In This Economy?

Full Cast Drama Anthology

In This Economy? is an audio fiction series made for, by, and about the gig economy. This series of eight short, self-contained radio plays relies on the agility and diversity of the gig economy to reimagine the process of creating scripted drama, and enjoys all of the advantages and “opportunities” this form of unvetted, of ready-to-hire labor creates.

The gig economy promises freelancers the freedom to choose the jobs they take on and the hours they work, and promises employers a vast pool of talent they can choose from on an as-needed basis. If this model expedites everything from web design to house cleaning, then why not use the same set of tools to make a lot of art, very quickly? From casting talent on Fiverr to crowdsourcing script elements, In This Economy? reinvents audio fiction production for the modern workforce. Written by Calvin Kasulke and produced by Josh Rollin.


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