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The Call of the Flame

Full Cast Fantasy Series

Not long after the Tribe of Gods shaped the world and enkindled the stars, the many races were led to name their lands. The plains of Human Wynland, the dunes of Dwarven Kanduk, the mountains of Orcan Workingar. And the three Gods–as unique in morality as their own elements, bestow their unique magic to the few they deem worthy. Rhuadu—Chieftan of Gods, grants the gift of fire, Duinna—Nature's Guardian, the power of enchantment, and Koannus—the Deep God, grants power over sea and soul.

Three there were. Now only two remain to grant their power.

Nearly three decades have passed since the Chieftan of Gods has been slain. And the consequences of the slaying has left the slayer's daughter Bri a struggling barmaid in a farm country Inn, where a Magnir called Villadius find her. To send her away on a quest across the world to discover the truth of how her father killed a God, and how it can undone, or done again in the war against the Deep God: who empowers an Elvan Sorseer and her army across the ocean. The rightful Queen with ambitions to exceed her Empire's former glory, rule over the many races, and wipe the memory of Rhuadu from this world.


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