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  Aldo on Audiobooks Aldo on Audiobooks Homepage * Website: <http://aldoblog.com/audiobooks/> Description Aldo on Audiobooks is a blog described as “Everything you could want to know about how to listen to audiobooks on your iPod or iPhone.” education
  ARTSEDGE ARTSEDGE Homepage * Website: See below Description ARTSEDGE is a collection of educational articles and audio programs by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Among their lessons are articles and audio programs that discuss the history of old time radio shows and describe the process of creating audio drama. , , ,
  Balance Publishing Company Balance Publishing Company Homepage * Website: <http://www.balancepublishing.com/> Description Balance Publishing Company specializes in radio drama related teaching materials for the secondary language arts classroom (6th grade and up). These radio drama based materials are designed to motivate language arts students to write, read, listen, speak and collaborate more effectively. ,
  BookBuddy Digital Media BookBuddy Digital Media Homepage * Website: <http://www.bookbuddyaudio.com/> Description BookBuddy Digital Media is a a digital service provider that produces audio educational recordings and audiobooks – with sound effects – for school-aged children. Their recordings are distributed on their own brands of portable MP3 player, the Go Reader and the Go Reader Classroom. ,
  Drama Online Drama Online Homepage * Website: <http://www.dramaonlinelibrary.com/genres/radio-drama-iid-2517> Description Drama Online is a collection of study materials for various types of dramatic arts. Among it's different categories is a section devoted to radio drama. Its materials are available on subscription and purchase by institutions only. , ,
  English Through Stories English Through Stories Homepage * Website: <http://www.englishthroughstories.com/> Description English Through Stories is for advanced speakers of English wishing to improve their listening and speaking skills. Each episode has a chapter from a story with an accompanying explanation of some of the terms and phrases used in the story. ,
  FFFBI FFFBI Homepage * Website: <http://www.fffbi.com/lost/radio/> Description FFFBI (The Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation) is an educational project that uses storytelling to help teach children ages 8-13 about cultures from around the world. As part of their project, they have produced a full cast audio drama titled , , , , ,
  Homeschool Radio Shows Homeschool Radio Shows Homepage * Website: <http://homeschoolradioshows.com/> Description Homeschool Radio Shows offers a selection of classic audio programs for the purpose of educating children. Titles are available for purchase as MP3 CDs. Some titles include supplementary printed material to be used along with the audio programs. Additionally, they offer a , , ,
  Hostile Worlds Hostile Worlds Homepage * Website: <http://hostileworlds.net/> Description Hostile Worlds is a science fiction audio drama series that combines a lighthearted comedic plot with educational facts about about space. ... Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link * Libsyn website comedy education free full_cast science_fiction sound_effects , , , , ,
  Independent Radio Drama Productions Independent Radio Drama Productions Homepage * Website: <http://www.irdp.co.uk/> Description Independent Radio Drama Productions is an independent producer of radio drama. Their website contains articles on the history of radio drama and advice on how to create it, among others. ,
  LearnOutLoud LearnOutLoud Homepage * Website: <http://www.learnoutloud.com/> Description LearnOutLoud.com is an online retailer for audio & video learning resources. It features over 20,000 audiobooks, MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos covering several educational categories. education store ,
  Lynch Multimedia Lynch Multimedia Homepage * Website: <http://www.lynchmultimedia.com/> Description Lynch Multimedia provides adaptations of the works of William Shakespeare, using simpler language and a more novel-like format. There are audio and text versions of each story, along with the original text. , ,
  Mrs. P Mrs. P Homepage * Website: <http://mrsp.com/> Description Mrs. P is a website devoted to encouraging children to read. In addition to its interactive games, activity guides, and resources for teachers and parents, it has a series of streaming video stories in which Mrs. P – played by actress Kathy Kinney – narrates classic childrens stories. , , ,
  My Audio School My Audio School Homepage * Website: <http://www.myaudioschool.com/> Description My Audio School is a website that provides downloadable audio content intended for educational purposes. Many files are available for free, but a paid subscription is required to access the complete archive. , ,
  National Audio Theatre Festivals National Audio Theatre Festivals Homepage * Website: <http://natf.org/> Description The National Audio Theatre Festivals (NATF) is a US-based organization sponsoring a yearly, five-day workshop on audio drama, voice-over, the audio arts, and other special training. Participants take classes on subjects such as voice-over and voice acting, audio engineering, Foley and special effects, audio playwriting and podcasting, and more. The workshop is helmed by professionals in the field and is fre… ,
  TeacherVision TeacherVision Homepage * Website: <http://www.teachervision.fen.com/literature/theater/6526.html> Description TeacherVision is a website that offers teaching material. They have a series of instructions on how to perform radio drama with students. education resources ,
  Teaching NOW! Teaching NOW! Homepage * Website: <http://www.teachingnow.org/> Description Teaching NOW! is a television and radio documentary series that investigates the relationship between technology and education. education nonfiction ,
  The Pacific Story The Pacific Story Homepage * Website: <https://archive.org/details/OTRR_Pacific_Story_Singles> Description The Pacific Story is a dramatized old time radio program broadcast during World War II designed to educate people about the histories of the countries and cultures of Pacific Rim nations. Episodes are hosted on the , , , , ,
  The Raven Radio Theater The Raven Radio Theater Homepage * Website: <http://www.ravenradiotheater.com/> Description The Raven Radio Theater offers radio drama scripts complete with casting directions, detailed instructions for finding and/or making the necessary mechanical sound effects, a full set of sound effects cue cards, and an audio CD with music and background sounds customized for each play. , , , , , ,
  The Table Round The Table Round Homepage * Website: <http://www.thetableround.com/> Description The Table Round is a full cast dramatization of the Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It begins with the struggles of the young king trying to secure his reign after pulling the Sword from the Stone. Each episode ends with an educational section about the history behind the legends. , , , ,