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Subject: Found

Subject: Found is a horror podcast about the investigation of supernatural mysteries and folklore. It will feature a new, separate serialized story each season. The first season is about “Jared Strong, an investigator pursuing a monster from his childhood.”

Jared Strong is chasing a monster that has haunted him since his childhood. Will he find it? What happens if he does? We have an extensive, private library of some of the darkest and most shocking pursuits of monsters that have haunted humankind throughout our history. Stories about legend, lore, the paranormal and all things dark and mysterious. These are our stories. Each season we will feature a new, thrilling story. All that is lost must be found!

Subject: Found is an audio drama that features mysteries which have plagued us from the age of antiquity to modern day.

Established under the mantra “all that is lost must be found,” Subject: Found follows various stories of the people and places impacted by some of the world's most disturbing mysteries and unsolved lore.

Inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Subject: Found was created in early 2016 by Paul Sating during one of his many hikes through the back-country of the region. Lore and mystique have always intrigued him and he realized there are many stories and legends that need to be explored, so he went looking for them … and was disturbed by what he found.

What you are about to hear is the result of that exploration.