Sounds Like An Earful

Sounds Like An Earful is a podcast about “collecting stories, tinkering with noises, and fumbling with really big questions.”

Sounds Like An Earful is a Canadian podcast about tinkering with music & gawking at life. We cover everything from our morning coffee to living, loving & dying – we do it all to a soundtrack of completely original music. We chat, we play and we revel in not knowing everything (or anything for that matter). In short, Sounds Like An Earful is a podcast about collecting stories from good folks and exploring them in creative ways.

Your host is a twenty-something designer with an obsession for recording & doe-eyed curiosity. Christopher lives in a small fishing town in Atlantic Canada. He’s not that bright but he asks a lot of questions. He spends most of his free time tinkering with his collection of musical instruments and chatting with his angry friend Colleen. All of the music you hear in the show is handmade by Christopher himself.

If you are looking for pure-science, we may not be for you. If you are looking for authoritative perspectives from people who aren’t neurotic and weird, we may not be for you. However! If you are looking for a few chuckles, some relatable stories and %&$*in’ strange perspectives on really big questions – we are definitely for you. We don’t have many answers but we might just get your brain-ticker ticking.

Every episode starts out with a friendly chat between Christopher and his very grumpy friend Colleen Mckeown. Out of that chat comes a strange observation about the world which we then explore through interviews, music and personal stories. The show comes together as 15-20 minute episodes released bi-weekly. You can subscribe to the show on iTunes or follow us on SoundCloud.