Word Of Mouth Productions

Word Of Mouth Productions is an audiobook and audio drama production company whose titles feature multiple narrators or are performed by a full cast. They offer titles in a variety of genres for sale, as well as a pair of Doctor Who full cast audio dramas –the first two parts of the Archeron Trilogy– created for the BBC Children In Need charity available for free, but suggest that listeners contribute a donation to the charity.

There were always three great Lords of Time.

Rassilon, Archeron and Omega.

One was the great leader, a war hero. One was the historian, a man of great intelligence and learning and a man of high morality. The last was a ruthless scientist who paid the ultimate price for his noble discovery.

Today, after millions of years, only one of these great men survive.

Lord Archeron has been through a lot to protect his planet. He is loved and respected by every living Lord of Time, his recent achievement is to introduce a bill that prevents his people from interfering in the affairs of other peoples and planets.

But nearing the end of his final incarnation, weak and old – he has a developed a legacy – a plan to keep his people and his planet safe forever – but at what cost…?

This is his final story…

Centuries ago there was a war. A deadly war between the Time Lords and the Vampire like Kalerions.

In this, the second part of the Archeron Trilogy, Rassilon is attempting to seize control of Gallifrey's high council. Standing in his way is Zitelous, the newly elected Lord President. However, soon Gallifrey will face it's deadliest enemy as it is ruthlessly attacked and now the Time Lords must fight for their very lives…