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Full Cast Comedy Thriller Series

Jack Cassidy is your standard wisecracking, chain-smoking, trenchcoat-sporting PI - the sort you can't throw a brick without hitting in 1936. But not everyone who arrives at Jack's offices likes the idea of a dick who is also a dame - and a dame who keeps her hair short and wears men's trousers, at that. Luckily, Jack has no time for palookas who have doubts about lady flatfoots. She's got enough on her plate, what with the all sinister disappearances, Bolshevist plots, bumbling gangsters, and general mishaps, murder, and mayhem she's hired to deal with. And then there's the fact that she still hasn't sorted out her feelings for her plucky secretary, Effy, or the beautiful but enigmatic femme fatale who needs her help to track down a lost diamond…Hardboiled is a noir mystery podcast from Empress of Blandings Productions, presented in association with the Edmonton Pride Centre, the Edmonton Heritage Council, the Edmonton Community Foundation, and the Edmonton Arts Council.


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