Tales Of A Timelord

Tales Of A Timelord is a fan fiction audio drama series based on Doctor Who.

Tales Of A Timelord A brand new science fiction audio drama for the Whoniverse. Tales Of A Timelord takes its listeners on a journey through a brand new companion's eyes with the Doctor somewhere near his 20th regeneration.

As a strangely familiar time traveler embarks on a tour of the universe's 4753rd most impressive collection of alien artifacts and oddities, an unknown presence starts to cause chaos. Together with the tour guide Maria, the pair attempt to survive an all out attack and start to piece together what is happening.

Join our intrepid adventurers as they take on one of the universe's most feared Christmas villains. Step over Grinch, here comes Krampus…

Minisode 1

The Iron, The Stitch & The Wardrobe takes you on your first journey through the bowels of the Tardis to a place where legends are born… the Tardis wardrobe!

Adrift is the second story in the Tales Of A timelord saga. A historical mystery thriller set on the high seas, The Doctor and Maria must discover the secrets of a mysterious abandoned ship in this brand new audio adventure!

Created for the Tales Of A Timelord audio drama, this album is a collection of 16 sci-fi and whovian influenced compositions lovingly created by various artists. From the atmospheric to the catchy, from trip hop to rock and complete with a rap version of the theme tune by The Doc aka Invokal himself. This album is a superb addition to the Tales Of A Timelord catalogue and a must for any fan of science fiction.