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(exp)lore (exp)lore Full Cast Multigenre Anthology (exp)lore is a fiction anthology podcast. Each episode takes an imaginative dive into the past and future of your ci… , , , ,
100 Words of Astounding Beauty 100 Words of Astounding Beauty Narrated Multigenre Anthology A flash-fiction podcast where a handful of writers each make a story with a limited wordcount in… , , , ,
11th Hour Audio Productions 11th Hour Audio Productions Full Cast Horror Anthology In October, 2011, producers, actors and designers from FinalRune productions and Aural Stage Studios g… , , ,
13 Days of Halloween (Aaron Mahnke) 13 Days of Halloween (Aaron Mahnke) Narrated Horror Anthology Aaron Mahnke's 13 Days of Halloween is a unique auditory adventure that tows the line between e… , , , ,
20 Sided Stories 20 Sided Stories Role-Playing Multigenre Comedy Anthology This is 20 Sided Stories, an improvised comedy and role-playing podcast. We're a bunch of actor-fri… , , , , ,
24 Hours in Isolation 24 Hours in Isolation Narrated Drama Anthology Before Covid19, before “self isolation” and “social distancing”, there was already an epidemic of loneliness i… , , , ,
600 Second Saga 600 Second Saga Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Anthology Escape the world every week – listen now for 10 minutes of sci-fi and fantasy. Every kind of scien… , , , ,
A Creative Mind Fiction Podcast A Creative Mind Fiction Podcast Narrated Multigenre Anthology Providing you on demand audio entertainment with the push of a button! Complimentary short stor… , , , ,
A Darker Tale A Darker Tale Narrated Horror Anthology Horror stories for rainy nights. This podcast combines mystery and horror in chilling fictional stories centred aroun… , , , ,
A Decade of Curious Creatures A Decade of Curious Creatures Narrated Children's Anthology A Decade of Curious Creatures. Some of Them Not Describ'd Before. Heard in Their Natural Voice, a… , , ,
A New Winter A New Winter Narrated Horror Series/Anthology It's the winter of 2000 in a small village in the UK and a family have been brutally murdered in suspicious cir… , , , , ,
A Night of Horror A Night of Horror Full Cast Horror Anthology A horror drama podcast with a range of spooky stories to keep you awake at night. All of our podcasts are mad… , , , ,
A Very Icebox Christmas A Very Icebox Christmas Full Cast Multigenre Christmas Anthology It's a count down of all the holiday offerings from the Icebox Radio Theater. Everything fro… , , , ,
ACA Radio Reps ACA Radio Reps Full Cast Multigenre Anthology These Radio Plays were recorded by the Academy for Classical Acting at Shakespeare Theatre Company and George W… , , , ,
Ad Astral Ad Astral Full Cast/Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Welcome aboard AD ASTRAL, presenting the short science fiction stories of DJ Burnham in a triannual tr… , , , ,
All Roads Tavern All Roads Tavern Role-Playing Multigenre Comedy Anthology The All Roads Tavern is a Role-Playing Game Actual Play Podcast. We aim to entertain as you follow … , , , , ,
Alleyways Alleyways Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Alleyways presents a selection of experiential audio adventures. Dive deep. Website RSS Feed Additional Links … , , ,
Almost Better Than Dragons Almost Better Than Dragons Role-Playing Multigenre Anthology Join our ragtag group of adventurers for some adventuring and some goofs every two weeks. Mature… , , , , , , ,
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities Alternative Stories and Fake Realities Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Alternative Stories and Fake Realities is a podcast designed to promote new and origina… , , , ,
Anansi Storytime Anansi Storytime Full Cast Children's Folklore Anthology Anansi Kweku is the spider trickster god of Western Africa. By his own telling, the only reason we h… , , , ,
And The Darkness Reigns And The Darkness Reigns Narrated Horror Anthology 'And The Darkness Reigns' is an anthology horror fiction podcast with rich atmospheric music to enhance the… , , , ,
Anthology Anthology Full Cast Multigenre Anthology/Series We're Anthology and we work with writers from of a range of backgrounds and experience levels to turn their s… , , , , , , ,
Anything Ghost Anything Ghost Narrated Horror Anthology Since 2006, Anything Ghost has been sharing people's personal paranormal experiences. The stories are sent to Lex Wa… , , ,
Apex Magazine Podcast Apex Magazine Podcast Narrated Multigenre Anthology Apex Magazine is an online prose and poetry magazine of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and mash-ups of… , , , , , ,
April Eight Songs & Stories April Eight Songs & Stories Narrated Children's Fantasy Anthology Hooray! Your family is heading for delight! April Eight Songs & Stories is a charming origi… , , , ,
Are You Sitting Comfortably? Are You Sitting Comfortably? Narrated Horror Anthology If you like horror stories, you'll want to listen to mine... I'll be reading out the short stories I'v… , , , ,
Around Dis Joint Around Dis Joint Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Around Dis Joint Entertainment is a podcast that produces original creative content from a collaboration of t… , , , ,
Arx Originals Arx Originals Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Arx Originals is a collection of audio stories that take you on a journey. Featuring heartfelt emotions and char… , , , ,
Ash Tales Ash Tales Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Short stories exploring the end of the world. From nuclear Armageddon to bio-engineered super plague, humanit… , , ,
Asimov's Science Fiction Asimov's Science Fiction Narrated Science Fiction Anthology With every new issue, Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine shares one piece of short fiction in podc… , , ,
Aster Podcasting Presents Aster Podcasting Presents Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Aster Podcasting Network hosts episodes and projects from new writers, actors, and people within the… , , ,
At The Table At The Table Full Cast Drama Anthology A podcast that puts the listeners in a seat “At The Table” of a New York City play reading. New plays from emerging pl… , , , ,
Audio Drama for Pessimists Audio Drama for Pessimists Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology It's another day closer to the grave, so pull up a stool and grab yourself a half-empty pi… , , , , , ,
Aural Stage Studio Presents Aural Stage Studio Presents Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Presenting short and feature-length audio dramas and short-run audio series. Mature Website RSS … , , ,
Bedtime Stories for the Discerning Child Bedtime Stories for the Discerning Child Narrated Children's Multigenre Anthology I tell bedtime stories to my 6 year old daughter: an eagle-eyed, emotionall… , , , , ,
Bedtime Stories My Kids Love Bedtime Stories My Kids Love Narrated Children's Series/Anthology An ongoing collection of short stories that I tell my kids to keep them from going to bed.O… , , , ,
Beneath Ceaseless Skies Beneath Ceaseless Skies Narrated Fantasy Anthology 2012 Parsec Award finalist for best SF/Fantasy Magazine Podcast. New and Audio Vault fiction short stories… , , ,
Between Acts Between Acts Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Between Acts is an immersive audio theater podcast experience. Each biweekly episode sets the stage for your imag… , , , ,
Beyond Shakespeare Beyond Shakespeare Narrated Drama Anthology From the earliest drama in English, to the closing of the theatres in 1642, there was a hell of a lot of drama pr… , , ,
Beyond the Dark Beyond the Dark Full Cast/Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Atmospheric sci-fi stories. Each episode is a new world to explore. You might find yourself in t… , , , ,
Bible Stories My Kids Love Bible Stories My Kids Love Narrated Children's Anthology Bible stories are brought to life in Bible Stories My Kids Love! Website RSS Feed Additional Li… , , , ,
Bite-Sized Broadway Bite-Sized Broadway Full Cast Musical Multigenre Anthology Bite-Sized Broadway: A Mini-Musical Podcast features new and exciting “mini-musicals” presented as… , , , ,
Blight Christmas: A Horror Holiday Together Blight Christmas: A Horror Holiday Together Narrated Horror Christmas Anthology Just because we're all apart this holiday, that doesn't mean we can't get sca… , , , , ,
Blood on the Digital Page Blood on the Digital Page Narrated Horror Anthology Host Casey Chaplin narrates short but chilling, original horror fiction tales published exclusively on mo… , , , ,
Boring Books for Bedtime Boring Books for Bedtime Narrated Multigenre Anthology Boring Books for Bedtime is a weekly bedtime story podcast for the sleepless, the stressed, the anxiou… , , , ,
Breaks Breaks Full Cast Drama Anthology Ten minute bite sized dramas, each played over a game of pool. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Liste… , , ,
Brian Blessed's Bedtime Stories Brian Blessed's Bedtime Stories Narrated Children's Comedy Anthology Gordon's Alive! Shy and retiring actor Brian Blessed has got his first ever podcast. … , , , ,
Brick Moon Fiction Brick Moon Fiction Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Brick Moon Fiction brings you the best new voices in science fiction. Mature Website RSS Feed Additi… , , , ,
By The Billabong By The Billabong Narrated Science Fiction Anthology By the Billabong is a nine part radio drama. Come join the swagman by the billabong as he takes you on a … , , , ,
Cabin Nightmare Stories Cabin Nightmare Stories Narrated Horror Anthology Narration of scary horror stories. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a… , , ,
Cabinet of Curiosities (Aaron Mahnke) Cabinet of Curiosities (Aaron Mahnke) Narrated Nonfiction Horror Anthology Cabinet of Curiosities is an audio tour of the unbelievable, the unsettling, and t… , , , ,
Camp Monsters Camp Monsters Narrated Horror Folklore Anthology These are the stories of impossible encounters with impossible creatures in the wildest corners of North Ame… , , , ,
Cashmere & Friends Cashmere & Friends Full Cast Drama Anthology Cashmere is known to put you to sleep when Insomnia gets the best of you. On this podcast, she invites some frie… , , , , ,
Cast Macabre Cast Macabre Narrated Horror Anthology New horror audio fiction. At Cast Macabre we showcase new talent in the horror, whilst revering the classics. Look out… , , , ,
Cast of Wonders Cast of Wonders Narrated Multigenre Anthology Cast of Wonders is the leading voice in young adult speculative short fiction. Every week we present short stor… , , ,
Castle of Spirits Audio Ghost Stories Castle of Spirits Audio Ghost Stories Narrated Horror Anthology Stories from the world-renowned ghost story site, CastleofSpirits.com, are brought to life th… , , ,
Catastrophic Catastrophic Role-Playing Multigenre Comedy Anthology Catastrophic is a collaborative improvisational storytelling podcast where some friends make up a movie… , , , , , , ,
Celtic Myth Podshow Celtic Myth Podshow Full Cast Fantasy Folklore Anthology The Celtic Myth Podshow will tell you ancient tales, stories, legends, folklore and mythology of Ire… , , , ,
Channel 34 Channel 34 Full Cast Comedy Anthology Sketch comedy in bite-sized episodes that introduce the listener to sincere but deeply strange people. Website RSS … , , ,
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights Chilling Tales for Dark Nights Narrated Horror Anthology Chilling Tales for Dark Nights is a horror fiction anthology podcast, with each weekly episode featu… , , ,
Christmas Tales Christmas Tales Narrated Multigenre Christmas Anthology Ghosts, lost love and what happens when the festive season is hijacked by the politically correct bri… , , , ,
Chroniclers of Darkness Chroniclers of Darkness Full Cast Urban Fantasy Horror Series/Anthology Chroniclers of Darkness is a serial horror podcast set in the New World of Darkness.C… , , , , , , ,
Chronicles Unleashed Chronicles Unleashed Narrated Drama Anthology Welcome to a new reading experience. Chronicles Unleashed brings audio drama to the ears of the modern reader b… , , ,
Cinematic Sound Saturdays Cinematic Sound Saturdays Full Cast Multigenre Anthology This series is a collection of audio dramas written, performed, produced, and recorded by students a… , , , , , ,
ClancyPasta ClancyPasta Narrated Horror Anthology In the mood for a bone chilling tale? I've got you covered Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts … , , , ,
Clarkesworld Clarkesworld Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Anthology Science fiction and fantasy stories from Clarkesworld, a Hugo and World Fantasy Award-winning digital… , , , ,
Classic Ghost Stories Podcast Classic Ghost Stories Podcast Narrated Horror Anthology Classic Ghost Stories and Weird Tales read by Tony Walker. At least once a week, we broadcast a new c… , , ,
Classic Horror Stories Classic Horror Stories Narrated Horror Anthology Stories that have been around for more than fifty years designed to frighten... even if it's just with the w… , , ,
Classic Tales Podcast Classic Tales Podcast Narrated Multigenre Anthology Every week, join award-winning narrator B.J. Harrison as he narrates the greatest stories the world has e… , , ,
Closing the Distance Closing the Distance Narrated Drama Anthology We're all watching the news. We're all doing our part. Some are even putting their lives on the line to contrib… , , ,
Cobwebs Chronicles Cobwebs Chronicles Narrated Horror Anthology An anthology of short horror stories Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleE… , , ,
Cocotazo Audio Theatre Cocotazo Audio Theatre Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Cocotazo Audio Theatre features full-cast audio drama and audio fiction productions for all ears. This … , , , ,
Cold Open Stories Cold Open Stories Full Cast Science Fiction Fantasy Anthology Cold Open Stories was founded as a love-letter to short fiction and pulp stories which have the… , , , , , ,
Collapsing Horse Science Fiction Radio Hour Collapsing Horse Science Fiction Radio Hour Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Anthology The only hour of radio that's neither an hour, nor on radio! The Co… , , , , ,
Constants Constants Narrated Horror Anthology Occult societies, elaborate hidden tunnel systems, astral travel and paranormal hauntings. Stories that have been told fo… , , ,
Conversations From The Abyss Conversations From The Abyss Full Cast Horror Anthology Conversations From The Abyss is a scripted drama/horror anthology podcast. It features creepy convers… , , ,
Copper Shock Copper Shock Narrated Horror Anthology Copper Shock is a story telling channel in the form of old radio Foley sounds and music. Sit back and enjoy original s… , , ,
Counter Worlds Counter Worlds Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Welcome to Counter Worlds! An ad-free podcast that brings you episodic adventures found throughout the multiver… , , , , , , ,
Cow Children Cow Children Full Cast Comedy Anthology A concept-western, an anthology of astonishing audio tales set in an infinite West. A broader category than cowboys o… , , , ,
CreepsMcPasta CreepsMcPasta Narrated Horror Anthology 'Creepypastas' are the urban legends of the internet. A new age of horror told through digital word of mouth. Webs… , , ,
Creepypodsta Creepypodsta Narrated Horror Anthology Love things that go bump in the night? Love horror, supernatural, and the unknown? Tune in to this telling of tales of… , , , ,
Crossover Adventure Productions Crossover Adventure Productions Full Cast Multigenre Series/Anthology A series of unofficial audio dramas. Featuring “The Chronicles of Oz” (based on the wor… , , , , , , , ,
Crossroads Cantina Crossroads Cantina Full Cast Horror Anthology Crossroads Cantina is in Audio Drama, exploring the lives and adventures of its patrons. Each episode is fictio… , , , ,
Crowley Time with me, Tom Crowley Crowley Time with me, Tom Crowley Narrated Comedy Anthology Comedy sketches, characters and messages in bottles plucked from unknown shores. Written and perf… , , , ,
Curious Matter Curious Matter Full Cast Science Fiction Horror Anthology Curious Matter is an audio drama anthology based on short stories from the world's best Sci-fi, and… , , , , ,
D. J. Swales Gothic & Other Tales D. J. Swales Gothic & Other Tales Narrated Horror Anthology Join nomadic author D.J. Swales as he narrates his Gothic horror, popular micro-fiction, poems, a… , , , ,
Dam the Distance Dam the Distance Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Dam the Distance is Oregon State University Theatre's podcast. This feed includes audio dramas and interviews… , , , ,
Dark Hills Radio Dark Hills Radio Full Cast Horror Comedy Anthology Frightfully delightful hijinks, tomfoolery, silliness, and shenanigans from the theatrical little goblins … , , , , ,
Dark Winter Nights Dark Winter Nights Narrated Nonfiction Anthology Dark Winter Nights: True Stories from Alaska is a live storytelling event, television program, radio program… , , ,
Dashing Onions Audio Dashing Onions Audio Full Cast Horror Anthology Dashing Onions Audio creates original audio drama miniseries and one-off plays, focusing on stories with elem… , , , ,
Day By Day Day By Day Full Cast Drama Anthology From Must B Nice comes Day By Day, a bi-weekly series of narrative stories inspired by our new normal. Created and produ… , , ,
Deadtime Stories (Schuyler Fastenau) Deadtime Stories (Schuyler Fastenau) Full Cast Nonfiction Horror Anthology The original Deadtime Stories bringing murderous tales to life in the fashion of a… , , , , ,
Death by Horror Death by Horror Role-Playing Fantasy Horror Anthology What you don't know...can kill you. LonelyBob enjoys his horror. iMorpheus knows nothing about the horr… , , , ,
Death, Dying, and Other Things Death, Dying, and Other Things Narrated Horror Anthology Death, Dying, and Other Things is a weird fiction podcast. On the first Thursday of every month, hos… , , , ,
Dice For Brains Dice For Brains Role-Playing Multigenre Comedy Anthology The Dice For Brains Podcast is an actual play show telling serialized stories through the course of … , , , , , , ,
Digital Sky Digital Sky Full Cast Science Fiction Anthology An anthology podcast series in the tradition of Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone. Experience twisting ta… , , , ,
Distinctly Average Radio Distinctly Average Radio Full Cast Comedy Anthology Distinctly Average Radio is an audio drama podcast of enthusiastically made full-cast serials and one-off… , , , , ,
Distress Frequency Distress Frequency Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Distress Frequency is a horror/sci-fi/adventure anthology produced here in Columbus, Ohio. Each episode is … , , , , ,
Doctor Galvanic's Odd Tales Doctor Galvanic's Odd Tales Narrated Multigenre Anthology Narrated fictional short stories. Drama, mystery, some horror and some sci-fi. Mature Website RSS… , , , ,
Doctor Who: Aimless Wanderings Doctor Who: Aimless Wanderings Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Anthology Aimless Wanderings is a series of audio adventures following several vaguely incomp… , , , , , ,
Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures Full Cast Science Fiction Anthology The Second Doctor is back! Actor Christopher Thomson stars as Patrick Troughton's i… , , , ,
Don't Sleep Don't Sleep Narrated Horror Anthology Readings of scary online stories - credit always given! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen … , , ,
Down Below the Reservoir Down Below the Reservoir Narrated Horror Anthology The Fallow Men are coming. Only men's tears in milk will keep them at bay. The thing growing in the batht… , , , ,
Drama on Newstalk Drama on Newstalk Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Series celebrating the best in home-grown radio drama, from some of Ireland's finest radio producers. Web… , , ,
DreadCast DreadCast Narrated Horror Anthology An Audiobook Podcast Series Featuring Original Short Horror Stories Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcast… , , ,
Dreamnasium Dreamnasium Full Cast Multigenre Anthology An anthology show adapting the short stories of Geoffrey Thorne, full of sci-fi, fantasy, mystery and intrigue! Ma… , , , ,
DUST: Horizons DUST: Horizons Narrated Science Fiction Anthology DUST: Horizons is an anthology of immersive science fiction audio stories ranging from genre groundbreakers… , , , ,
Earbud Theater Earbud Theater Full Cast Multigenre Anthology An anthology of original audio fiction in the vein of classic series like The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. S… , , , , , ,
Echo Chamber Echo Chamber Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Passionate about new-writing, we develop scripts through virtual table reads, and we make audio plays. We are int… , , ,
Eerie Tales from the Darkness Podcast Eerie Tales from the Darkness Podcast Narrated Horror Anthology Every week, get ready for another bone chilling tale from the depths of despair as your host,… , , ,
Elder Lore Elder Lore Narrated Fantasy Anthology A podcast straight out of the Elder Scrolls Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleT… , , ,
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine's Fiction Podcast Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine's Fiction Podcast Full Cast/Narrated Mystery Anthology Monthly readings and dramatizations by the world's leading writers of … , , , ,
Enigma Radio Theatre Enigma Radio Theatre Full Cast Horror Anthology Enigma Radio Theatre presents thrilling stories of the macabre for your listening pleasure. Mature Website … , , , ,
Escape Pod Escape Pod Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Each week, Escape Pod delivers science fiction short stories from today's best authors. Listen today, and hear … , , , ,
Evergreen Evergreen Narrated Multigenre Anthology Evergreen is an Masterpiece Theater style podcast that builds immersive soundscape stories from listener-submitted id… , , ,
Everything is Alive Everything is Alive Full Cast Comedy Anthology Everything is Alive is an unscripted interview show in which all the subjects are inanimate objects. In each e… , , ,
ExtraordinaryTerrestrials ExtraordinaryTerrestrials Narrated Fantasy Anthology A serial fiction podcast about a supernatural bog and the beings who exist within and around it. Webs… , , ,
eXtreme eXplanations eXtreme eXplanations Full Cast Children's Comedy Anthology Radio Situation Comedy. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sample… , , , ,
F**ked Up Bedtime Stories (for Adults) F**ked Up Bedtime Stories (for Adults) Full Cast Multigenre Anthology F**ked Up Bedtime Stories (for adults) features seven short stories written by Alissa A… , , , , , , ,
Fabler Files: Togetherness Fabler Files: Togetherness Full Cast Drama Anthology Welcome to Fabler Files: Togetherness, a collection of original short-form audio plays. A series of four… , , ,
Faded Words Faded Words Narrated Multigenre Anthology Celebrating storytelling with audio-book / audio-drama style readings of classic short stories in an effort to keep… , , ,
Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children Narrated Fantasy Horror Anthology Sometimes “happily ever after” is no guarantee. We feature short, original fairy tales th… , , , ,
Fake News Fairytale Fake News Fairytale Full Cast Comedy Anthology Each week Keith Conrad and his menagerie of comedians, voice actors, radio folks and other misanthropes presen… , , ,
Family Folk Tales Family Folk Tales Narrated Children's Anthology What is Family Folktales? Think of it as a storytime on demand; whether you're running errands, trying to mak… , , ,
Fangasm Fangasm Narrated Comedy Anthology Prepare to be titillated, pop culture fans, because Fangasm is here; featuring horned-up fantasies, beloved characters, and… , , , , ,
Fantastique Fantastique Narrated Multigenre Anthology Fantastique is a podcast of original stories written and recorded by me, Jason Beckom. As the tagline says, these a… , , ,
Fantasy Fiction Fantasy Fiction Narrated Fantasy Comedy Anthology Every week Josh and Dom write ridiculous short stories, based off a prompt, set in the fantasy worlds of Da… , , , ,
Fantasy Magazine Fantasy Magazine Narrated Fantasy Anthology *Fantasy Magazine* is an online magazine focusing exclusively on fantasy fiction. In its pages, you will find all… , , ,
Far Fetched Fables Far Fetched Fables Narrated Fantasy Anthology Explore fantastical lands with Far-Fetched Fables! Do you sometimes wonder how things could be different, shoul… , , ,
Farcical Farcical Full Cast Comedy Anthology Like life, this podcast is short and vulgar. But even shorter! Like not even five minutes, man. Unlike life, it's free an… , , , ,
Fast Radio Burst! Fast Radio Burst! Full Cast Multigenre Anthology/Series Contemporary audio dramas in quick, classic form. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor App… , , , ,
Fatal Neutrinos Fatal Neutrinos Narrated Multigenre Anthology Whispers of histories that weren't, futures that mustn't, and places that cannot be. Fatal Neutrinos are fictio… , , , , ,
Fauxthentic History Fauxthentic History Narrated Multigenre Anthology Hosted by Holly Frey (Stuff You Missed in History Class) and Bryan Young (Full of Sith) Fauxthentic History… , , ,
Fiction For the Future Fiction For the Future Narrated Science Fiction Anthology The world of science fiction, although it sometimes seems so far away from what we know as reality,… , , ,
Fictional Fictional Narrated Multigenre Anthology From the creators of Myths and Legends, comes an altogether same-but-different podcast set in the world of classic li… , , ,
Filled Cups Waiting To Be Spilled Filled Cups Waiting To Be Spilled Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Welcome! Filled Cups Waiting To Be Spilled is a collection of 3 short stories, written b… , , ,
Finger Guns Comedy Finger Guns Comedy Full Cast Comedy Anthology A podcast made up of Los Angeles based comedians as they discuss hot takes and come up with sketches based on t… , , , ,
Fireside Folktales Fireside Folktales Full Cast Folklore Anthology Fireside Folktales is a collaborative show that takes myths and legends from around the world and breathes li… , , , ,
Fireside Radio Theatre Fireside Radio Theatre Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Fireside Radio Theatre presents original stories as well as adaptations of classic works of literature … , , ,
Fish & Robinson's Laughter Compendium Fish & Robinson's Laughter Compendium Full Cast Comedy Anthology Audio sketch comedy from Carli Fish (Jules & James) and Hannah Robinson, the team behind One… , , ,
Five Minute Fears Five Minute Fears Full Cast Horror Anthology From the group that brought you Night Terrors comes Five Minute Fears. We've taken horror and suspense and broug… , , , ,
Five Minute Folklore Five Minute Folklore Narrated Folklore Anthology Five Minute Folklore is a UK based podcast where every episode focuses on a different famous mythological fi… , , ,
Flash Fiction Online Flash Fiction Online Narrated Multigenre Anthology Flash Fiction Online is a free source of professional flash fiction – complete stories of 1,000 or fewer w… , , ,
Folxlore Folxlore Narrated Horror Anthology Three poetic queer horror stories set against the dark backdrop of Glasgow, Scotland's scariest city. Folxlore tells th… , , ,
Forgotten Sci-Fi Forgotten Sci-Fi Narrated Science Fiction Anthology An anthology series of great, but unheralded, science fiction from the Golden Age, the Gilded Age, and th… , , ,
Fresh New Shorts Fresh New Shorts Narrated Multigenre Anthology Original short stories from an award-winning short story writer. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple… , , ,
Friday Fiction Friday Fiction Narrated Multigenre Anthology Short fiction stories delivered monthly. Genres include (but are not limited to): Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thri… , , ,
Full Body Chills Full Body Chills Narrated Horror Anthology Ever miss those spooky campfire stories you heard growing up? Well, gather round... and listen close. Website … , , ,
Fun Fight at the OK Corona! Fun Fight at the OK Corona! Full Cast Comedy Anthology Fun Fight at the OK Corona! Is a community of professional artists who have come together to create ne… , , , ,
Funny In Five Hundred Funny In Five Hundred Narrated Comedy Anthology FunnyInFiveHundred.com promotes original submissions of humorous short stories, all under 500 words. Mature … , , ,
Gallery of Curiosities Gallery of Curiosities Narrated Multigenre Anthology A fiction anthology podcast curated for the retropunk palate. Our stories are hosted by Osgoode, a tribu… , , , , ,
Get Sleepy Get Sleepy Narrated Multigenre Anthology Relax and fall asleep with Get Sleepy's unique combination of sleep meditation, followed by a calming story that let… , , , ,
Ghastly Tales Ghastly Tales Narrated Horror Anthology The Ghastly Tales Horror Show produces original horror narrations, radio plays, and discussions dripping with atmosph… , , ,
Ghosts of the Internet Ghosts of the Internet Full Cast/Narrated Horror Anthology A Live Reading of Ghost Stories and Horror Tales for All - Kids and Adults - come and read with us… , , , ,
Girl Tales Girl Tales Full Cast Children's Fantasy Anthology Girl Tales is a podcast featuring reimagined fairytales. Damsels in distress? Princesses in need of protect… , , , ,
Glasgow Ghost Stories Glasgow Ghost Stories Narrated Horror Anthology A bi weekly horror anthology podcast exploring the dark corners of the city of Glasgow. Website RSS Feed … , , ,
GlitterShip GlitterShip Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Anthology GlitterShip is a science fiction and fantasy podcast devoted to publishing audio versions of LGBTQ sto… , , , , ,
Going Dark Theatre Going Dark Theatre Narrated Horror Anthology Going Dark Theatre is a horror storytelling podcast written and narrated by Josh Hitchens exploring in-depth tal… , , ,
Golden Age Radio Golden Age Radio Full Cast Comedy Anthology Gather your family around the radio and let us celebrate the holidays together with three completely improvised r… , , , , ,
Goop Tales Goop Tales Narrated Children's Anthology Goop Tales is a children's story podcast that will ignite your imagination and take you to foreign lands and on spec… , , ,
Greeking Out Greeking Out Narrated Children's Folklore Anthology Oh, Muses! Hear our podcast and allow us to recall some of the greatest stories ever told. Stories of god… , , , ,
Hauntingly Humdrum Hauntingly Humdrum Full Cast Horror Comedy Anthology Hauntingly Humdrum is [...] a slice-of-life Halloween anthology exploring the everyday mundanity of the … , , , ,
Have You Heard George's Podcast? Have You Heard George's Podcast? Narrated Drama Anthology The award-winning and critically-acclaimed podcast from George the Poet delivers a fresh take on in… , , ,
Havok Story Podcast Havok Story Podcast Narrated Multigenre Anthology A semi-monthly audio narration of selected Flash Fiction stories from Havok Publishing. We cover genres fro… , , ,
Hearing the Haunted Hearing the Haunted Full Cast Horror Anthology Hearing the Haunted is an audio drama anthology podcast created within the Sireniverse, a term that was spawne… , , , ,
Hellfire Fables Hellfire Fables Narrated Horror Anthology A weekly fictional adventure into the weird, tragic, and obscene. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Appl… , , , ,
HEXADEC HEXADEC Full Cast Multigenre Anthology HEXADEC is an anthology podcast featuring standalone episodes of a variety of themes and styles. It's not just limited… , , ,
Hitchhiker Horror Hitchhiker Horror Narrated Horror Anthology Hitchhiker Horror takes you on a twisted journey to the dark recesses of our collective memory. Join us on an uns… , , , ,
Hollow Public Radio Hollow Public Radio Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Anthology Your source for public radio from every possible reality. Tune to the frequencies of parall… , , , , ,
Hometown Hometown Narrated Drama Anthology An anthology audiodrama about finding community, what it means to have a home, and the stories that make us who we are. … , , ,
Horror City Radio Horror City Radio Full Cast Horror Comedy Anthology Horror City Radio (formerly Horror.City) is a horror story podcast we've created with all original storie… , , , , ,
Horror Hill Horror Hill Narrated Horror Anthology A multiple story, horror-themed audio storytelling podcast, spun off from Chilling Tales for Dark Nights and its popula… , , ,
Horror Hotel the Podcast Horror Hotel the Podcast Full Cast Horror Anthology “Horror Hotel the Podcast” is a radio drama series based from the webseries of the same name (“Horror Hot… , , ,
Horror Night Horror Night Narrated Horror Anthology Horror Night is the show for those of you who like the darker sides of life, such as horror literature and knowledge o… , , ,
Horror Shop Radio Horror Shop Radio Full Cast Horror Anthology An Audio-Drama Horror Anthology. Tales of Torment that will TERRIFY you...DISTURB you...and UNNERVE you! Mature … , , , ,
Horror Tales Horror Tales Narrated Horror Anthology Horror tales is a podcast in which you can sit back and listen to a scary story written by one of today's horror autho… , , , ,
How Ya Dyin'? How Ya Dyin'? Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Anthology How Ya Dyin'? is a monthly dark comedy audio fiction anthology series inspired by the genre of Futur… , , , , ,
Human Story Theatre Human Story Theatre Full Cast Drama Anthology Co-founded by joint artistic directors Amy Enticknap and Gaye Poole, Human Story Theatre focuses on producing n… , , , ,
I Am a Brain in a Jar I Am a Brain in a Jar Narrated Science Fiction Anthology A brain in a jar, untethered from time and space, tells grim tales of the future. Mature Website R… , , , ,
Imaginary Advice Imaginary Advice Narrated Multigenre Anthology A miscellany of stories, written and presented by Ross Sutherland. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links… , , , ,
Imagined Life Imagined Life Narrated Nonfiction Drama Anthology What is it like to be famous before you're famous? What is it like to walk in the shoes of another person? … , , , , ,
ImprovFX ImprovFX Full Cast Comedy Anthology Comedic Improvised Audio Theater; welcome to ImprovFX. Our team of improvisors and special guests create a totally origin… , , , ,
In The Gloaming In The Gloaming Full Cast Horror Comedy Anthology A spooky anthology series, featuring terrifying tales of now (or then, some of the episodes are from 2009).… , , , , ,
In the Telling In the Telling Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Exploring the art and craft of storytelling along the Wasatch front with filmmakers, theatre artists, writers, … , , ,
In This Economy? In This Economy? Full Cast Drama Anthology In This Economy? is an audio fiction series made for, by, and about the gig economy. This series of eight short, s… , , ,
Incarnation Read Incarnation Read Narrated Horror Anthology INCARNATION READ is a horror fiction podcast. Released once every other week, it tells stories of inhuman impulses… , , ,
Indian Noir Indian Noir Narrated Multigenre Anthology Indian Noir is a critically acclaimed, chart-topping podcast featuring thrilling crime and horror audio stories set… , , , , , , ,
Intercontinental Radio 1 Intercontinental Radio 1 Full Cast Comedy Anthology Welcome to Intercontinental Radio 1, the only Commissioner-approved comedy podcast brought to you by the … , , , ,
Into the Night Into the Night Narrated Multigenre Anthology Into the Night is a short story collection written by author Caroline Giammanco and narrated by Nari Kwak. Rangi… , , , , ,
Jabberwocky Audio Theater Jabberwocky Audio Theater Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Jabberwocky Audio Theater (aka JAT) is a group of storytellers writing, recording, and podcasting ou… , , ,
Joao Nsita Joao Nsita Narrated Drama Anthology This Is The Joao Nsita Podcast, is A Podcast Channel Dedicated About Exploring The Delightfully Strange worlds of love th… , , ,
Jones & Woolf Jones & Woolf Narrated Science Fiction Anthology A monthly audio fiction podcast pairing literary noir and sci-fi with original music. Mature Website RSS F… , , , ,
Julie's Library Julie's Library Narrated Children's Anthology Join beloved icon Julie Andrews for story time! Julie and her daughter, children's author and educator Emma Wal… , , ,
Kaleidocast Kaleidocast Narrated Multigenre Anthology The Kaleidocast is a podcast where fantasy, horror, sci-fi and the just plain weird come together in a Brooklyn fra… , , , ,
Kansas City Actors Radio Theatre Kansas City Actors Radio Theatre Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Producing theatre company Kansas City Actors Theatre's (kcactors.org) presents new and classi… , , ,
KidPod Theater KidPod Theater Full Cast Children's Multigenre Anthology A brand new podcast from Jason T. Reed Productions. We make serialized Audio Fiction for the whole f… , , , ,
Knifepoint Horror Knifepoint Horror Narrated Horror Anthology These tales of supernatural suspense adhere to the most primal element of storytelling: a single human voice desc… , , , ,
Koszmar Koszmar Full Cast Horror Anthology Polish for Nightmare. The series is based on a compilations of actual occurring Nightmares. Mature Website RSS Feed Add… , , , ,
Kowabana Kowabana Narrated Horror Anthology Each week on “Kowabana: 'True' Japanese scary stories from around the internet,” horror author and translator Tara A. Devl… , , ,
L'Histoire L'Histoire Full Cast Historical Fiction Anthology Compelling audio dramas that bring history to life. From wartime collaboration to medieval murder, these ra… , , , ,
LampLight Radio Play LampLight Radio Play Full Cast Horror Anthology A quarterly Radio Play of dark fiction. Inspired by the radio of the past, but built for modern ears, Lamp… , , , ,
Late Night Tales Late Night Tales Narrated Horror Anthology Short horror story anthology podcast. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a Sam… , , , ,
Left Luggage Left Luggage Full Cast Comedy Anthology Award-winning theatre company Clown Funeral takes you into a multitude of strange and exciting worlds in this brand n… , , ,
Let's Get Sleepy Let's Get Sleepy Narrated Children's Anthology In this podcast, I will be reading bed time stories in attempt to help out those that need to distract their m… , , , ,
Lets Read Lets Read Narrated Nonfiction Horror Anthology The Lets Read Podcast centers around narrating True Scary Experiences from real people, just like yourself. Ra… , , , ,
LeVar Burton Reads LeVar Burton Reads Narrated Multigenre Anthology The best short fiction, handpicked by the world's greatest storyteller. In every episode, host LeVar Burton … , , ,
Life On Pause Life On Pause Full Cast Drama Anthology Life On Pause: A Quarantine Anthology is an audio drama set in a world that has been forced into lockdown due to a gl… , , , ,
Lifeline On The Air Lifeline On The Air Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology Chicago's Lifeline Theatre is known for telling Big Stories Up Close! Lifeline explores, interpre… , , , , ,
LightningBolt Theater of the Mind LightningBolt Theater of the Mind Full Cast Multigenre Anthology We provide new and rich audio experiences for your ears. You may find anything from scifi to… , , ,
Lightspeed Lightspeed Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Anthology Edited by bestselling anthologist John Joseph Adams, LIGHTSPEED is a Hugo Award-winning, critically-acc… , , , ,
Liminal Liminal Full Cast Comedy Anthology Audio, Sci-Fi, Sound, Words, Juxtaposition, Comedy, Thoughts, Babble, Drama, Delusion, Voices, Music; The state in between… , , ,
Listen Listen Narrated Multigenre Anthology Listen is dedicated to bringing you traditional stories told by some of the best Tellers in the World of Storytelling. G… , , ,
Listen Rinse Repeat Listen Rinse Repeat Narrated Multigenre Anthology When does 20 seconds feel like foooooreeeeevvvveerrrrrr? When you're washing your hands for the umptyumpth … , , ,
Lost and Broken Things Lost and Broken Things Narrated Horror Anthology Lost and Broken Things is a podcast featuring tales of original short fiction, generally exploring topics of… , , , ,
Lost Signal Society Lost Signal Society Full Cast Multigenre Anthology In October of 2017 we found a radio. A beautiful old piece with rounded wooden curves and buttons like cho… , , , , ,
Lucid Lucid Full Cast Horror Anthology Experience audio stories of dreamlike terror and suspense. LUCID is a narrative podcast that captures the feeling of being s… , , , ,
Lucky Dip Lucky Dip Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Lucky Dip is an anthology series of full-cast audio drama from a wide range of genres. Website RSS Feed Additio… , , , ,
Madison Story Slam Madison Story Slam Narrated Nonfiction Comedy Anthology Madison Story Slam believes in building community through storytelling. Tune in to hear funny stories… , , , , , ,
Maeltopia Maeltopia Narrated Horror Anthology The literary world of Maeltopia is set in a nightmarish version of modern day still reeling from the effects of the Great… , , , ,
Maked Up Maked Up Narrated Children's Anthology Free “maked up” bedtime stories for kids, as told by a real dad to his young children. Dad makes these stories up as h… , , ,
Makeshift Stories Makeshift Stories Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Explore, space-time, alternate realities, the near future and the unexplained, in a unique genre-crossin… , , , ,
Maps of the Lost Maps of the Lost Narrated Horror Anthology These are the maps to the lost places and the secret histories. Be cautious, though. If you follow them, you may b… , , ,
McKinney Can't Write McKinney Can't Write Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Anthology So just what is McKinney Can't Write? It's a mess, to be honest, but a fun one. It's a place … , , , , ,
MedusPod MedusPod Narrated Multigenre Anthology Fantastic stories of future and fantasy. Each episode contains one or more short genre fiction stories told by various… , , , , , ,
Meet Cute Meet Cute Full Cast Comedy Anthology Meet Cutes are short-form audio rom-coms that take you from Meet Cute to Happily Ever After in 15 minutes. Website R… , , ,
MEGA TALES MEGA TALES Full Cast Horror Anthology MEGA TALES is an American audio drama anthology series created by the Howard Brothers, Jesse and Samuel. Each episode i… , , , ,
Metaphorosis Metaphorosis Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Anthology METAPHOROSIS publishes intelligent, original science fiction and fantasy stories online every Friday.… , , , ,
Middle East Center Stage Middle East Center Stage Full Cast Multigenre Anthology GOLDEN THREAD PRODUCTIONS is the first American theatre company devoted to plays from or about the Mi… , , , ,
Midnight Apocrypha Midnight Apocrypha Full Cast Horror Anthology Midnight Apocrypha is a podcast dedicated to the revival of retro radio dramas through new productions of serie… , , ,
Midnight Circle Midnight Circle Narrated Horror Anthology Midnight Circle investigates the weird, supernatural and often horrifying claims made by the persons involved. Matu… , , , ,
Midnight Marinara Midnight Marinara Full Cast Horror Anthology Midnight Marinara is a monthly podcast/radio play that serializes Creepypasta stories into full-fledged audio dr… , , ,
Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast Narrated Multigenre Anthology Lay yourself down to sleep with the soothing soporific of Miette's purr as she reads you the wor… , , , ,
Miscreation Miscreation Full Cast Horror Anthology Each episode brings a scary new tale, performed by our band of actors at Acast's studio. So sit back, and witness our … , , , ,
Miskatonic University Podcast Miskatonic University Podcast Role-Playing Horror Anthology A Podcast dedicated to Call of Cthulhu and other Horror and Lovecraftian Role Playing Games. Matu… , , , , ,
Moist Lily Moist Lily Narrated Comedy Anthology Introducing delightfully titillating adult adventures that seek to pay homage and celebrate the literary titans of eroti… , , , ,
MonkeyTales MonkeyTales Full Cast Multigenre Anthology What is MonkeyTales? (What are MonkeyTales?) It's a monthly ongoing series of one-shot episodes, self-contained st… , , ,
Monsters Out of the Closet Monsters Out of the Closet Narrated Horror Anthology Monsters Out of the Closet is a horror fiction podcast dedicated to proudly featuring spooky, suspensefu… , , , ,
Monstica Monstica Full Cast Urban Fantasy Anthology Monstica is an anthology monster erotica fiction podcast with a strong focus on diversity and inclusivity Mature … , , , , ,
Murder In Your Ear Murder In Your Ear Full Cast Mystery Anthology Original murder mysteries told in a radio play style. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts … , , ,
Murmurs Murmurs Full Cast Science Fiction Horror Anthology There's a crack in reality and something's breaking through. Ten mind-altering tales from some of the best… , , , ,
Musicals That Never Made It Musicals That Never Made It Full Cast Musical Comedy Anthology Musicals That Never Made It is a comedic musical podcast from Starburns Audio hosted by Broadw… , , , ,
Mysterious Creatures Mysterious Creatures Narrated Comedy Folklore Anthology Mysterious Creatures is a historical fiction which dramatizes encounters with cryptids that are preva… , , , ,
Mythical Monsters Mythical Monsters Narrated Folklore Anthology The great heroes of myth are known throughout the world. Their deeds are legendary. But what would these champi… , , ,
Mythology Mythology Full Cast Folklore Anthology Myths endure for a reason. This episodic audio drama brings ancient myths to life for the modern audience. Each episod… , , ,
Mythos (Nicole Schmidt) Mythos (Nicole Schmidt) Narrated Folklore Anthology An ongoing storytelling project focusing on region and culture specific folklore from around the world, c… , , , ,
National Lampoon Radio Hour National Lampoon Radio Hour Full Cast Comedy Anthology A new age of National Lampoon is born with this twisted collection of comedy sketches, characters, mus… , , ,
Never Fear Never Fear Narrated Horror Anthology Never Fear brings you original stories on the lighter side of the Horror and Dark Fantasy genres. Website RSS Feed … , , ,
New Light Radio Dramas New Light Radio Dramas Full Cast Multigenre Anthology With the shutdown of live audience events, New Light Theater Project has decided to produce our very ow… , , ,
Night Light Stories Night Light Stories Narrated Children's Anthology Night Light Stories is a podcast featuring original children's stories. These stories were all originally t… , , ,
Night Terrors Night Terrors Full Cast Horror Anthology You live in a land of light and warmth for a third of your life. Another third is spent in the loving embrace of the… , , ,
Nightmare Nightmare Narrated Horror Anthology Edited by bestselling, award-winning anthologist John Joseph Adams, NIGHTMARE is a digital magazine of horror and dark fa… , , ,
No Sleep Tonight Horror Radio Show No Sleep Tonight Horror Radio Show Full Cast Horror Anthology In the vein of the classic radio serials of the 50's and 60's. Fully dramatized radio plays tha… , , , ,
NOCTURNAL TRANSMISSIONS NOCTURNAL TRANSMISSIONS Narrated Horror Anthology NOCTURNAL TRANSMISSIONS is a fortnightly podcast featuring performances of dark, short stories, both contem… , , , ,
Nope! Too Creepy Nope! Too Creepy Narrated Horror Anthology Come enjoy Original horror fiction, creepypastas, true scary stories and urban legends. Always striving to be the … , , , ,
Not About Lumberjacks Not About Lumberjacks Narrated Multigenre Anthology A monthly fiction podcast by Christopher Gronlund, a writer whose stories contain truths, but are mostly … , , ,
Not Another Tavern Not Another Tavern Role-Playing Multigenre Comedy Anthology The Not Another Tavern Podcast is an actual play podcast focused on long-form storytelling while … , , , , , ,
OBSIDIAN OBSIDIAN Full Cast Science Fiction Anthology OBSIDIAN is a speculative fiction podcast based in Afrofuturism. Driven by a deep, untapped interest in science … , , , ,
Ochenta Stories Ochenta Stories Narrated Drama Anthology Artists, writers, creatives and podcasters from around the world answer the question: “What do you want to hear when… , , ,
October by May October by May Narrated Horror Anthology October by May is a narrative fiction podcast that envelops you in a three-dimensional soundscape of ominous occurre… , , ,
Of Now And Then Of Now And Then Narrated Multigenre Anthology Of Now And Then is a podcast that retells fictional stories of the past and future that are out of copyright as… , , , , ,
Old Gods of Appalachia Old Gods of Appalachia Narrated Horror Anthology In the mountains of central Appalachia, blood runs as deep as these hollers and just as dark. Since before o… , , , ,
Omega Road Chronicles Omega Road Chronicles Full Cast Science Fiction Horror Anthology Between the shadows of thought and the light of reality lies a place long forgotten. One whe… , , , , ,
Omniverse Omniverse Full Cast Multigenre Anthology/Series Welcome to the WolfeWire Media OMNIVERSE, a podcast series that features many adventures! Feel free to enjoy:… , , , , , , ,
On A Dark, Cold Night On A Dark, Cold Night Narrated Horror Anthology On a Dark, Cold Night is the ideal podcast for horror-lovers with insomnia; a creepy friend to tell you bedti… , , ,
On the Threshold On the Threshold Narrated Horror Series/Anthology Human understanding of the cosmos is like a tiny, flickering candle. This podcast follows Phil Glazer as he… , , , ,
Once Once Narrated Multigenre Anthology A new short fiction anthology podcast. Every week you get TWO new pieces created by our amazing team of writers and actors… , , ,
Other Tales Media Other Tales Media Full Cast Multigenre Anthology A series of one-shot audio dramas about a variety of subjects. All works are fictional and written by myself… , , , ,
Our Fake History Our Fake History Narrated Nonfiction Anthology Our Fake History is an award-winning podcast about myths people think are history and history that might be hi… , , ,
Outliers Outliers Narrated Historical Fiction Anthology Outliers is an historic fiction podcast that explores how big events filter down and are viewed and shaped by … , , ,
Page: New Voices In Fiction Page: New Voices In Fiction Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Page is a storytelling podcast designed to connect listeners to new and unique voices in the ficti… , , , ,
Pantochino Podcasts Pantochino Podcasts Full Cast Children's Musical Anthology Pantochino is excited to share its unique plays with a global audience by “Broadcasting 'Ridiculou… , , , , ,
Party of Four Party of Four Role-Playing Multigenre Comedy Anthology Party of Four features four comedians on an RPG adventure into their own imaginations. Game Mastered b… , , , , ,
Passer Vulpes Presents Passer Vulpes Presents Narrated Multigenre Anthology Passer Vulpes Presents is a collection of assorted short or one-off audio pieces produced by Passer Vulp… , , ,
Passion And The Plague Passion And The Plague Narrated Historical Fiction Anthology Tales from a lockdown long ago. In 1348 a group of ten friends leave plague-struck Florence f… , , ,
Peach Productions Peach Productions Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology At Peach Productions - We make stuff!! Halloween drama ‘Little Horrors’ Available NOW + Check out o… , , , , ,
People's Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos People's Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos Narrated Horror Anthology PGttCM/Black Clock Audio Tales is a collection of stories that will either thrill or chill you… , , ,
Petrified Petrified Full Cast Horror Anthology A horror anthology podcast from a darker Ireland. These are the chilling tales of people who heard something. Something … , , , ,
Phantom Limb Phantom Limb Full Cast Horror Anthology PHANTOM LIMB is a horror and weird fiction anthology featuring original music and sound design--seven diverse, brand-… , , , ,
Piano Teeth Piano Teeth Narrated Horror Comedy Anthology A podcast from Piano Teeth. The voice inside your head. Expect darkly comic, surreal and strange adventures all … , , , , ,
Pipe Dream Theatre Pipe Dream Theatre Full Cast Musical Multigenre Anthology Unique musicals and plays delivered directly to you in a one of a kind audio experience. Website… , , , ,
PlacePrints PlacePrints Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Hidden voices and haunted landscapes are conjured up in ten unique stories from the imagination of visionary write… , , ,
Playing on Air Playing on Air Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Hear short, contemporary stage plays with first-rate casts. Playing on Air brings together award winners and em… , , , ,
PlayME PlayME Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology PlayME is transforming the way we experience theatre by turning contemporary plays into bingeable audio dramas… , , , , ,
Plum Forest Podcast Plum Forest Podcast Full Cast Folklore Anthology Traditional Chinese short stories and fables are translated into modern day English with modern day situatio… , , , ,
PodCastle PodCastle Narrated Fantasy Anthology PodCastle is the world's first audio fantasy magazine. Weekly, we broadcast the best in fantasy short stories, running t… , , , , ,
Poe Theatre on the Air Poe Theatre on the Air Full Cast Horror Anthology Part radio drama, part podcast, and all Edgar Allan Poe. A new spine-tingling play for your ears every mont… , , , ,
Pounded In The Butt By My Own Podcast Pounded In The Butt By My Own Podcast Narrated Comedy Anthology The first in a series of Night Vale After Dark podcasts, Pounded In The Butt By My Own Podcas… , , , ,
Prelude To A Scream Prelude To A Scream Narrated Horror Anthology A podcast featuring fiction and writing samples from author Mark Leslie combined with a “behind the writing” pe… , , , ,
Project Mercury Project Mercury Full Cast Drama Anthology A new anthology series of original audio plays, which takes its inspiration from Orson Welles' The Mercury Theatre … , , ,
Prometheus Radio Theatre Prometheus Radio Theatre Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Series/Anthology Prometheus Radio Theatre, a group of experienced Baltimore-area Fan actors, writers a… , , , , , , , ,
PseudoPod PseudoPod Narrated Horror Anthology The Sound of Horror. Pseudopod is the world's first audio horror magazine. We deliver bone-chilling stories from today's … , , ,
Public Domain Players Public Domain Players Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Bringing public domain works to life, in full audio! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podca… , , ,
Pulp Fury Radio Pulp Fury Radio Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Pulp Fury Radio is a podcast anthology series featuring a range of genres such as Sci-fi, Noir, Mystery & Fant… , , , ,
Quarantine Tales Quarantine Tales Full Cast Multigenre Anthology A podcast that started during a crisis, but is the living and breathing example that creativity never dies. M… , , ,
Quietly Yours Quietly Yours Full Cast Horror Anthology Inspired by classic radio dramas, Quietly Yours is a horror anthology. Each episode brings you an original, self-con… , , ,
Quimera: Horror Fiction & Poetry Quimera: Horror Fiction & Poetry Narrated Horror Series/Anthology Ever needed a story to help get you through the day? Does a shot of the macabre served with… , , , , ,
Radio National Fictions Radio National Fictions Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Radio National Fictions is the ABC's place for creative audio fiction. Working with Australia's best w… , , ,
Radio Rental Radio Rental Full Cast Horror Anthology A new anthology series that explores bizarre real-life stories; from horror, to crime, to the paranormal. Told first … , , , ,
Radioverse Radioverse Full Cast Science Fiction Horror Anthology Stories... Stories are everywhere. Sometimes best told around a fire; with nothing but the shadows and … , , , , ,
Ragged Scratch Podcast Ragged Scratch Podcast Narrated Multigenre Anthology The Ragged Scratch Podcast is a new writing night... in podcast form! Each season we bring you 12 bite-s… , , ,
Randomly Generated Thought Randomly Generated Thought Narrated Multigenre Anthology A collection of short audio dramas. Sometimes they're sort of funny and sometimes they're sort of… , , ,
Red Rabbit Red Rabbit Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Listen closely...The Red Rabbit Podcast is a science fiction anthology series narrated by Ticket Hickory. Each … , , ,
Redhawk Radio Theater Redhawk Radio Theater Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Redhawk Radio Theater is an audio drama production organization recording out of the campus of Southeast… , , , , , ,
Redline Theatre Redline Theatre Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Redline Theatre is a high-octane audio drama featuring exciting and original short stories written, performed,… , , , ,
Refugees of Esmerelda Refugees of Esmerelda Role-Playing Multigenre Anthology An actual play RPG show where we create a new world and play games in it using a combination of diffe… , , , , , ,
Retro Static Radio Retro Static Radio Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Retro Static Radio is proud to bring a revival of old time radio to modern audiences. Re-recording and brin… , , ,
Revenge of the Creeps... and Other Scary Stories Revenge of the Creeps... and Other Scary Stories Narrated Children's Horror Anthology Revenge of the Creeps... and Other Scary Stories is a collection of sca… , , , ,
Ritual Ritual Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Three short plays from Dirty Protest Theatre in partnership with National Theatre Wales and Sherman Theatre in associat… , , , ,
Sandman Stories Presents Sandman Stories Presents Narrated Folklore Anthology This is a podcast where I read public domain stories with the intent of letting you drift off to sleep. … , , ,
Sandy Pops Sandy Pops Narrated Children's Anthology Delightful animal adventure stories for children A Pocketful of Animals Website RSS Feed Additional Links Appl… , , ,
Scare You To Sleep Scare You To Sleep Narrated Horror Anthology Curl up and relax as I read you a spooky bed time story! Join me in enjoying the soothing, although somewhat unn… , , , , ,
Scared by Scott Scared by Scott Narrated Horror Anthology Do you like listening to horror podcasts about scary or spooky stories? Then sit back and listen to short horror st… , , , ,
Scared To Death Scared To Death Narrated Horror Comedy Anthology True horror fan Dan Cummins attempts to terrify his wife Lynze with two new alleged-to-be-true tales each we… , , , , ,
Scary Stories & Rain Scary Stories & Rain Narrated Horror Anthology TRUE scary stories...accompanied by the ambient sounds of rain. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple … , , , ,
Scary Stories for Modern Minds Scary Stories for Modern Minds Narrated Horror Anthology Sure, demons and darkness can be scary, but what about the horrors we face on a daily basis? Scary S… , , ,
Scary Stories Told in the Dark Scary Stories Told in the Dark Narrated Horror Anthology A multiple story, horror-themed audio storytelling podcast, spun off from Chilling Tales for Dark Ni… , , ,
Scary Story And Creepypasta Readings With El_Loco_14XD Scary Story And Creepypasta Readings With El_Loco_14XD Narrated Horror Anthology With this podcast, I will be reading my favorite creepypasta and scary stori… , , , ,
Scary Story Podcast Scary Story Podcast Narrated Horror Anthology Scary Story Podcast features scary stories about darkness, unexplained phenomena, and the paranormal. A collect… , , ,
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Stories Sci-Fi & Fantasy Stories Narrated Multigenre Anthology I will be narrating my own short stories that I have written and then when it's ready, I will release … , , , , , ,
Science Fiction Musical Podcast Science Fiction Musical Podcast Full Cast Musical Science Fiction Anthology A series of musicals with a science fiction theme. All shows are family friend… , , , ,
Science Fiction Shorts Science Fiction Shorts Narrated Science Fiction Anthology I read sci-fi stories to you while you drive to work, walk the dog, or try and fall asleep. Then ma… , , ,
Science Friction Theater Science Friction Theater Full Cast Science Fiction Comedy Anthology Grabbing hold of reality and rubbing it the wrong way! What horrible tragedy will befall … , , , , ,
Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape Full Cast Multigenre Anthology An audio drama told week after week. We will bring you stories about crime, love, mystery and cons… , , , ,
Selected Shorts Selected Shorts Narrated Multigenre Anthology Over thirty years ago, Selected Shorts was born on the stage at Symphony Space and quickly became one of the be… , , , ,
Seminar Seminar Full Cast Science Fiction Anthology An anthology show where featured shorts are heard through the lens of lessons in a futuristic post-apocalypse. Ma… , , , ,
Send Me To Sleep Send Me To Sleep Narrated Multigenre Anthology Struggling to fall asleep? Racing mind keeping you awake? Welcome to Send Me To Sleep, the World's sleepiest p… , , , ,
Serving Worlds Serving Worlds Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Science fiction audiodrama and serial adventures from John Mierau.Serving Worlds is a compilation podcast c… , , ,
SessionsX SessionsX Narrated Horror Anthology What is it about the dark, the just out of reach, the unknown? What is it about shadows that calls to us? When we are alo… , , , ,
Shadows at the Door: The Podcast Shadows at the Door: The Podcast Full Cast/Narrated Horror Anthology From Shadows at the Door Publishing comes a chilling new podcast, bringing to life a col… , , , , ,
Shadowvane Shadowvane Full Cast Science Fiction Horror Anthology Shadowvane is a radio drama podcast centered around telling tales of horror and suspense. Instead of on… , , , , ,
Shannon Cason's Homemade Stories Shannon Cason's Homemade Stories Narrated Nonfiction Drama Anthology Homemade Stories Podcast is short stories and commentary shared by writer/storyteller Sh… , , , , ,
Sheep Might Fly Sheep Might Fly Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Anthology Science Fiction and Fantasy Webserials [...] Fiction read by the author, Tansy Rayner Roberts Matu… , , , ,
Shelf Lives Shelf Lives Full Cast Drama Anthology Shelf Lives is a series of short, original audio plays exploring the fictional lives of the different people we all kne… , , , ,
Short Plays for Short Journeys Short Plays for Short Journeys Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Welcome to Short Plays for Short Journeys, the podcast that brings you new plays by exciting au… , , , ,
Short Stories of Augie Peterson Short Stories of Augie Peterson Narrated Multigenre Anthology Because I am an indecisive sack of potatoes that changes my mind on the regular, this show is m… , , , , ,
Short Storiess Short Storiess Narrated Horror Anthology Short stories of horror, mystery, death and related genres by authors like Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and othe… , , ,
Short Story Cast Short Story Cast Narrated Multigenre Anthology Each episode of Short Story Cast features a couple of short stories from a wide variety of styles and genres. … , , ,
Showcase Showcase Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Showcase, from PRX's Radiotopia, features original podcast series of all stripes, from emerging and leading producers… , , , ,
Sibling Horror Sibling Horror Narrated Horror Anthology Short horror stories written by The Fradd Siblings (Emma and Matt Fradd). Website RSS Feed Additional Links Ap… , , ,
Sick and Twisted Stories Sick and Twisted Stories Narrated Horror Anthology Drawing inspiration from the Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, Sick and Twisted Stories offers a series of d… , , , ,
Simultaneous Times Simultaneous Times Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Simultaneous Times is a monthly science fiction podcast produced by Space Cowboy Books in Joshua Tree, … , , ,
Six Page Scripts Six Page Scripts Full Cast Multigenre Anthology “Six-Page Scripts” is a new educational podcast created by screenwriters, for screenwriters. The four regular… , , , ,
Sketch Comedy Podcast Show Sketch Comedy Podcast Show Full Cast Comedy Anthology Interesting people. Intriguing conversations. Improvised sketch comedy?!? Each episode, host Stuart … , , , ,
Skyrim Storyteller Skyrim Storyteller Narrated Fantasy Anthology Welcome to the Skyrim Library. The in game books from TES V: Skyrim brought to life through music and sound fro… , , ,
Sleep With Me Sleep With Me Narrated Multigenre Anthology Insomnia? Mind racing at night? Worries keeping you up? Tune in for a bedtime story that lets you forget your pro… , , , , ,
Sleepy Sleepy Narrated Multigenre Anthology Doze off to classic stories with Sleepy. Each week, baritone host Otis Gray reads old books in a low, rhythmic tone to l… , , , ,
Small Fish Radio Theatre and Thespinarium Small Fish Radio Theatre and Thespinarium Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Small Fish Radio Theatre and Thespinarium produces portable theatre for the ear. Sin… , , , , , ,
Smash/Cut Smash/Cut Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology We produce radio drama, mockumentary, and even journalism all while exploring ways to create it with each e… , , , , , , ,
Snoozecast Snoozecast Narrated Multigenre Anthology Welcome to Snoozecast, the podcast designed to help you fall asleep. New episodes released every Monday, Wednesday a… , , , ,
Sonic Dawn Sonic Dawn Narrated Horror Anthology Sonic Dawn is a binaural horror fiction podcast that puts the listener right in the middle of the story by bringing acti… , , , ,
Sounds Delicious Audio Theatre Sounds Delicious Audio Theatre Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Sounds Delicious Audio Theatre is a weekly podcast of 3 to 4 minute radio plays written and rec… , , ,
Soundstage Soundstage Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Theater is for everyone and we want to make it available everywhere. Soundstage is an anthological, scripted fictio… , , , ,
Sparkle Stories Sparkle Stories Narrated Children's Anthology Sparkle Stories produces original audio stories for families around the world. Each week on the Sparkle Stor… , , ,
Spencer Robelen Presents Spencer Robelen Presents Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Composer, lyricist, and playwright Spencer Robelen brings you a series of new and original audio dram… , , , ,
Spin A Yarn Spin A Yarn Narrated Multigenre Anthology Spin A Yarn is a bi-weekly storytelling podcast that covers classic fiction works with high quality readings that a… , , ,
StarShipSofa StarShipSofa Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Climb aboard the Hugo Award-winning StarShipSofa, and let intrepid Captain Tony C. Smith take you on a voyage… , , ,
Stoopkid Stories Stoopkid Stories Narrated Children's Anthology Stoopkid Stories is a compilation of fun and exciting stories written by Melissa Victor. Each episode, a new c… , , ,
STOR14S STOR14S Narrated Children's Multigenre Anthology STOR14S is a podcast featuring short stories for children, all submitted by the general public as part of a … , , , ,
Stories Are My Spirit Animal Stories Are My Spirit Animal Narrated Multigenre Anthology From the crimson dawn of humanity, stories have been the one thing that unites and binds us. Stori… , , ,
Stories Fables Ghostly Tales Stories Fables Ghostly Tales Narrated Horror Anthology Dedicated to providing narration and audio drama fiction, and non-fiction stories from all around the … , , , ,
Stories from the Borders of Sleep Stories from the Borders of Sleep Narrated Children's Anthology A semi-regular podcast since March 2011, featuring original stories, fantastic fables and cur… , , ,
Stories From The Wasteland Stories From The Wasteland Narrated Multigenre Anthology Let me get this out of the way right now. None of this happened. The events that are talked about … , , , , ,
Stories in the Dark Stories in the Dark Narrated Horror Anthology Stories in the Dark is a fiction podcast of original dark stories that tend towards the spooky, the creepy, or … , , ,
Stories of Yore and Yours Stories of Yore and Yours Narrated Multigenre Anthology Stories of Yore and Yours is a weekly short story podcast. Host Shawn Ennis narrates classic short st… , , ,
Stories Podcast Stories Podcast Narrated Children's Anthology On the Stories Podcast, we perform a new story for your children every week. The stories range from retellings … , , ,
Stories with Michael Stories with Michael Narrated Children's Anthology Listen to stories made up and told on the spot by Michael Gordon. As an English teacher, Michael finds him… , , ,
Story Fort Story Fort Narrated Children's Anthology Audio stories for kids! Imagination igniting stories that will inspire your children and make them smile. Website… , , ,
Story Hour Audio Adventures Story Hour Audio Adventures Narrated Children's Multigenre Anthology Story Hour Audio Adventures is a series of podcast audio adventures featuring original s… , , , ,
Story Spectacular Story Spectacular Narrated Children's Anthology Join children's book author/illustrator Angela Ferrari for a Spectacular weekly children's podcast with origi… , , ,
Story Time for Weirdos Story Time for Weirdos Narrated Multigenre Anthology A story telling podcast for those who like weird stories. Topics range from kidnappings, superheros to h… , , ,
Storyberries Radio Storyberries Radio Narrated Children's Anthology Storyberries Radio features stories that you can read at Storyberries.com. All of our stories are free to re… , , ,
Storybound Storybound Narrated Multigenre Anthology Storybound is a radio theater program designed for the podcast age. In each episode, listeners will be treated to th… , , , ,
StorycastRob StorycastRob Narrated Multigenre Anthology Welcome to the world of StorycastRob! Here you'll find my readings of stories, usually mine, across a wide range o… , , , , ,
Strange Horizons Strange Horizons Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Strange Horizons is a weekly magazine of and about speculative fiction. We publish fiction, poetry, revie… , , ,
Strange/Love Strange/Love Narrated Multigenre Anthology Strange/Love is an audio fiction anthology podcast featuring tales of off-beat love. Fantasy. Sci-Fi. Macabre. … , , , , ,
SubverCity Transmit SubverCity Transmit Narrated Multigenre Anthology An interdimensional fictional transmission. SubverCity Transmit is a LGBT themed fantasy, horror and sci… , , , , , , ,
Sudohuman Sudohuman Narrated Horror Anthology Delving into the strange and metaphysical, literary and ethereal... a sporadically released genre bending serial audio dr… , , , ,
SunLit Story Time SunLit Story Time Narrated Multigenre Anthology Your go-to source of feel good entertainment! Fictional 15-minute short stories that leave you feeling great.… , , ,
Swamp Dweller Swamp Dweller Narrated Horror Anthology Horror Stories to keep you up at night! Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anchor Apple Podcasts YouTube List… , , ,
Take the Mass Pike Take the Mass Pike Full Cast Multigenre Anthology An anthology podcast of offbeat short stories set all around Massachusetts. A home renovation podcaster in … , , , , , , ,
Tales Tales Narrated Folklore Anthology Traditional fairy tales aren’t exactly suitable for kids. Women vomit spiders. Children get eaten. There’s even murder! Eve… , , ,
Tales By Cole Tales By Cole Narrated Nonfiction Horror Anthology A weekly scripted podcast where we delve into some of the most blood curdling topics; true crime, dark his… , , , ,
Tales From Beyond The Pale Tales From Beyond The Pale Full Cast Horror Anthology Written and directed by auteurs and performers of today's horror genre, these lavishly produced half-ho… , , , ,
Tales from Mugglesby Town Tales from Mugglesby Town Narrated Children's Anthology A collection of children's stories set in Mugglesby Town, written and performed by the Reeve family. … , , ,
Tales From Pontus Tales From Pontus Narrated Fantasy Anthology Tales from Pontus is a storytelling podcast in which I, Ashleigh Mallaghan, will explore the fictional world of … , , ,
Tales From The Aether Tales From The Aether Full Cast Fantasy Anthology Original fairy tales for the modern day world. Tales From The Aether is an anthology series written by 3x a… , , ,
Tales from the Black Vault Tales from the Black Vault Full Cast Horror Anthology Ancient, alien gods rising from the deep. Blood-soaked sacrificial altars. Townspeople half-transformed… , , ,
Tales From The Bud Tales From The Bud Narrated Horror Anthology Welcome buds! Tales From The Bud is a Horror Story Telling Podcast hosted by Dr. Haze & Sir Midnight. Back to ba… , , , ,
Tales from the Trunk Tales from the Trunk Narrated Multigenre Anthology Tales from the Trunk: Reading the stories that didn't make it is a show about, well, the stories that we, … , , , , , , ,
Tales Of A Timelord Tales Of A Timelord Full Cast Science Fiction Anthology A brand new science fiction audio drama for the Whoniverse. Tales Of A Timelord takes its listener… , , , ,
Tales of the Night Sky Tales of the Night Sky Narrated Folklore Anthology Rediscover the stars and constellations of the night sky through these dramatic myths, brought to life by … , , ,
Tales of the Resistance Tales of the Resistance Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Featuring 9 parts in four distinct genres that will run bi-weekly throughout the summer! ​ Four diff… , , , ,
Tales of the Text Tales of the Text Full Cast Drama Anthology Tales Of The Text is a teen/YA scripted audio fiction podcast wrapped in Black culture. When you press play you w… , , , ,
Tales of What!? Tales of What!? Narrated Multigenre Anthology Fiction from the weird side. The Twilight Zone meets Adult Swim. The Outer Limits directed by David Lynch… , , , , , , ,
Tales to Terrify Tales to Terrify Narrated Horror Anthology The unseen creature whose ravenous fangs dog your every step as your footfalls echo down the midnight alleyway. … , , ,
Terra Incognita Speculative Fiction Terra Incognita Speculative Fiction Narrated Science Fiction Anthology Terra Incognita Speculative Fiction is a monthly podcast of 30 episodes where Australi… , , , ,
Thaddeus Ellenburg's Casual Friday Thaddeus Ellenburg's Casual Friday Narrated Comedy Anthology Finish the work week in all-out hysterics with short stories written and read by Thaddeus Ellenb… , , ,
That Creepy Podcast That Creepy Podcast Narrated Horror Anthology Sit back, relax and enjoy hours of spooky stories every week, including lets not meet and nosleep stories narra… , , ,
The 13 Days of Halloween (Life Lab Notes) The 13 Days of Halloween (Life Lab Notes) Full Cast Horror Comedy Anthology One Halloween night, The Twilight Zone, Dr Seuss, and Star Trek walked into a fam… , , , ,
The Adventure Zone The Adventure Zone Role-Playing Multigenre Comedy Anthology Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy from My Brother, My Brother and Me have recruited their dad C… , , , , ,
The Audio Drama Show The Audio Drama Show Narrated Multigenre Anthology Bringing you the best of original and adapted English language drama - classical and modern - from talente… , , ,
The BCS Audio Vault The BCS Audio Vault Narrated Fantasy Anthology A new podcast of audio fiction from past issues of Beneath Ceaseless Skies, the World Fantasy Award-winning on… , , ,
The Big Loop The Big Loop Narrated Multigenre Anthology The Big Loop is a biweekly anthology series from the co-creator of The Black Tapes. Hosted by Paul Bae (co-creator… , , , ,
The Cabinet of Curiosities The Cabinet of Curiosities Narrated Children's Horror Anthology Scary short stories for ages 8 and up. Each week, one of the four authors reads from their co… , , , ,
The Casket of Fictional Delights The Casket of Fictional Delights Narrated Multigenre Anthology New and original Short Stories and Flash Fictions are unlocked when you open The Casket of Fic… , , ,
The Centropic Oracle The Centropic Oracle Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Anthology The Centropic Oracle publishes the artistic works of science fiction and fantasy short story … , , , ,
The Chronicles of Gideon Hughes The Chronicles of Gideon Hughes Narrated Horror Anthology It is a simple fact that everyone will have at the least one date with death in their lifetime. His… , , ,
The Chronicles of Now The Chronicles of Now Narrated Drama Anthology Short fiction torn from today's headlines. Each week, we feature an original short story inspired by the news—… , , , ,
The Collector's Audio Files The Collector's Audio Files Full Cast Science Fiction Horror Anthology The Collector's Room is a sci-fi anthology series in the vein of The Twilight Zone, Th… , , , , ,
The Creeping Hour The Creeping Hour Full Cast Children's Horror Anthology Beware, these scary stories will transform you! The Creeping Hour is a horror anthology series hosted… , , , ,
The Cursed Inn The Cursed Inn Narrated Horror Anthology The Cursed Inn is a horror-themed audio storytelling podcast. The show features a myriad of talented vocal performer… , , ,
The Dark Magazine The Dark Magazine Narrated Horror Anthology A mix of dark fantasy and horror short fiction by both established and rising stars, from The Dark Magazine—and w… , , ,
The Dead Letter Office of Somewhere, Ohio The Dead Letter Office of Somewhere, Ohio Narrated Horror Comedy Anthology A horror-comedy fiction podcast set within one of the three remaining Dead Letter … , , , ,
The Dog Is Dead The Dog Is Dead Narrated Multigenre Anthology It's like the Twilight Zone for an optimist's heart. Every episode starts with the same line, but becomes a tot… , , ,
The Drabblecast The Drabblecast Narrated Multigenre Anthology Stories feature on the Drabblecast are generally narrated by charismatic host, humorist, and musician Norm Sher… , , , , , , ,
The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine Narrated Multigenre Anthology Rish Outfield and Big Anklevich bring you short stories focusing on the Science Fiction, F… , , , , , , ,
The End of the Line The End of the Line Narrated Drama Anthology Powerful stories about how we treat women who don't have kids. Mature Website RSS Feed Additional Links Appl… , , , ,
The Esoteric Order of Roleplayers The Esoteric Order of Roleplayers Role-Playing Multigenre Comedy Anthology We are a group of tabletop RPG gamers and these are the games we play. Mature Web… , , , , , , , ,
The Eve Reader Podcast The Eve Reader Podcast Narrated Science Fiction Anthology CCP hf, the creator of Eve Online, has published a series of short stories known as the Chronicles … , , ,
The Exploring Series The Exploring Series Narrated Multigenre Folklore Anthology Lore, mythology, and history summaries in easy to understand and easy to digest formats. The seri… , , , , , , ,
The Fable-Land The Fable-Land Full Cast Horror Anthology Explore the darkness of the Fable-Land and come face to face with fear itself as we dramatize scary stories, urban … , , , ,
The Familiar The Familiar Full Cast Multigenre Anthology The Familiar is an anthology audio fiction podcast series. In each story, our narrator - Leo136 - tells a tale th… , , , ,
The Frightmare Theatre Podcast The Frightmare Theatre Podcast Full Cast Horror Comedy Anthology The Frightmare Theatre Podcast is a horror audio drama anthology series from ARCANE. Broa… , , , ,
The Ghost Light Theater The Ghost Light Theater Narrated Horror Anthology The Ghost Light Theater is an Anthological Horror Podcast hosted by “The Ethereal Actor” Lucious W. Griot, … , , ,
The Ghost Stories of E F Benson The Ghost Stories of E F Benson Narrated Horror Anthology An occasional series of readings of ghost stories by a writer now better known for his social satir… , , ,
The Graveyard Shift With Mr. Davis The Graveyard Shift With Mr. Davis Narrated Horror Anthology On this podcast we'll be performing many NoSleep stories to help you get through those long nigh… , , , ,
The Gray Area The Gray Area Full Cast Multigenre Anthology The Gray Area is an audio drama anthology series, with very subtle and ever growing changes in the stories. It f… , , ,
The Grayscale The Grayscale Full Cast Multigenre Anthology An anthology series of short radio plays, exploring the spectrum of human behavior, with chilling results. A pod… , , , , , , ,
The Grey Rooms The Grey Rooms Full Cast Horror Anthology The Grey Rooms Podcast is an audio horror fiction podcast. An anthology set within a serial audio drama, The Grey R… , , , ,
The Gutter Skypes The Gutter Skypes Role-Playing Multigenre Comedy Anthology When there's a game to play and the tables are all over the continent, the next move is to grab he… , , , , ,
The Hammer Lane The Hammer Lane Full Cast Horror Anthology The Hammer Lane is a DIY bi-monthly horror and sci-fi anthology radio series brought to you by independent artists… , , , ,
The Hauntings of Elgin Barrett The Hauntings of Elgin Barrett Narrated Horror Anthology An ancient head starts to speak... A spirit pleads to be laid to rest... An immortal stalks the corr… , , , ,
The Hearth Podcast The Hearth Podcast Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Oral history is how we have some of our most engaging and long-lived legends. It's what kept the dark bound… , , ,
The Hidden Frequencies The Hidden Frequencies Full Cast Science Fiction Horror Anthology The Hidden Frequencies podcast is an original science fiction, horror anthology of half-hou… , , , , ,
The Hidden Scribes The Hidden Scribes Narrated Multigenre Anthology This is a place where unknown authors tell their stories. Each episode is a miniature audiobook where the wo… , , , ,
The Hotel The Hotel Full Cast Horror Anthology The Hotel is a weekly horror show. The guests check in with The Manager and The Lobby Boy shows them to their rooms. No … , , ,
The Humming Tree The Humming Tree Narrated Relaxing Anthology A relaxing podcast focused on storytelling. Immerse yourself in a tale about finding your inner peace, and jo… , , , ,
The Junto Presents The Junto Presents Full Cast Horror Anthology Join us at Franklin Manor, home to “The Junto,” a social club in the classic style where adventures, mystics, a… , , ,
The Keystone Horror Podcast The Keystone Horror Podcast Narrated Horror Folklore Anthology The Keystone Horror Podcast is dedicated to telling original stories of strange and unusual ev… , , , ,
The Lesbian Romantic The Lesbian Romantic Narrated Multigenre Anthology Lesbian romance stories brought to you as an immersive audiobook. Created to make you smile, blush or keep… , , , , , ,
The Lift The Lift Full Cast Horror Anthology Part Twilight Zone but wholly unique, The Lift is an ongoing audio drama featuring a mysterious girl who guides visitors … , , ,
The Long Hallway The Long Hallway Full Cast Horror Thriller Anthology The Long Hallway is a thriller anthology series, releasing every Tuesday and Thursday. Behind each door … , , , ,
The Lost Letters The Lost Letters Narrated Multigenre Anthology There is a space within the void between universes where all lost things can be found. There we find “The Lost… , , , ,
The Lurking Transmission The Lurking Transmission Full Cast Horror Anthology A horror anthology podcast that features musical guests from a variety of genres with claws. REAL SONI… , , , ,
The Midnight Library The Midnight Library Narrated Nonfiction Horror Anthology You alone, can climb the stairs of the strange, old Victorian mansion and be somewhat welcomed by y… , , , ,
The Midweek Drama The Midweek Drama Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Bamalam Productions: Providing a platform and vehicle for new creative talent. Content perfect for those … , , , ,
The Mistholme Museum of Mystery, Morbidity, and Mortality The Mistholme Museum of Mystery, Morbidity, and Mortality Narrated Horror Comedy Anthology Hello, and welcome to the Mistholme Museum of Mystery, Morbidity, … , , , ,
The Moonlit Road The Moonlit Road Narrated Horror Anthology Southern ghost stories, folktales, myths, legends and other strange tales from the dark backroads of the American … , , , ,
The Night Bulletin The Night Bulletin Narrated Multigenre Anthology The Night Bulletin is a monthly podcast featuring original short stories written and narrated by author TF A… , , , ,
The Night Cleaner's Tales The Night Cleaner's Tales Full Cast Horror Anthology An audio drama anthology series, featuring short stories, with Foley sound effects and original music. M… , , , ,
The Night's End The Night's End Narrated Horror Anthology The Night's End Podcast is a short story podcast. With a focus on dark speculative fiction, it hopes to leave you w… , , , ,
The NoNap Podcast The NoNap Podcast Narrated Children's Horror Anthology A short series of spooky and wholesome tales for children. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Anc… , , , ,
The NoSleep Podcast The NoSleep Podcast Narrated Horror Anthology In the spring of 2010, a new forum appeared on Reddit.com. It was called “Nosleep” and the concept of this foru… , , , ,
The Nowhere Dispatch The Nowhere Dispatch Narrated Horror Folklore Anthology This is the Nowhere Dispatch. I'm here to revel in the telling of stories. Eerie, creepy and true sto… , , , ,
The Oddcast The Oddcast Narrated Multigenre Anthology Readings of weird fiction and science fiction short stories combined with immersive sound design and music. Webs… , , , , ,
The Other Stories (Hawk & Cleaver) The Other Stories (Hawk & Cleaver) Narrated Multigenre Anthology These aren't the stories your mother used to tell you ... no, these are The Other Stories. T… , , , , , ,
The Outer Reach: Stories from Beyond The Outer Reach: Stories from Beyond Full Cast Science Fiction Anthology THE OUTER REACH: Stories from Beyond is an anthology series inspired by pulp science… , , , ,
The Pendant Shakespeare The Pendant Shakespeare Full Cast Drama Anthology “The Pendant Shakespeare aka The Wild Bill Variety Show” is an ongoing presentation of the works of William… , , ,
The Penny Peepshow The Penny Peepshow Full Cast Comedy Anthology Scripted sitcoms, The Penny Peepshow presents a range of podcast-play series for your edification and delight. … , , ,
The Penumbra The Penumbra Full Cast Multigenre Anthology/Series At the Penumbra, you might follow Juno Steel, a brooding, sharp-witted private eye on Mars, as he tangles … , , , , , , , ,
The Pink Nightmares The Pink Nightmares Full Cast Horror Anthology Anthology series of audible nightmares. Fictional short stories. Very real scenarios. Mature Website RSS Fee… , , , ,
The Podskit The Podskit Full Cast Comedy Anthology This ain't your everyday podcast. Hear “unique” podcasts from a cast of characters sure to make you scratch your head.… , , ,
The Pulp Cast The Pulp Cast Full Cast Multigenre Anthology The Pulp Cast is a fictional audio drama presentation in nostalgic anthology style. 21st Century stories with ol… , , , , ,
The Quarantine Plays The Quarantine Plays Full Cast Multigenre Anthology When Coronavirus hit the United States, The Merry Beggars launched a contest for 10-minute radio plays re… , , , , ,
The Radiograph The Radiograph Full Cast Horror Thriller Anthology Stories from between the sound waves. Tune in to an ever-changing collection of audio adventures, inspired… , , , , ,
The Sapphic Cast The Sapphic Cast Narrated Multigenre Anthology A lesbian fiction anthology podcast highlighting writers of fan fiction and genre stories. Mature Website RS… , , , , , , ,
The Scarecast The Scarecast Narrated Horror Anthology This podcast features various scary stories, murders, strange mysteries, conspiracy theories, and creepypasta from po… , , , ,
The Script Department The Script Department Full Cast/Narrated Multigenre Anthology Welcome to #TheScriptDept. A place to showcase great original short and feature-length screenpl… , , , , ,
The Scriptcast The Scriptcast Full Cast Multigenre Anthology A podcast that transforms unproduced film and television scripts into radio plays. Mature Website RSS Feed A… , , , ,
The Secret Room The Secret Room Narrated Nonfiction Anthology What's the one secret you've never told anybody? Welcome to The Secret Room, a podcast about the true stories n… , , , ,
The Slanted Hallway The Slanted Hallway Full Cast Horror Comedy Anthology Super scary stories that are certain to scare, but they also may make you think.... Website RSS Fee… , , , ,
The Square Egg The Square Egg Narrated Comedy Anthology A series of professionally produced readings of the final collection of short stories by Saki (H H Munro), who was k… , , ,
The Story Vault The Story Vault Narrated Multigenre Anthology The Story Vault is a weekly story podcast. Different fantasy, sci-fi and fiction stories are read and discussed… , , ,
The Storyteller Series The Storyteller Series Narrated Multigenre Anthology The Storyteller Series is a podcast bringing back classic radio theatre featuring engaging storytelling … , , , ,
The Tales Gate The Tales Gate Narrated Multigenre Anthology Finding time to read can be a chore, but stories need not be limited to the page. Pass through the portal and de… , , ,
The Theater in Your Mind The Theater in Your Mind Full Cast Science Fiction Horror Anthology The Theater in Your Mind is an audio anthology series inspired by classic radio dramas su… , , , , ,
The Theatron Project The Theatron Project Full Cast Multigenre Anthology COVID has decimated the theatre scene and now's the time to try new things. And that's just what we are d… , , , ,
The Tobolowsky Files The Tobolowsky Files Narrated Nonfiction Comedy Anthology In The Tobolowsky Files, legendary character actor Stephen Tobolowsky shares a series of short stor… , , , , ,
The Town Whispers The Town Whispers Narrated Horror Anthology The Town Whispers is a horror anthology podcast, that will tell the many stories hidden behind the fog and the tr… , , ,
The Toys of Peace The Toys of Peace Narrated Comedy Anthology 'We are merely trammelled by the ordinary decent conventions of civilised society.' A series of professionally… , , ,
The Truth The Truth Full Cast Multigenre Anthology THE TRUTH makes movies for your ears: short stories that are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always intriguing.… , , , ,
The Twelve Days of Christmas - Regifted! The Twelve Days of Christmas - Regifted! Full Cast Multigenre Christmas Anthology Welcome to our holiday series! We've taken the gifts listed in that famous … , , , ,
The Twelve Tales of Christmas The Twelve Tales of Christmas Narrated Multigenre Christmas Anthology The festive period may be different this year but at Northern Broadsides one thing rema… , , , ,
The Unexplored Places The Unexplored Places Role-Playing Multigenre Series THE UNEXPLORED PLACES is an actual play podcast about exploring weird worlds and making bold choices. Ma… , , , , , , ,
The Unseen Hour The Unseen Hour Full Cast Comedy Anthology Stories of the mysterious, the horrifying and the absurd. Performed live by 3 actors in 10 roles, in the style of … , , , , , ,
The Vault of Lovecraft The Vault of Lovecraft Narrated Horror Anthology The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of th… , , ,
The Vertical Path The Vertical Path Full Cast Science Fiction Anthology Science Fiction Radio Theater for the 21st Century. Established by Kyle Porter and Morgan Sobel. Web… , , ,
The Weird Tales Podcast The Weird Tales Podcast Narrated Horror Anthology Tycho Alhambra is a lover of the weird and bizarre. Here are his readings of his favorite Weird Fiction. Lo… , , ,
The Well Told Tale The Well Told Tale Narrated Multigenre Anthology Hi everyone. This is Robert. Welcome to The Well Told Tale. Every week I narrate a classic story; the greate… , , , , ,
The Wicked Library The Wicked Library Narrated Horror Anthology The Wicked Library is a Parsec Award winning show featuring horror fiction stories from upcoming, new, independe… , , , ,
The Witching Hours The Witching Hours Full Cast Horror Comedy Anthology Hilarious and hair-raising tales of the unexpected and insane abound in this eerie anthology of audio dr… , , , , ,
The Zip Code Plays The Zip Code Plays Full Cast Drama Anthology Celebrate the culture and history of the diverse neighborhoods of Los Angeles from the safety of your home. Anta… , , ,
Theater for the Mind Theater for the Mind Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Welcome to our the start of something new. Welcome to “Theater for the Mind”, an exploration into the cra… , , ,
Theatre of the Electric Mouth Theatre of the Electric Mouth Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Theatre of the Electric Mouth is an international community of artists, collaborating remotely t… , , , ,
Theatre of Tomorrow Theatre of Tomorrow Full Cast Science Fiction Anthology This is an anthology science-fiction audio drama. We spend hours developing and editing each episode … , , ,
Theatrephonic Theatrephonic Full Cast Multigenre Anthology We bring together professional actors to perform brand new plays. New drama and comedy published every fortnight… , , ,
Theatrophone Theatrophone Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Theatrophone podcast brings character-driven audio drama to your phone, your commute, your drive to the next stat… , , ,
Thirteen Thirteen Narrated Horror Anthology Feature length, atmospheric, spooky stories told on the Thirteenth of each month. Explore an eerie universe of supernatura… , , , ,
This Present Darkness This Present Darkness Narrated Horror Anthology “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers o… , , ,
This Spoken World This Spoken World Narrated Multigenre Anthology We live in a spoken world... a world that is shaped by stories and storytellers. Join Thomas Sebald as he tak… , , ,
Those Snowy Nights You Read to Me, They'll Never Be Forgotten Those Snowy Nights You Read to Me, They'll Never Be Forgotten Narrated Multigenre Anthology Works by Soren Narnia. [...] When I was in the fourth grade… , , ,
Through These Eyes Through These Eyes Narrated Multigenre Anthology Through These Eyes is a monthly, bite-sized audio drama featuring various short-story fiction. From thriller… , , ,
Thursday Knights Thursday Knights Role-Playing Multigenre Comedy Anthology A weekly game of Dungeons & Dragons (and other roleplaying games). Our group focuses on telling tru… , , , , , , , ,
Tiny Stories Tiny Stories Narrated Multigenre Anthology A collection of short audio fiction written and recorded by writer and voice actor Michael Rhys. Often dark, somet… , , , , ,
Toasted Cake Toasted Cake Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Anthology Toasted Cake is: * 1 crispy-gooey fantasy & science fiction flash story podcast every Monday * … , , , ,
Tongue Torn Tongue Torn Narrated Horror Anthology A series of short stories written and read by Lily Kuenzler. In this series, I will share with you a collection of stor… , , ,
Tony Ho Tony Ho Full Cast Comedy Anthology Award-winning sketch troupe Tony Ho takes listeners on a journey of dark comedy. Bite-sized narrative sketches explore the… , , , ,
Trying Again Trying Again Narrated Nonfiction Drama Anthology Trying Again is a story of the usually silent 1 in 4. As well as following real-life stories, Trying Agai… , , , ,
TubeFlash TubeFlash Narrated Multigenre Anthology Flash Fiction stories inspired by the London Underground. Let your imagination take a journey around London and disco… , , ,
UK Ghost Stories UK Ghost Stories Narrated Horror Folklore Anthology Giving you the creepiest, scariest, sweetest and horrifying tales from the UK and beyond. Mature Website… , , , , ,
Un:Voiced Un:Voiced Full Cast Multigenre Anthology Made for artists, by artists. As a podcast, we are keen to showcase the talents and stories of emerging creatives… , , ,
Uncanny Magazine Podcast Uncanny Magazine Podcast Narrated Science Fiction Fantasy Anthology A monthly podcast featuring selected material from Uncanny Magazine, including fiction, p… , , , , ,
Under 1000 Under 1000 Narrated Multigenre Anthology Hosted by Thomas Flower, each episode of Under 1000 contains a brand new short story, never heard anywhere else befo… , , , ,
Unnecessary Sequels Unnecessary Sequels Full Cast Comedy Anthology Join comedians Brandon and Walker as they make sequels to movies that shouldn't have them in the form of fully… , , , , , ,
Unpolished Little Gems Unpolished Little Gems Narrated Drama Anthology Unpolished Little Gems: The new writing podcast of fairytales for grownups. Website RSS Feed Listen to a… , , ,
Unshackled! Unshackled! Full Cast Nonfiction Drama Anthology Real people...real life stories...stirring, dramatic accounts of hopelessness, and the hope that changes eve… , , , , ,
Unspoken Realms Unspoken Realms Narrated Fantasy Anthology The goal of Unspoken Realms is to increase the accessibility of Magic: The Gathering Vorthos content by creating a… , , ,
untitled [redacted] untitled [redacted] Full Cast Horror Anthology A surreal horror podcast. Website RSS Feed Additional Links Apple Podcasts Listen to a SampleTrailer I … , , ,
Unwanted Things Unwanted Things Narrated Horror Anthology Unwanted Things is a horror anthology podcast. With all original stories written and narrated by Cameron Baker, wit… , , , ,
Variant Frequencies Variant Frequencies Narrated Multigenre Anthology Welcome to Variant Frequencies. Month to month our podcast brings you fiction stories from a different chan… , , , , , , ,
Voyages Voyages Narrated Urban Fantasy Anthology Voyages will take you to the curious Landscape overflowing with life, to the Starscape's always-unfolding illogic, a… , , ,
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