Wizzy Gizmo

Wizzy Gizmo is a series of religious children's stories about an eccentric inventor and a group of children who join him on his adventures. One story, Who Created Everything?, has been produced as a full cast audio drama, and is available for purchase on compact disc or as a digital download.

It all begins when professor Wizzy Gizmo places the Bible on Gizmovision. The machine whirls and hums, the room begins to vibrate and shake, the lights flicker on and off. The kids of Sunnyville feel a a surge of excitement as their hearts race faster and faster. They feel the anticipation building inside their chest like a balloon swelling bigger and bigger. They notice the room is filling up with tiny arcs of electricity and a sphere of blue-green light emerges growing larger and larger. There is a flash, and then… Well I could tell you, but you will never understand unless you listen for yourself.