Supervillain of the Day

Supervillain of the Day is a full cast audio drama series about a world overrun by supervillains, but without any superheroes to stop them.

In a world without superheroes, who will fight against the forces of evil? The supervillain outbreak has begun. Reports are trickling in from all over the world of havoc and mayhem being wreaked by evil masterminds and villains. In the midst of this world-wide phenomena, however, London is strangely calm and peaceful. Not a single supervillain has made an appearance. For most Londoners this is very good news, but for the editor of a tabloid paper specializing in the strange and unusual it's very bad news indeed. Reporter Jeffry Floyd is assigned the task of finding a supervillain “or else.” He appeals to Scotland Yard for help, but his incessant poking at shadows gets him banned from the case, until one sergeant realizes that both Floyd and his “investigation” are more than they seem…

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