The Veil

The Veil is a full cast horror and science fiction anthology audio drama series produced by Voxx Studios.

What if the reality you were programmed to believe were nothing more than an intricate fabric woven by the hands of fate. Would you be able to see through the pattern? Would your five senses alert you to the danger that surrounds you? Just out of sight, you'd like to believe that you are the master of your own destiny. You'd like to believe that you chose to hit that play button of your own free will and you might be right… or you might be just another thread in … 

The Veil.

Created by Matt Fowler. The Veil is a new sci-fi/ horror audio-drama anthology. It is along the vein of beloved, dark, cutting-edge sci-fi series like The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror. Each episode contains fully immersive soundscapes, original score, star-studded cast, and each script is written by a standout team of gifted writers from all over the world. This dark and twisted audio-drama is sure to titillate the depths of your otherwise dormant imaginations and leave you questioning the very concept of reality.