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  Action Audio Action Audio Homepage * Website: <http://www.actionaudio.co.uk/> Description Action Audio produces and distributes audiobooks in the adventure, fantasy, horror, and science fiction genres. adventure fantasy for_sale horror publisher science_fiction , , , , ,
  Audio Realms Audio Realms Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiorealms.com/> Description Audio Realms publishes and distributes science fiction, fantasy, and horror audiobooks. Titles are available for purchase on the website. There are audio samples. fantasy horror publisher science_fiction store , , , ,
  AudioBookCase AudioBookCase Homepage * Website: <http://www.audiobookcase.com/> Description AudioBookCase published audiobooks based on classic works of literature. publisher store ,
  Audiobooks On Tape Audiobooks On Tape Homepage * Website: <https://audiobooksontape.com/> Description Audiobooks On Tape is an online store that sells audiobooks and podcasts published on USB drives that are shaped like cassette tapes. publisher store ,
  BearManor Media BearManor Media Homepage * Website: <http://www.bearmanormedia.com/audio-books> Description BearManor Media is a publisher specializing in books, ebooks, audiobooks, and recordings related to classic radio, film, and television entertainment. Their audio titles are available for purchase as digital downloads. , ,
  Bolinda Publishing Bolinda Publishing Homepage * Website: <http://www.bolinda.com/> Description Bolinda Publishing produces audiobooks and has an online store offering audiobooks for sale on compact disc or as digital downloads. publisher store ,
  Books In Motion Books In Motion Homepage * Website: <http://www.booksinmotion.com/> Description Books In Motion is an independent producer and distributor of audiobooks. publisher store ,
  Brick Cave Audio Brick Cave Audio Homepage * Website: <http://www.brickcaveaudio.com/> Description Brick Cave Audio produces and publishes a range of spoken word recordings, available for purchase as digital downloads. publisher store ,
  Brilliance Audio Brilliance Audio Homepage * Website: <http://www.brillianceaudio.com/> Description Brilliance Audio is the largest independent audiobook publisher in the United States. publisher
  Dreamscape Dreamscape Homepage * Website: <http://www.dreamscapeab.com/> Description Dreamscape (Dreamscape Media LLC) is a publisher of audiobooks in several genres. Their titles are available in libraries (some titles are available only as library editions) and retail stores. Titles are also sold through various digital outlets, including their own online store where titles are available on compact discs and/or as digital downloads. ,
  Dynamic RAM Audio Productions Dynamic RAM Audio Productions Homepage * Website: <http://www.dynamic-ram.co.uk/> Description Dynamic RAM Audio Productions is a small press publisher that produces audiobooks. It currently offers one title for sale: The Cold Beneath, by Tonia Brown, described as a “steampunk zombie novel , ,
  Fantastic Books Publishing Fantastic Books Publishing Homepage * Website: <https://fantasticbooksstore.com/store/audio-books/> Description Fantastic Books Publishing is an independent publisher owned and managed by husband and wife team Daniel and Gabi Grubb. Among their titles, they have a series of audiobooks based on the science fiction video game , ,
  Fantom Films Fantom Films Homepage * Website: <http://www.fantomfilms.co.uk/> Description Fantom Films is a small media company that publishes horror and science fiction audiobooks. They also organize regular Doctor Who events and many of their audiobooks are read by Doctor Who cast members. , , , , ,
  Full Cast Audio Full Cast Audio Homepage * Website: <http://www.fullcastaudio.com/> Description Full Cast Audio produces unabridged recordings of children's novels using a full cast rather than a single reader. Whenever possible, they invite the author to serve as narrator. The recordings are always unabridged — the only things deleted from the text are those attributives ( , , , , , ,
  GraphicAudio GraphicAudio Homepage * Website: <http://www.graphicaudio.net/> Description GraphicAudio is an audiobook publisher. The GraphicAudio format features a full cast of actors, narration, sound effects and cinematic music. GraphicAudio has published over 500 action-adventure titles and 20 series in the fantasy, science fiction, post-apocalyptic, comic, and western genres. , , , , , , , ,
  HarperAudio HarperAudio Homepage * Website: <http://www.harpercollins.com/imprints/index.aspx?imprintid=517989> Description HarperAudio is the audiobook division of HarperCollins Publishers. They publish audiobooks in a variety of genres on compact disc and as digital downloads. Audio samples are available to listen to on the website.
  HighBridge HighBridge Homepage * Website: <http://www.highbridgeaudio.com/> Description HighBridge is an award-winning publisher of spoken word audio. publisher store ,
  Hudson Audio Publishing Hudson Audio Publishing Homepage * Website: <http://www.hudsonaudiopublishing.com/> Description Hudson Audio Publishing is a publisher of independent audiobooks. They accept works from anyone. People can submit their own audio files, or Hudson Audio Publishing can record written works for a fee.
  Iambik Iambik Homepage * Website: <http://www.iambik.com/> Description Iambik is an audiobook publisher. They offer their titles for sale on their website. publisher store ,
  In Ear Entertainment In Ear Entertainment Homepage * Website: <https://www.inearentertainment.com/> Description In Ear Entertainment is an audiobook publisher and podcast production company. It publishes audio versions of science fiction and horror short stories and. It also produces several podcasts, including an audio sitcom titled , , , , , , ,
  Isis Publishing Isis Publishing Homepage * Website: <http://www.isis-publishing.co.uk/> Description Isis Publishing is a UK-based publisher of unabridged audiobooks. Their titles are available for purchase on (depending on the title) cassette, compact disc, and MP3-CD. Additional Links * SoundCloud page publisher store ,
  Jim French Productions Jim French Productions Homepage * Website: <http://jimfrenchproductions.com/> Description Jim French is an American radio personality and producer who has written and produced hundreds of radio shows, including The Adventures of Harry Nile and The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes , , , , , ,
  KJC Comix KJC Comix Homepage * Website: <http://www.kjccomix.com/> Description KJC Comix is an independent comics and graphic novel production group. Two of their titles are available in audio format. Issues are made readable and listenable on their exclusive X-READER or as MP3 downloads. , , , , , , ,
  Ladbroke Productions Ladbroke Productions Homepage * Website: <http://www.ladbrokeaudio.com/> Description Ladbroke Productions formerly produced radio dramas and readings for BBC Radio under the name Ladbroke Productions. It is now an audiobook company that produces audiobooks in a variety of genres, as well as full cast audio dramas which includes BBC productions and several ,
  Listen & Live Audio Listen & Live Audio Homepage * Website: <http://www.listenandlive.com/> Description Listen & Live Audio publishes bestselling fiction and nonfiction audiobooks. Titles are available to purchase on the website in both compact disc or digital downloads. publisher store ,
  Listen 2 a Book Listen 2 a Book Homepage * Website: <http://www.listen2abook.com/> Description Listen 2 a Book started off as a Twitter hashtag (see below) to promote audiobook projects, but has grown to become a publisher of public domain literature audiobooks. #Listen2aBook 1,400 titles for_sale publisher ,
  Listenup Audiobooks Listenup Audiobooks Homepage * Website: <http://listenupaudiobooks.com/> Description Listenup Audiobooks is an audiobook publisher and full service audiobook production company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Their website offers their titles for sale as downloadable audio files. Audio samples are available to listen to. ,
  Living Audio Living Audio Homepage * Website: <http://livingaudio.co.uk/> Description Living Audio is an audio production company that specializes in spoken word content. They offer some of their projects for sale as digital downloads. publisher store ,
  Midsummer Sound Company Midsummer Sound Company Homepage * Website: <http://www.midsummersoundcompany.com/> Description Midsummer Sound Company is an audiobook production company that focuses on nonfiction stories. It has several titles for sale on its website. Audio samples are available to listen to online. , ,
  Mountain Whispers Mountain Whispers Homepage * Website: <http://www.mountainwhispers.com/> Description Mountain Whispers is an independent producer and publisher of audiobooks, read by Ross Ballard. Titles commonly revolve around stories that take place in the rural southern United States. for_sale publisher ,
  Naxos AudioBooks Naxos AudioBooks Homepage * Website: <http://www.naxosaudiobooks.com/> Description Naxos AudioBooks - a division of the well-known classical music recording label - is a publisher of more than 200 classic audiobook titles. Naxos AudioBooks was founded with the purpose of providing classic literature with classical music. ,
  Oasis Audio Oasis Audio Homepage * Website: <http://www.oasisaudio.com/> Description Oasis Audio is an audiobook publisher that focuses on inspirational and self-help titles. publisher spiritual store , ,
  Open Book Audio Open Book Audio Homepage * Website: <http://www.openbookaudio.com/> Description Open Book Audio is an audiobook production and distribution company specializing in independent authors and publishers. Its catalog of titles are available for purchase as digital downloads from various online retailers. Audio samples are available to listen to on the website. ,
  PrestonSpeed Publications PrestonSpeed Publications Homepage * Website: <http://www.prestonspeed.com/> Description PrestonSpeed Publications is a publisher that produces and sells audiobooks of classic stories. publisher store ,
  Random House Audio Random House Audio Homepage * Website: <http://www.randomhouse.com/audio/> Description Random House Audio is an audiobook publisher offering titles in both abridged and unabridged formats and on cassettes and compact discs. for_sale publisher ,
  Scriptomanen Scriptomanen Homepage * Website: <http://www.scriptomanen.org/> Description Scriptomanen is a Dutch-language publishers of books and audiobooks. They produce a series of interactive mystery games, in which a group of people listen to an audio drama and travel to locations using GPS coordinates in order to solve a mystery. , , , , ,
  Simon & Schuster Audiobooks Simon & Schuster Audiobooks Homepage * Website: <http://www.simonandschuster.com/audio> Description This is the website for publisher Simon & Schuster's audiobooks. Title are available for purchase online. Audio samples are avilable to listen to. publisher store ,
  Siren Audio Studios Siren Audio Studios Homepage * Website: <http://www.sirenaudiostudios.com/> Description Siren Audio Studios is an audiobook publisher, with some titles being read by a single narrator and others as full cast productions. Audio samples are available to listen to on the website. for_sale full_cast publisher , ,
  SkyBoat Media SkyBoat Media Homepage * Website: <http://skyboatmedia.com/> Description SkyBoat Media is an audiobook publisher, offering a range of genres and formats, including full cast audio dramas. Their website has information about their productions, as well as audio samples to listen to online.
  Spoken Word Inc. Spoken Word Inc. Homepage * Website: <http://www.spokenwordinc.com> Description Spoken Word Inc. is a publisher and producer of audiobooks and spoken word recordings. publisher
  SpokenWorld Audio SpokenWorld Audio Homepage * Website: <http://spokenworldaudio.biz/> Description SpokenWorld Audio is an independent producer, publisher, and distributors of audiobooks and commissioned radio dramas. It is a division of Ladbroke Productions. Titles are available for purchase as digital downloads, with some titles available on compact disc. Some digital download titles are offered free of charge. , ,
  Tantor Media Tantor Media Homepage * Website: <http://www.tantor.com/> Description Tantor Media is a publisher of unabridged audiobooks. publisher store ,
  Textbook Stuff Textbook Stuff Homepage * Website: <http://www.textbookstuff.com/> Description Textbook Stuff is an audio company that produce unabridged audiobooks of classic novels, short stories, essays, and poems. Titles are available for purchase as digital MP3 audio files and audio samples are available to listen to on the website. ,
  The Children's Group The Children's Group Homepage * Website: <http://www.childrensgroup.com/> Description The Children's Group is a publisher of children's entertainment. The offer books and recordings that feature storytelling and music, with a strong focus on classical music. children for_sale publisher , ,
  Titania Medien Titania Medien Homepage * Website: <http://www.titania-medien.de/> Description Titania Medien is a publisher of German-language full cast audio dramas, with genres ranging from mysteries and crime dramas, horror, and children's stories. Titles are available for purchase on compact disc or as digital downloads. Audio samples are available to listen to. , , , , , , ,
  Whole Story Audio Books Whole Story Audio Books Homepage * Website: <http://www.wholestoryaudio.co.uk/> Description Whole Story Audio Books are publishers of unabridged audiobooks. for_sale publisher ,
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