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Audio Drama: 10 Plays for Radio and Podcast Audio Drama: 10 Plays for Radio and Podcast Homepage * Website: <> Description Audio Drama: 10 Plays for Radio and Podcast is a book by Neville Teller that presents a selection of audio drama scripts with information on how to produce them. The scripts are for public domain stories and are released without performance fees, allowing producers to reinterpret them as they wish. The book is available as a print edition or as a di… ,
Cascade Studios Cascade Studios Homepage * Website: <> Description Cascade Studios is a UK-based independent production company who have produced audio dramas for both internet and radio listeners, as well as producing additional content in other media formats. , , , , , , ,
Catholic Radio Dramas Catholic Radio Dramas Homepage * Website: <> Description Catholic Radio Dramas offer a collection of audio sermons and stories from the Catholic Church. It offers recording for sale, as well as free audio to listen to on the website. It also has free scripts of some of its productions. , , ,
Doctor Who: Sleep of the Dread Audio-Drama Script Doctor Who: Sleep of the Dread Audio-Drama Script Homepage * Website: <> Description Doctor Who: Sleep of the Dread Audio-Drama Script is – as the name implies – an original script for a Doctor Who audio drama that was originally intended to be used as an episode of a , ,
Drama Online Drama Online Homepage * Website: <> Description Drama Online is a collection of study materials for various types of dramatic arts. Among it's different categories is a section devoted to radio drama. Its materials are available on subscription and purchase by institutions only. , ,
Dreadtime Stories (Fangoria) Dreadtime Stories (Fangoria) Homepage * Website: <> Description Fangoria's Dreadtime Stories is a series of full cast horror audio drama's hosted by actor Malcolm McDowell. The current episode is available to listen to for free as streaming audio. Titles are also available for purchase as a digital download. They also offer the scripts of their production for free. , , , , , , ,
Freedrama Freedrama Homepage * Website: <> Description Freedrama offers “free play scripts, skits, improv games and monologues for actors, teachers, schools and theatre groups.” It also features audio recordings of readings from their scripts. Additional Links ,
jaguar j enterprise jaguar j enterprise Homepage * Website: <> Description jaguar j enterprise is an independent producer of full cast audio dramas. The website offers the productions as streaming YouTube videos, as well as outtakes and commentary. There are sections devoted to the scripts used in the audio dramas and notes about writing. , , , , ,
LifeHouse Production Scripts LifeHouse Production Scripts Homepage * Website: <> Description LifeHouse Production Scripts (the same production company as LifeHouse Theater On-The-Air) offers a catalog of scripts in a variety of genres and venues (they are primarily for live theater but can also be used for audio drama). Each script in their catalog has been researched and written to remain faithful to the original source, whether based on fact or fiction. Their scripts are family-friendly … ,
Magic Bullet Productions Magic Bullet Productions Homepage * Website: <> Description Magic Bullet Productions is an independent audio production company originally set up to produce the Kaldor City audio drama series, which combined the the characters and situations from the British science fiction series , , , , , ,
Microphone Plays Microphone Plays Homepage * Website: <> Description Microphone Plays is a website that offers free transcribed scripts of old time radio shows. old_time_radio scripts ,
Midnight Mystery Players Midnight Mystery Players Homepage * Website: <> Description The Midnight Mystery Players were founded in December 2004 to provide a weekly radio drama program for KMRE-LP, 102.3 FM, a low-power station in Bellingham, Washington. They regularly record in the studios of KMRE, but also perform in front of live audiences in the auditorium of the American Museum of Radio and Electricity, which operates the radio station. Their weekly broadcast can be heard … , , , , , , ,
One Act Audio Theatre One Act Audio Theatre Homepage * Website: <> Description One Act Audio Theatre is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and furtherance of the art of audio theatre. They produce studio recordings and present on-air broadcasts of old time radio science fiction, mystery, and drama, as well as adaptations of classic and contemporary material. They also offer scripts of their shows. , , , , , ,
Quiet, Please Quiet, Please Homepage * Website: <> Description This is a website devoted to the old time horror and suspense radio show Quiet, Please. It offers articles about the show, scripts, and MP3 versions of episodes. free horror old_time_radio scripts , , ,
Simply Scripts Simply Scripts Homepage * Website: <> Description Simply Scripts offers free scripts from a variety of mediums, including radio shows. free resources scripts , ,
Steve Walker Steve Walker Homepage * Website: <> Description Steve Walker has written several radio plays for BBC radio. This website has information on his works and scripts for some of his radio plays. scripts
The Generic Radio Workshop The Generic Radio Workshop Homepage * Website: <> Description The Generic Radio Workshop is a group of radio artists who perform vintage radio shows in the Dallas Texas area. The offer sound recordings of some of their live performances and also a library of vintage radio scripts. , , , , ,
The Raven Radio Theater The Raven Radio Theater Homepage * Website: <> Description The Raven Radio Theater offers radio drama scripts complete with casting directions, detailed instructions for finding and/or making the necessary mechanical sound effects, a full set of sound effects cue cards, and an audio CD with music and background sounds customized for each play. , , , , , ,
Tobacco Documents Online Tobacco Documents Online Homepage * Website: <> Description It might seem like an unlikely place to learn about audio drama, but Tobacco Documents Online actually has a large archive of old time radio scripts. Tobacco companies were a big sponsor of old time radio shows. A legal settlement required tobacco companies to make their advertising documents public. The easiest way to find radio scripts among all of the other documents is to do a search for ,
Two-Minute Danger Theater Two-Minute Danger Theater Homepage * Website: <> Description Two-Minute Danger Theater is a series that created audio drama in the style of old time radio shows. Titles Blake Diamond Blast Off Patrol The serialized story of a pair of space adventurers. , , , , , Homepage * Website: <> Description is an independent producer of audio drama scripts in the style of old time radio plays packaged as a fun dinner party idea. Each title is an original story written by Philip Craig Robotham, and includes an original script, recipes, costume ideas, and inspiration for sound effects, as well as instructions explaining how to host your own night of fun retro suspense, mystery and adventu… ,
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