The Pilbara Killings

Narrated Mystery Thriller Series

When Lisa Jeffries, a young Aboriginal girl from the Martu tribe is found brutally murdered in a remote Pilbara town, Detective Aidan Zimmerman is sent to investigate. Despite the viciousness of the murder there is little interest or political will to see the investigation through even though it soon becomes obvious that not all is what it seems and that Zimmerman himself is being set up.

Lisa is left with unexplained marks on her body, and with attached ancient symbols that leads to an obscure priest and to another similar killing years before threatening to embroil the Catholic diocese in an ongoing sexual abuse scandal and take down the Bishop's ambition to become a Cardinal.

Crime beyond the remote bush
Young anonymous Aboriginal death
Forensic postmortem examinations
A Catholic Archbishop's indifference
A scandal of underpinned sexual abuse
Anti-Semitic prejudice directed at the lead investigator who begins an affair with the dead girl's mother.

All the basic elements of an Australian crime novel!

The Pilbara Killings is a story of savage murder, tribal ritual and cover-up, which explores the genesis of evil.



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