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All About Romance All About Romance Homepage * Website: <> Description All About Romance is a blog dedicated to romance novels. It features a section dedicated to audiobooks, which offers articles, news, and reviews of romance audiobooks. drama news reviews , ,
Audacious Audio Odyssey Audacious Audio Odyssey Homepage * Website: <> Description Audacious Audio Odyssey is a blog that reports on audio drama productions. news
Audio Drama (Radio Drama) Lovers Audio Drama (Radio Drama) Lovers Homepage * Website: <> Description Audio Drama (Radio Drama) Lovers is a Facebook group where people can post and discuss different topics relating to audio drama. community news ,
Audio Drama Digest Audio Drama Digest Homepage * Website: <> Description Audio Drama Digest is a website that presents news about and reviews of audio dramas. news reviews ,
Audio Theatre Central Audio Theatre Central Homepage * Website: <> Description Audio Theatre Central is a podcast devoted to family-friendly and religious-themed audio dramas. It primarily focuses on Lamplighter Theatre, Adventures in Odyssey, and Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, but also discusses other productions that might be of interest to its listeners. , , ,
Audiobook Jukebox Audiobook Jukebox Homepage * Website: <> Description Audiobook Jukebox is a blog that that collects links of audiobooks reviews. It also presents news related to audiobooks. news reviews ,
Audiobooker Audiobooker Homepage * Website: <> Description Audiobooker is a blog that informs its readers about the latest developments in the world of audio drama and audiobooks, with a focus on reporting about audiobooks that are free. Additional Links *
AudioDramaRama AudioDramaRama Homepage * Website: <> Description AudioDramaRama is a website that presents a variety of articles related to audio drama, including news, recommendations, and interviews with creators. news reviews ,
AudioFile AudioFile Homepage * Website: <> Description AudioFile is a magazine for people who enjoy spoken-word audio. AudioFile reviews audiobooks, original audio programs, commentary, and dramatizations in the spoken-word format. The focus is the audio presentation, not the critique of the written material. AudioFile reviewers are professionals in the information, education, and performance fields. Each issue of AudioFile lists the reviewers of the month's titles. … ,
AudioforBooks AudioforBooks Homepage * Website: <> Description AudioforBooks offer news and reviews of audiobooks, and things related to audiobooks. They also have an online store, although the links are just redirected to Radio Plays & Drama. Additional Links * RSS feed for_sale news reviews , ,
AudioGals AudioGals Homepage * Website: <> Description AudioGals is a blog dedicated to romance audiobooks. It presents news, reviews, and interviews with audiobook narrators. drama news reviews , , Homepage * Website: <> Description is a website dedicated to audio games, which are interactive games that consist only of sound. There is news and reviews of games, as well as link to other resources for audio games. , , ,
Audiotainment News Audiotainment News Homepage * Website: <> Description Audiotainment News is a collection of social media sites providing news and links to newly released audio drama episodes. Additional Links * Twitter account * Facebook page news
Behind The Voice Actors Behind The Voice Actors Homepage * Website: <> Description Behind The Voice Actors is a “voice acting community site that has a database of voice actors with images and sounds of the characters they play in cartoons, [television] shows, movies, video games and more. , ,
BISH'S BEAT BISH'S BEAT Homepage * Website: <> Description BISH'S BEAT is a blog that focuses on several areas of interests, but mainly that of pulp-era adventure and entertainment. It occasionally posts news items about audio drama releases. Additional Links
Book Guys & Book Girls Book Guys & Book Girls Homepage * Website: <> Description Book Guys & Book Girls is a website that offers news and reviews of literature. The website has dedicated section devoted to both audio dramas and audiobooks. news reviews ,
Cavan Scott Cavan Scott Homepage * Website: <> Description Cavan Scott writes and produces audio dramas for Big Finish Productions, including titles for their Doctor Who series. His website list his productions and his blog offers news and comments on some of them. Additional Links , ,
Doctor Who Fansite Doctor Who Fansite Homepage * Website: <> Description Doctor Who Fansite is a website dedicated to the science fiction program Doctor Who and all its various spin-offs. It offers news about the audio releases related to the program. doctor_who news ,
Elena Fernández-Collins Elena Fernández-Collins Homepage * Website: <> Description Elena Fernández-Collins is a podcast journalist and critic, with an emphasis on audio drama, who has a website offering news, reviews, and resources relating to audio drama, with links to her project on other websites. , ,
Fitton Well Fitton Well Homepage * Website: <> Description Fitton Well is the website of Matt Fitton, who has written several stories for Big Finish Productions, most of which are Doctor Who audio dramas. The website offers some news and behind the scenes looks into the productions based on his writing. ,
Genre Audio Genre Audio Homepage * Website: <> Description Genre Audio is a website that presents news and reviews of “cult audio drama”, with a focus on British titles, such as Doctor Who and projected related to it. doctor_who news reviews science_fiction , , , Homepage * Website: <> Description is the personal blog for Laura Frechette, a woman involved in producing new works of audio drama, especially on the website Gypsy Audio. Though the blog can be personal in nature, her interest and involvement in audio drama often results in entires that report on new developments in audio drama and reviews of available works. ,
Harvest Audio Productions Harvest Audio Productions Homepage * Website: <> Description Harvest Audio Productions assists with productions that are heard on several other audio drama websites. It also presents news about the world of audio drama and features a podcast titled , ,
Hörspiel-Gemeinschaft Hörspiel-Gemeinschaft Homepage * Website: <> Description Hörspiel-Gemeinschaft (Radio Play-Community) is a German-language organization dedicated to audio drama. community news non-english , ,
I STILL Love Radio I STILL Love Radio Homepage * Website: <> Description I STILL Love Radio is a blog that discusses audio drama. news
Laura's Audio Drama Blog Laura's Audio Drama Blog Homepage * Website: <> Description Laura's Audio Drama Blog is a blog that posts news, reviews, and general discussion about audio drama. news reviews ,
Lit Between the Ears Lit Between the Ears Homepage * Website: <> Description Lit Between the Ears is the blog for Two Plus Plus Productions, producers of radio drama. The articles tend to focus on their own productions, but occasionally discuss other works of audio drama.
Modern Audio Theater Modern Audio Theater Homepage * Website: <> Description Modern Audio Theater is blog that announces releases in new works of audio drama. news
New Audio Drama New Audio Drama Homepage * Website: <> Description New Audio Drama is a blog that posts news of newly released audio drama. It is run by “Crash”, the same person who owns Audio Drama Talk, and each article originates from announcements posted to that forum.
OhrCast OhrCast Homepage * Website: <> Description OhrCast (EarCast) is a German-language podcast that presents news about audio drama. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link * Alternative website * YouTube channel news non-english ,
Old Radio Old Radio Homepage * Website: <> Description Old Radio is a website dedicated to classic radio broadcasts and programs. It offers news and articles about old time radio shows and performers, as well as links to free versions of episodes. , ,
Old-Time Radio Examiner Old-Time Radio Examiner Homepage * Website: <> Description Old-Time Radio Examiner posts articles and news items about the world old time radio. news old_time_radio ,
OTR Buffet OTR Buffet Homepage * Website: <> Description OTR Buffet is a website devoted to old time radio shows. It offers reviews, interview, and news related to old time radio. Additional Links * RSS feed news old_time_radio reviews , ,
Paul The Book Guy Paul The Book Guy Homepage * Website: <> Description Paul The Book Guy is a blog and podcast that discusses and reviews books, audiobooks, and audio dramas. Additional Links * RSS feed news reviews ,
QuasarDragon QuasarDragon Homepage * Website: <> Description QuasarDragon is a blog that reports on the world of genre fiction, both in book and audio form. fantasy free horror news reviews science_fiction , , , , ,
Radio Survivor Radio Survivor Homepage * Website: <> Description Radio Survivor is a website dedicated to the importance radio in all its forms. It offers news and articles about different areas of radio, including radio drama. news
Raise a Racket Raise a Racket Homepage * Website: <> Description Raise a Racket is a blog that presents news about podcast novels that are hosted on It also offers collections of short stories by authors of full length audiobooks on Additional Links ,
Red Rocket Rising Red Rocket Rising Homepage * Website: <> Description Red Rocket Rising is a blog dedicated to the television series Doctor Who. In addition to other content, it offers news and reviews about Doctor Who audiobooks and audio dramas, especially those produced by , ,
SFFaudio SFFaudio Homepage * Website: <> Description Created in 2003 by Scott Danielson and Jesse Willis, SFFaudio is a blog and podcast devoted to promoting fantasy, horror, and science fiction audio (although other genres such as mystery, crime, and noir audio are occasionally included). They provide news, reviews, and links to freely available audio drama. , , , , ,
Spoken Word Radio News Spoken Word Radio News Homepage * Website: <> Description Spoken Word Radio News presents news on the world of spoken word entertainment in several forms, such as audiobooks, radio broadcasts, downloadable content, and more. It also offers reviews of spoken word titles and has a ,
StarShipSofa StarShipSofa Homepage * Website: <> Description StarShipSofa is a weekly science fiction podcast. It offers news related to science fiction and readings from science fiction stories. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link free news science_fiction , ,
TekRead TekRead Homepage * Website: <> Description TekRead is a website that reviews audiobooks. It also presents a list of upcoming audiobook releases. news reviews ,
The Armchair Audies The Armchair Audies Homepage * Website: <> Description The Armchair Audies is an annual event where audiobook enthusiasts can discuss the titles nominated for The Audies award, which is presented yearly by the Audio Publishers Association. Since the average person most likely does not have the chance to listen to every audiobook, participants choose one of the 28 categories (each of which has five titles), listens to all of the nominated titles, and makes their pr… ,
The Audio Addicts The Audio Addicts Homepage * Website: <> Description The Audio Addicts is a blog that documents the latest events in the world of audio drama. news
The AudioBookaneers The AudioBookaneers Homepage * Website: <> Description The AudioBookaneers is a blog the covers speculative fiction audiobooks. It features release schedules and news about audiobooks, reviews, and interviews with authors and narrators. fantasy horror news reviews science_fiction , , , ,
The Founding Fields The Founding Fields Homepage * Website: <> Description The Founding Fields offer news and reviews of genre fiction, with a focus on The Black Library, which publishes books and audiobooks based on the fictional worlds of the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 series of games. The website has several reviews of their audiobooks. , ,
The Guilded Earlobe The Guilded Earlobe Homepage * Website: <> Description The Guilded Earlobe is a blog that presents news and reviews of audiobooks. Additional Links * RSS feed news reviews ,
The Listening Post The Listening Post Homepage * Website: <> Description The Listening Post is a website dedicated to showcasing modern audio drama productions. Additional Links * SoundCloud page news reviews ,
TheCultDen TheCultDen Homepage * Website: See below Description TheCultDen is a website that presents articles on pop culture, covering an array of genres and media. It offers news and reviews of audiobooks and spoken word entertainment. Additional Links ,
Voice Actors in the News Voice Actors in the News Homepage * Website: <> Description Voice Actors in the News is a website that presents news and discussion related to professional voice acting and enthusiasts. Additional Links * Facebook page community news voice_talent , ,
Voice Chasers Voice Chasers Homepage * Website: <> Description Voice Chasers is a website devoted to voice acting. It has a database of voice actors, news about the business of voice-overs, and an online message forum. community directory news voice_talent , , ,
Voice-Over Xtra Voice-Over Xtra Homepage * Website: <> Description Voice-Over Xtra is a website devoted to helping people with their professional voice-over careers. It contains a directory of resources, articles on voice-acting, news about the industry, and more. , , ,
Wil Williams Reviews Wil Williams Reviews Homepage * Website: <> Description Wil Williams Reviews is a website in which podcast critic Wil Williams reports on podcast-related news, offers personal podcast reviews, and posts editorial articles, with a strong emphasis on audio drama. , ,
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