The Saga of the European King

The Saga of the European King is a comedic fantasy audio drama series about a medieval king that sets out on an adventure to eliminate the season of winter. It is described by its creator as being influenced by “Dungeons & Dragons and franchise fiction, particularly from toy-driven pop culture of the 1980s and 1990s, and marries them up to mythological and historical sources.”

An ongoing fantasy/comedy podcast that is a love letter to franchise fiction. A King of Medieval Europe embarks on a quest and learns a lot about himself and the world on the way, which really wasn't the stated the goal. The goal was to murder Winter.

The King of Europe is the protagonist. He is a fictional take on several kings like Richard the Lionheart and King Arthur. He is bellicose, single-minded, uneducated and childish. His friends are a boilerplate Dungeons & Dragons loadout - a warrior, a wizard, a thief and a priest. They enjoy the power and wealth that comes from being in his inner circle but have varying degrees of enthusiasm for their station in life.

Though set in medieval Europe the series takes a very loose approach to actual history or even geography. Medieval Europe is stated to spread across the length of the present-day European Union plus Heaven and Hell which have been conquered and absorbed into the union.

It is produced in Brighton in the UK. Each episode is 10-20 minutes long. It is written by Tom McNally and is performed by Amy Sutton, Joshua Crisp and Ben Edwards. Peter Marinker is an occasional guest star.