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We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone is a comedic science fiction audio drama set in the 1950s.

Enter the strange world of mad scientists, out of control robots and cold war paranoia in the 1950s science fiction themed We Are Not Alone comedy podcasts.

Are you constantly plagued by mad scientists trying to rule the world? Do you reminisce about the days when we all feared for our existence due to nuclear warheads pointing at our homes? Do you long for the days before the invention of shower gel and regional accents?

Join us for a re-evaluation of history past, present and future. Come on in, the conspiracy is lovely.


We Are Not Alone: A gloriously British romp through the peculiarities and eccentricities of the technologically flourishing, star-gazing, alien'n'commie-fearing 50s and beyond. The sketches – lithe, pithy and pin-sharp – come fast and flavoursome, each recalling those heady, high-strung times of science, space and Sinatra with a keen-eared fondness and affection. Splendid stuff. Carry on.