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Searcher & Stallion

Searcher & Stallion is a narrated science fiction audio drama with sound effects and original music. The series was originally broadcast in the 1990s, but the original producers have created a newer production titled Dreams and Wings.

Welcome to the year 5804 A.F. There is general peace and free trade across the expanse of the Galactic Mega-Empire. With the aid of advanced technology, human kind has spread out across the galaxy and continues to explore and settle new worlds. For one man though, there is a deeper purpose to this galactic exploration. After awaking alone on a laboratory table, and with no memory of his past, Searcher now roams the galaxy with his robotic companion Stallion in search of answers. Answers about his forgotten past. Answers about why he awoke alone in that laboratory. He knows in his heart that these answers are important somehow, but they remain shrouded in fog and just out of reach. And so he searches.

They currently offer a narrated story with actors, music, and sound effects titled Dreams and Wings.

One Man, One Machine, One Destiny.

Searcher awoke, alone on a laboratory table, with an ageless body and no knowledge of his past in a post-apocalyptic world. Now in his exoskel, a powered suit of armor, he roams the galaxy with his robotic companion Stallion, seeking clues about his unknown origins. Meanwhile, His existence threatens to destroy balance among the ageless ones, a group of never dying humanoids that secretly run all aspects of human society in the shadows of the surviving colony worlds. Is the Searcher the key to humanity's salvation…..or its final destruction……

Some of the original 1990s episodes were once made available to people who joined the website's forum. The forum is no longer active, but the audio files are still accessible (see the link below). The chronological order of the original series can be viewed by clicking on the ORIGINAL SERIES button on the website.