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WeirdAudioProductions is the umberella title for all of scriptwriter davyferguson's works produced for audio.

A ten-episode serial described as “a dirty soap opera”.

The surreal story of townsfolk told through the town's dustbins. Yes - and why not? They say that dog owners irrevocably end up appearing identical to their canine friends - but in these oppressive days it is more accurate to quote the lesser known Irish poet - Brendon O'Rye: “A human being is merely the sum total of the contents of his wheelie bin - a true measure of a Man's carbon footprint upon the Land.”

A 12-part science fiction audio serial.

[…]starring Clint Mitchum as Captain Spud - lead guitarist and singer of the Tribute Crusty Rock band - “Captain Spud and the Revellers”. Now touring Ireland amusically playing cover versions of the English Band “The Levellers” - they sweat and skimp for a meagre living on the road. Spud is called Captain because the other two band members and the lesbian roadie cheekily call Spud that because he used to live on a narrow boat and he is the self appointed band leader. Spud's sister - Jeeta is the bass player and the other half of the lesbian couple. The last member of the band is the drummer - he's called Crispp - with two 'pees' of course.

One dark stormy night the band are in their van driving away from a gig - it's late - Guinness the female roadie is driving blurry eyed down a dark Irish country lane that leads to God knows where…

A free science fiction audiobook available at

I have four friends from the past who from time to time drop into my study for a chat and to reminisce about the rose tinted good old days. They possess Alien technology which gives them the gift of time travel. This is the story of how they came across said Alien technology.