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  4Dio 4Dio Homepage * Website: <http://4diospace.com/> Description 4Dio publishes digital audiobooks of stories and poems. Many of their productions are performed by a full cast of actors and feature music and sound effects. children full_cast history horror science_fiction sound_effects store , , , , , ,
  Abundant Change Abundant Change Homepage * Website: <http://www.abundantchange.com/> Description Abundant Change produces and sells uplifting books, audiobooks, and videos. children spiritual store , ,
  Alien Entertainment Alien Entertainment Homepage * Website: <http://www.alienentertainmentstore.com/> Description Alien Entertainment is an online store that specializes in science fiction merchandise, including audiobooks and audio drama recordings. science_fiction store ,
  Ambling Books Ambling Books Homepage * Website: <http://amblingbooks.com/> Description Ambling Books is an online store that sells DRM-free audiobooks as downloadable MP3 files. It also offers the Ambling Audiobook Player, its own audiobook player software for computers and mobile devices.
  AUDIAMO AUDIAMO Homepage * Website: See below Description AUDIAMO is an online store that sells German-language audiobooks and audio dramas. Titles are available on MP3-CD or as digital downloads. Additional Links * MP3-CD wesbite * MP3-Download wesbite non-english store ,
  Audible Audible Homepage * Website: <http://www.audible.com/> Description Audible is an internet provider of spoken audio entertainment, information, and educational programming. Audible sells audiobooks, radio and TV programs, and audio versions of magazines and newspapers. Audible's content includes over 50,000 titles by more than 293 different providers. Content includes books of all genres, as well as radio shows (classic and current), speeches, interviews, stand-up comedy, and audio versions …
  Audio Book Company Audio Book Company Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiobookco.com/> Description Audio Book Company is an online store specializing in audiobooks. store
  Audio Editions Audio Editions Homepage * Website: <http://www.audioeditions.com/> Description Audio Editions is an online retailer of abridged and unabridged audiobooks, with an active stock of more than 20,000 titles from over 100 publishers, and with approximately 150 new titles being added each month.
  Audio Realms Audio Realms Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiorealms.com/> Description Audio Realms publishes and distributes science fiction, fantasy, and horror audiobooks. Titles are available for purchase on the website. There are audio samples. fantasy horror publisher science_fiction store , , , ,
  AudioBookCase AudioBookCase Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiobookcase.com/> Description AudioBookCase published audiobooks based on classic works of literature. publisher store ,
  Audiobooks On Tape Audiobooks On Tape Homepage * Website: <https://audiobooksontape.com/> Description Audiobooks On Tape is an online store that sells audiobooks and podcasts published on USB drives that are shaped like cassette tapes. publisher store ,
  Audiobooks Online Audiobooks Online Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiobooksonline.com/> Description Audiobooks Online is an online retailer of audiobooks. Titles are available for purchase on the website. There are audio samples. store
  Audiobooks.com Audiobooks.com Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiobooks.com/> Description Audiobooks.com is an online audiobook store that has three purchasing options: buy an audiobook on CD or cassette, rent a CD or cassette, and buy an audiobook download. The service also has a trade–in plan where you can trade in a used audiobook for credits to buy a new audiobook.
  AudioBooksCorner.com AudioBooksCorner.com Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiobookscorner.com/> Description AudioBooksCorner.com is an online retailer of downloadable audiobooks. Titles are available for purchase on the website. There are audio samples. store
  AudioBooksForFree.com AudioBooksForFree.com Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiobooksforfree.com/> Description AudiobooksForFree.com is audiobook retailer featuring titles in a variety of formats including: MP3, CD, and DVD. They offer a large selection of downloadable classic fiction on MP3 as well as a nice selection of children's classics and popular fiction and non-fiction titles. They do offer free downloads at 8kbps MP3 file (bearable quality), as well as higher bit rates for a fee. ,
  AudiobookStand AudiobookStand Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiobookstand.com/> Description AudiobookStand is an online catalog of unabridged and abridged audiobooks on cassette and CD with secure ordering. Its partner site AudiobookStandDL offers audiobooks as downloadable files. Titles are available for purchase on the website. There are audio samples.
  AudioFlix AudioFlix Homepage * Website: <http://www.audioflix.com/> Description AudioFlix is an online subscription service that provides streaming audio dramas and old time radio shows. “” full_cast old_time_radio store streaming , , ,
  AudioQueue AudioQueue Homepage * Website: <http://www.audioqueue.com/> Description AudioQueue is an online audiobook rental service. For a monthly fee you can rent audio tapes or CDs from their catalog of titles. Each title is sent to you (the number of which is based on your subscription level) and you can keep a title for as long as you want; there are no due dates or late fees. Once you send a title back you will be sent the next audio title in your queue.
  AudioText AudioText Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiotexttapes.net/> Description AudioText sells audiobook of Infinivox science fiction stories. Title are available to purchase on compact disc. Audio samples are available to listen to. science_fiction store ,
  audioVille audioVille Homepage * Website: <http://www.audioville.co.uk/> Description audioVille is an online retailer of downloadable audiobooks in MP3 and WMA formats. Titles are available for purchase on the website. There are audio samples. store
  Balance Publishing Company Balance Publishing Company Homepage * Website: <http://www.balancepublishing.com/> Description Balance Publishing Company specializes in radio drama related teaching materials for the secondary language arts classroom (6th grade and up). These radio drama based materials are designed to motivate language arts students to write, read, listen, speak and collaborate more effectively. ,
  Bardowl Bardowl Homepage * Website: <http://bardowl.com/> Description Bardowl is an application for iOS devices that allows users to pay a monthly subscription to stream unlimited amounts of audiobooks through their iPod, iPhone, and iPad device. store streaming ,
  Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble Homepage * Website: <http://www.barnesandnoble.com/subjects/audio/index.asp> Description Barnes & Noble is the largest book retailer in the United States. They offer a large selection of audiobooks in their retail and online stores. store
  Blackstone Audiobooks Blackstone Audiobooks Homepage * Website: <http://www.blackstoneaudio.com/> Description Blackstone Audio is a producer of unabridged audiobooks on cassette and compact disc, with some titles available to purchase on MP3 CD. Titles are available for purchase on the website. There are audio samples.
  Bolinda Publishing Bolinda Publishing Homepage * Website: <http://www.bolinda.com/> Description Bolinda Publishing produces audiobooks and has an online store offering audiobooks for sale on compact disc or as digital downloads. publisher store ,
  Books In Motion Books In Motion Homepage * Website: <http://www.booksinmotion.com/> Description Books In Motion is an independent producer and distributor of audiobooks. publisher store ,
  Books on Tape Books on Tape Homepage * Website: <http://www.booksontape.com/> Description Books on Tape is an online audiobook retail division of Random House. store
  Booksfree Booksfree Homepage * Website: <http://www.booksfree.com/> Description Booksfree is an online company that rents paperback and audio books. Selections include current and former bestsellers as well as other popular titles. You can either pay a flat monthly fee to borrow unlimited audiobooks or rent them individually. You can keep each title for as long as you like, there are no due dates, and they offer free shipping with reusable prepaid mailers.
  Brick Cave Audio Brick Cave Audio Homepage * Website: <http://www.brickcaveaudio.com/> Description Brick Cave Audio produces and publishes a range of spoken word recordings, available for purchase as digital downloads. publisher store ,
  Buzzy Multimedia Buzzy Multimedia Homepage * Website: <http://www.buzzymultimedia.com/> Description Buzzy Multimedia is an online store that offers fantasy and science fiction audiobooks available on compact disc or digital download. fantasy science_fiction store , ,
  Downpour Downpour Homepage * Website: <http://www.downpour.com/> Description Downpour is an online store from Blackstone Audiobooks that sells audiobooks as digital download, or on CD or MP3CD. Their digital files are free from any DRM. store
  Dreamscape Dreamscape Homepage * Website: <http://www.dreamscapeab.com/> Description Dreamscape (Dreamscape Media LLC) is a publisher of audiobooks in several genres. Their titles are available in libraries (some titles are available only as library editions) and retail stores. Titles are also sold through various digital outlets, including their own online store where titles are available on compact discs and/or as digital downloads. ,
  Eye In The Ear Eye In The Ear Homepage * Website: <http://www.eyeintheear.com/> Description Eye in the Ear is a company dedicated to producing quality audio dramas of classic children's stories. All of their products are available for purchase online and there are audio samples of each title. ,
  Fantastic Books Publishing Fantastic Books Publishing Homepage * Website: <https://fantasticbooksstore.com/store/audio-books/> Description Fantastic Books Publishing is an independent publisher owned and managed by husband and wife team Daniel and Gabi Grubb. Among their titles, they have a series of audiobooks based on the science fiction video game , ,
  Findaway World Findaway World Homepage * Website: <http://www.findawayworld.com/> Description Findaway World is a company that makes a variety of products that deliver audiobooks to portable devices, such as smart phones and tablet computers, as well as their own audio player that comes with prerecorded digital audiobooks.
  FonoLibro FonoLibro Homepage * Website: <http://www.fonolibro.com/> Description FonoLibro is a company that produces and distributes audiobooks in Spanish. non-english store ,
  Galaxy 4 Galaxy 4 Homepage * Website: <https://www.galaxy4.co.uk/category.thtml?id=7> Description Galaxy 4 is an online store (as well as a physical location) that specializes in Doctor Who merchandise. It offer a large selection of Doctor Who audio dramas for purchase on compact disc, as well as some other cult series audio dramas. ,
  HighBridge HighBridge Homepage * Website: <http://www.highbridgeaudio.com/> Description HighBridge is an award-winning publisher of spoken word audio. publisher store ,
  Highscore Music Highscore Music Homepage * Website: <http://www.highscoremusic.com/> Description Highscore Music is a German music label that also publishes compact discs and digital recordings of classic German radio plays. full_cast non-english store , ,
  Iambik Iambik Homepage * Website: <http://www.iambik.com/> Description Iambik is an audiobook publisher. They offer their titles for sale on their website. publisher store ,
  Isis Publishing Isis Publishing Homepage * Website: <http://www.isis-publishing.co.uk/> Description Isis Publishing is a UK-based publisher of unabridged audiobooks. Their titles are available for purchase on (depending on the title) cassette, compact disc, and MP3-CD. Additional Links * SoundCloud page publisher store ,
  iTunes iTunes Homepage * Website: <http://www.apple.com/itunes/> Description iTunes is a digital media player application by Apple. Additionally, iTunes can connect to the iTunes Store to purchase and download audiobooks and podcasts. Additional Links * iTunes Link Maker directory free store , ,
  Kitabe Kitabe Homepage * Website: <http://www.kitabe.com/> Description Kitabe.com is an audiobook online retailer that sells its titles as downloadable MP3 files. store
  KJC Comix KJC Comix Homepage * Website: <http://www.kjccomix.com/> Description KJC Comix is an independent comics and graphic novel production group. Two of their titles are available in audio format. Issues are made readable and listenable on their exclusive X-READER or as MP3 downloads. , , , , , , ,
  Landmark Audio Landmark Audio Homepage * Website: <http://www.landmarkaudio.com/> Description Landmark Audio is an online store that offers audiobooks for lease and purchase to public libraries. store
  LearnOutLoud LearnOutLoud Homepage * Website: <http://www.learnoutloud.com/> Description LearnOutLoud.com is an online retailer for audio & video learning resources. It features over 20,000 audiobooks, MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos covering several educational categories. education store ,
  Listen & Live Audio Listen & Live Audio Homepage * Website: <http://www.listenandlive.com/> Description Listen & Live Audio publishes bestselling fiction and nonfiction audiobooks. Titles are available to purchase on the website in both compact disc or digital downloads. publisher store ,
  Listenup Audiobooks Listenup Audiobooks Homepage * Website: <http://listenupaudiobooks.com/> Description Listenup Audiobooks is an audiobook publisher and full service audiobook production company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Their website offers their titles for sale as downloadable audio files. Audio samples are available to listen to. ,
  Living Audio Living Audio Homepage * Website: <http://livingaudio.co.uk/> Description Living Audio is an audio production company that specializes in spoken word content. They offer some of their projects for sale as digital downloads. publisher store ,
  LoDingo LoDingo Homepage * Website: <http://lodingo.com/> Description LoDingo is an online store that sells audiobooks as digital downloads. store
  Louis L'Amour Louis L'Amour Homepage * Website: <http://www.louislamour.com/> Description The official site of Louis L'Amour offers his western stories available for purchase. Some are narrated while other feature a full cast, with music and sound effects. adventure for_sale full_cast sound_effects store , , , ,
  Oasis Audio Oasis Audio Homepage * Website: <http://www.oasisaudio.com/> Description Oasis Audio is an audiobook publisher that focuses on inspirational and self-help titles. publisher spiritual store , ,
  Old Time Radio Catalog Old Time Radio Catalog Homepage * Website: <http://www.otrcat.com/> Description Old Time Radio Catalog is website that sells old time radio shows on audio compact disc or MP3 CDs. old_time_radio store ,
  OverDrive OverDrive Homepage * Website: <http://www.overdrive.com/> Description OverDrive is a distributor of digital books, audiobooks, music, and videos. The company provides secure management, DRM protection and download fulfillment services for publishers, libraries, schools, and retailers. OverDrive's catalog includes more than 1 million digital titles from more than 1,000 publishers. The company's global network includes more than 19,000 libraries and 1,000 schools.
  PlainTales PlainTales Homepage * Website: <http://www.plaintales.com/> Description PlainTales is a independent publisher of children's audiobooks. children store ,
  Playaway Playaway Homepage * Website: <http://www.playaway.com/> Description Playaway is a portable audio player that comes with prerecorded digital audiobooks. They offer a catalog of titles to choose from and their services are available to libraries and schools. store
  Playtime Books Playtime Books Homepage * Website: <http://www.playtime-books.com/> Description Playtime Books produces audiobooks for children. titles are available for purchase on compact disc or MP3 downloads. Audio samples are available to listen to. children store ,
  POP Shop POP Shop Homepage * Website: <http://www.pop.de/> Description POP Shop is a German online store that specialized in German-language audiobooks and recorded audio dramas. Additional Links * Hörbücher/Audiobooks category * Hörspiele/Radio Plays category non-english store ,
  PrestonSpeed Publications PrestonSpeed Publications Homepage * Website: <http://www.prestonspeed.com/> Description PrestonSpeed Publications is a publisher that produces and sells audiobooks of classic stories. publisher store ,
  Radio Memories Radio Memories Homepage * Website: <http://www.radiomemories.com/> Description Radio Memories is an online store that sells old time radio shows on cassette tapes. old_time_radio store ,
  Radio Treasury Radio Treasury Homepage * Website: <http://www.radiotreasury.com/> Description Radio Treasury is an online store featuring classic old time radio shows, movies, televisions programs, audiobooks, and music for sale. old_time_radio store ,
  Recorded Books Recorded Books Homepage * Website: <http://www.recordedbooks.com/> Description Recorded Books is an independent publisher and distributor of unabridged audiobooks on cassettes and CDs. store
  Shopscifi Shopscifi Homepage * Website: <http://www.shopscifi.co.uk/> Description Shopscifi is an online store specializing in horror and science fiction merchandise, including audiobooks. horror science_fiction store , ,
  Simon & Schuster Audiobooks Simon & Schuster Audiobooks Homepage * Website: <http://www.simonandschuster.com/audio> Description This is the website for publisher Simon & Schuster's audiobooks. Title are available for purchase online. Audio samples are avilable to listen to. publisher store ,
  Simply Audiobooks Simply Audiobooks Homepage * Website: <http://www.simplyaudiobooks.com/> Description Simply Audiobooks is an audiobook rental service, as well as offering audiobooks for sale on compact and digital download. Audio samples are available to listen to. store
  Sniplits Sniplits Homepage * Website: <http://www.sniplits.com/> Description Sniplits is an online store that sell short works of independent audio drama. They offer one free story each week. They also accept submissions for stories to be professionally narrated and sold. free store ,
  Sound Photosynthesis Sound Photosynthesis Homepage * Website: <http://www.photosynthesis.com/> Description Sound Photosynthesis features unique videos, audiobooks, and publications devoted to explorations in science, culture, music, psychedelics, brain/mind studies, and more. nonfiction store ,
  Space Junkies Space Junkies Homepage * Website: <https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2GyUa4HpO0FvbMsVN70FuFH17TVDULbv> Description Space Junkies is a full cast science fiction audio drama series. There is currently one episode available available as a streaming YouTube video. full_cast science_fiction sound_effects store , , ,
  Speaking Volumes Speaking Volumes Homepage * Website: <http://www.speakingvolumes.us/> Description Speaking Volumes is an online store that sells audiobooks in a variety of genres. Titles are available on compact disc and as digital downloads. store
  Spoken Network Spoken Network Homepage * Website: <http://www.spokennetwork.com/> Description Spoken Network is an online store that sells downloadable digital audiobooks. store
  SpokenWorld Audio SpokenWorld Audio Homepage * Website: <http://spokenworldaudio.biz/> Description SpokenWorld Audio is an independent producer, publisher, and distributors of audiobooks and commissioned radio dramas. It is a division of Ladbroke Productions. Titles are available for purchase as digital downloads, with some titles available on compact disc. Some digital download titles are offered free of charge. , ,
  talkingbooks.org talkingbooks.org Homepage * Website: <http://www.talkingbooks.org/> Description talkingbooks.org is an online store that sells audiobooks in both digital and physical media. store
  Tantor Media Tantor Media Homepage * Website: <http://www.tantor.com/> Description Tantor Media is a publisher of unabridged audiobooks. publisher store ,
  Taped Editions Taped Editions Homepage * Website: <http://www.tapededitions.com/> Description Taped Editions is an online audiobook store that services libraries. store
  Textbook Stuff Textbook Stuff Homepage * Website: <http://www.textbookstuff.com/> Description Textbook Stuff is an audio company that produce unabridged audiobooks of classic novels, short stories, essays, and poems. Titles are available for purchase as digital MP3 audio files and audio samples are available to listen to on the website. ,
  The Audio Book Shop The Audio Book Shop Homepage * Website: <http://www.theaudiobookshop.com/> Description The Audio Book Shop sells downloadable MP3 audiobooks in the genres of classic science fiction, fantasy and horror as well as romance, paranormal romance, and modern (urban) horror. fantasy horror science_fiction store , , ,
  The Growler Tapes The Growler Tapes Homepage * Website: <http://www.growler.com/> Description The Growler Tapes produces and sell audio drama for children. Their productions feature a full cast, with music and sound effects. Titles are available for purchase on the website. Audio samples are available to listen to. ,
  The House of Oojah The House of Oojah Homepage * Website: <http://www.thehouseofoojah.com/> Description The House of Oojah is an online Australian audiobook store. store
  The Radio Lady The Radio Lady Homepage * Website: <http://www.theradiolady.com/> Description The Radio Lady is an online store that sell MP3 CDs of old time radio shows. old_time_radio store ,
  The Talking Book Store The Talking Book Store Homepage * Website: <http://www.talking-book-store.com/> Description The Talking Book Store is an online store that sells digital downloadable audiobooks. store
  Vintage Library Vintage Library Homepage * Website: <http://www.vintagelibrary.com/OldTimeRadio/index.php> Description Vintage Library is an online store that specializes in pulp fiction magazines and books, cliffhanger serials on video, and old time radio programs on compact disc (with a few titles available on cassette tape ). ,
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