The Calligraphy of Demons

Narrated Fantasy Series

Across the thin band of civilized lands known as the Thread, a single powerful religious order—the Immanent House—enforces a monopoly on the use of healing magic. One of their healers is Copper, a battlemaid whose skills in that art have saved the lives of many warriors. After years of loyal service, she faces a stark choice: she can submit to the advances of a powerful official, or defy the vows that bind her to her cloister. Her means of escape is the prisoner Keel, a roguish man considered to be a dangerous heretic because of the magical martial art he wields. Together they flee, desperate to evade deadly agents of the House who seek to protect their secret knowledge.

When war shadows the land, Copper meets an Integer named Dal, a young historian-for-hire whose powers of observation and quick wit are keener than his skill with a blade. Dal's path is riddled with ambushes he has trouble avoiding—but, perhaps that's to be expected, given the intrigue he's caught up in. Copper, Keel, and Dal face the betrayals of once-trusted allies and struggle to avenge the injustices they uncover. They begin to see that runes of power are not only the foundation for all magical arts, but represent a kind of sacred geometry lying at the root of all things. And always, assassins and heretic hunters from the Immanent House seek to force a final confrontation with Copper and silence her forever.


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