling of Dreams: Orthodoxy. We forgo the game element of the podcast and read from book one of The Endless Falling of Dreams series. This literary space-opera is set in a distant solar system where the evil Pax-Viar empire stands on the brink of complete conquest. The novel consists of five interwoven stories that each help reveal a far more sinister conspiracy hiding underneath Viar's shadow. A forbidden play, two exiled lovers, a man's death at the hands of a robot actor, a journey to an unexplored planet, and other strange events connect the main characters to each other, even across time, and help them discover the shocking secrets of their universe. May wisdom follow!


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