Elegant Sea Urchin

Narrated Horror Fantasy Series

An eldritch audio drama about a world removed from our own.

Faebl Nox casts about her life and close relations, close calls with horrors and the fractured magenta dimensions, and general events and creatures around the Tangerine Speck.


The World of ESU, often refereed to as the “Tangerine Speck,” has many marvels, vistas, and horrors. Most prominent is the smogs that envelops the skies, strange oceans of moss and spores, and the fractured magenta dimension that often gives glimpses of individuals several paces and seconds off.

Overseeing the denizens is the Tendrils, a faceless government entity believed to be ruled by an Old God, which allows Elders to be 'voted' into a position of influence. On horrors, the most prolific kind that skitters through the world are eight-legged-cats, or arachlions, which are common predators of the denizens.

Doctrines left over from many millennia prior speak of The Glowing Dawn as a beginning to life as it's known under the smog covered world. And most strange of all, the somnambulist society as a whole, the Urchins and Elders alike, revel and cherish death and demise. There's so much more about the Tangerine Speck that you'll learn about as you Listen.



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