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5th Saturday Audio Theatre 5th Saturday Audio Theatre Homepage * Website: <> Description 5th Saturday Audio Theatre is a Seattle-based non-profit organization that records full cast audiodramas that are broadcast by the Evergreen Radio Reading Service of the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library. ,
A Blind Legend A Blind Legend Homepage * Website: <> Description A Blind Legend is an audio-only adventure game designed for the visually-impaired. it is available for Android and iOS mobile devices, in French and English. The game uses binaural sound to let players make their way through a 3D environment with audio only, using only the device's touchscreen to control the hero. , , , , , ,
ACB Radio ACB Radio Homepage * Website: <> Description ACB Radio is a online resource provided by the American Council of the Blind. It provides streaming audio of old time radio shows among its other programs. blind old_time_radio streaming , , Homepage * Website: <> Description is a website dedicated to audio games, which are interactive games that consist only of sound. There is news and reviews of games, as well as link to other resources for audio games. , , ,
Blastbay Studios Blastbay Studios Homepage * Website: <> Description Blastbay Studios produces audio games for the blind and visually impaired. They are also working on a full cast radio play called Life Reformatted. Additional Links * Radio Drama Audition Submissions blind for_sale interactive sound_effects , , ,
BlindSide BlindSide Homepage * Website: <> Description BlindSide is an interactive, audio-only horror game. It is available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, and iPad) for sale on the iTunes store, and for PC and Mac on Desura. BlindSide -- Additional Links , , , , ,
Blindy.TV Blindy.TV Homepage * Website: <> Description Blindy.TV is a website that present streaming audio versions of televisions programs, with additional audio descriptions of the action. blind streaming ,
Calibre Audio Library Calibre Audio Library Homepage * Website: <> Description Calibre Audio Library is a UK charity that lends audiobooks to people who have sight problems, dyslexia, or physical disabilities. They offer audiobooks on standard cassettes and MP3 discs, fiction and non-fiction, for both children and adults. The service is free.
CC Prose CC Prose Homepage * Website: <> Description CC Prose offers audio versions of classic literature as a series of streaming YouTube videos, complete with large print closed captions. * Learning to read? What better way than to follow along with an expert? , , , , ,
Comics Empower Comics Empower Homepage * Website: <> Description Comics Empower publishes audio versions of comic books for the blind and visually impaired. What Are Comic Books for the Visually Impaired? * The comics are translated into audio form. * Pages, panels, and texts are described in a way that doesn't break the rhythm of the story. , , , , , , Homepage * Website: <> Description offers free old time radio shows to the blind, visually impaired, active duty military, and the disabled. Sighted people can donate to download or stream unlimited shows. blind old_time_radio ,
For All To Play For All To Play Homepage * Website: <> Description For All To Play is a game studio that designs and develops video games that are accessible to people with visual, hearing, physical, and cognitive disabilities. They produce an interactive audio game titled , , , ,
Georgia Radio Reading Service Georgia Radio Reading Service Homepage * Website: <> Description Georgia Radio Reading Service is an independent nonprofit closed circuit radio station that broadcasts programs for visually-impaired listeners in the state of Georgia. Programs include complete readings of magazines, newspapers, and books, as well as public service announcements and information regarding community-support programs and activities. Programs are also broadcast through a password-protected a…
Going In Blind Going In Blind Homepage * Website: <> Description Going In Blind is a podcast in which a group visually-impaired people play role-playing games. Sections of the game are also narrated as a story, with accompanying music and sound effects. , , , ,
Home Readers Home Readers Homepage * Website: <> Description Home Readers is a non-profit organization that provides reading material to the blind and visually-impaired on 4-track audio tape. blind
Insight Radio Insight Radio Homepage * Website: <> Description Insight Radio is Europe's first radio station for a blind or partially sighted audience, offering audio versions of daily newspapers, movie reviews, television, events, job guides, and more. It also features an archive of audio programs. , ,
Movies For the Blind Movies For the Blind Homepage * Website: <> Description Movies For the Blind is a podcast that takes the audio from movies that are now public domain and adds a commentary track. Additional Links * RSS feed * iTunes link blind free ,
Odyssey AudioWorks Odyssey AudioWorks Homepage * Website: <> Description Odyssey AudioWorks joins visually-impaired and sighted individuals to work together to develop audio theater productions. The website currently offers some prototype productions available to listen to. , , ,
Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic Homepage * Website: <> Description Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic is a national nonprofit, volunteer organization, is the leading accessible audiobook library for students with disabilities such as visual impairment or dyslexia. With titles available in every subject area and grade level, RFB&D's digitally recorded audio textbooks help students challenged by the printed page. ,
SonicErotica SonicErotica Homepage * Website: <> Description SonicErotica features free MP3 downloads of erotic audio available streamed via the website or as a podcast. SonicErotica aims to produce content designed for and accessible to people with vision impairment and its website can be navigated with a screen reader. The content includes erotic stories read aloud, sex and masturbation sound effects, erotic scripted drama, and true personal experiences and confessions. , , ,
Soundaround Soundaround Homepage * Website: <> Description Soundaround is an audio magazine for the sight impaired. The program includes an international news round-up, articles, and a story serialization. Additional Links * RSS feed blind free ,
Talking Books Talking Books Homepage * Website: <> Description Talking Books is a radio show in which host Robert Kirkwood presents readings of audiobooks and stories from the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Talking Books library. Each Sunday, it features readings from a classic childrens book. The show also features interviews with authors, audio documentaries, and special shows on different topics. ,
Talking Information Center Talking Information Center Homepage * Website: <> Description The Talking Information Center is a Massachusetts-based organization that assists visually-impaired people by broadcasting the reading of printed material over a network of radio and television stations. While much of the printed material that is read is news-related or periodicals, they do read short stories and novels, as well. An archive of recordings is available to listen to online. , ,
The Audio Network The Audio Network Homepage * Website: <> Description The Audio Network is a website designed for the blind and visually impaired. Each page contains streaming audio, which plays automatically, and has simple keyboard shortcuts for navigation. Once in this site, blind and partially sighted people do not need to rely on their screen reader or any other adaptive technology to enjoy the content. There are links to audiobooks and visual media with added narration.
The Blind Readers' Page The Blind Readers' Page Homepage * Website: <> Description The Blind Readers' Page is a guide to sources of information in alternative formats (braille, recorded cassettes, large print, e-texts, web audio) accessible by people with print disabilities — those with visual and physical handicaps as well as dyslexia. ,
Washington Talking Book & Braille Library Washington Talking Book & Braille Library Homepage * Website: <> Description The Washington Talking Book & Braille Library is a public library in Seattle, Washington that specializes in publications for people who are unable to read standard print material. The library's collection includes large print books, Braille books, and audio cassette books. It also provides a recording service for audiobooks, a Braille service, a radio reading service, disability-focused refer…
Written Communications Radio Service Written Communications Radio Service Homepage * Website: <> Description Written Communications Radio Service is an organization that broadcasts print media over a closed circuit radio frequency for the visually impaired. blind free streaming , ,
Xenogears Sound and Drama Xenogears Sound and Drama Homepage * Website: <> Description Xenogears Sound and Drama is a full cast audio drama series based on the video game Xenogears (of the Xenosaga series) by Squaresoft/Square-Enix. Additional Links * YouTube playlist blind fantasy fan_fiction free full_cast science_fiction streaming , , , , , ,
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