You Are Here

You Are Here is a science fiction audio drama series about the crew of a spaceship that crashes into an unknown planet. The podcast is interactive, in that every few episodes readers are asked to decide on which direction the story will go.

In the year 2147, the world is pushing the boundaries of overpopulation and sustainability. Technology and science leader The Hendersen Consortium has assembled a crew to continue the process of terraforming Jupiter's moon, Europa, in hopes of creating a sustainable planet for humanity to inhabit.

But while the crew of the Minoan slumber in their stasis pods the ship encounters a spacial anomaly that will send the ship further from home than any human has travelled before.

Crash landing on an unknown planet, jettisoned from their ship, and with only a portion of their equipment and personnel surviving, the Minoan crew must discover where they are and how to get home.

Our story is only a framework. This is where you, the listener, comes in. As our story progresses, you get to make choices that will directly and indirectly impact the fate of our characters and the direction of our story. You are in the drivers seat.