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 +====== Welcome to Tinsel Town ======
 +===== Homepage =====
 +  * Website: [[https://​​podcasts/​welcometotinseltown/​]]
 +===== Description =====
 +**Welcome to Tinsel Town** is an audio drama series about a young girl who is transported to a magic world where it is Christmas all the time and her efforts to get back home.
 +<​blockquote>​After making a wish on the Christmas Star, Holly finds herself popping in and out of Tinsel Town, a magical place where it's Christmas everyday. But after getting stuck there, her friends - a giant candy cane, a mysterious ornament, and a polar bear Queen - need to band together to help her get home. As things start to fall apart in Tinsel Town, the curmudgeonly Conductor accuses Holly of ruining Christmas and does everything in his power to try to ban her from celebrating ever again. Will Holly and her friends figure out where her wish went wrong in time to get her home for the holidays?</​blockquote>​
 +===== Additional Links =====
 +  * [[https://​​podcasts/​7798/​rss|RSS feed]]
 +  * [[https://​​podcast/​id1437177288|iTunes link]]
 +{{tag>​children free full_cast sound_effects}}
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