Taylor Zabloski

Taylor Zabloski presents several series of storytelling shows in a variety of genres and formats.

A 45-minute live storytelling performance presented as a streaming YouTube video.

a story about prom nights, movie sets, fire truck crashes, homeless stalkers, milkshakes, and the only thing I ever wanted to be.

An audio drama for the modern ear. Each episode starts with the same line, but becomes a brand new story from a new perspective. Astronauts, pirates, romances, apocalypses, mysteries, and comedies. And yet, there are connections between every story - you need only keep listening.

A snarky, educational, and irreverent dive into books that nobody knows, and everybody should read, but probably won't, so I did. Laugh, learn, and don't worry about finishing War and Peace. It doesn't make you cool.

a short story series on growing up