Roommate From Hell

Roommate From Hell is a supernaturally themed scripted comedy in a sitcom and sketch format, following the adventures of a demon and a human who live together in the fictional Brooklyn neighborhood of Slope Hill. Episodes sometimes center on a “monster of the week” like the Mothman, a coven of witches, or a leprechaun. The demon Bea and the human Claire deal with these monsters, sometimes fighting them, sometimes helping.

Occasional mini-episodes feature a monologue by a character in the Roommate From Hell universe.

The series is written by Nick Douglas and Tim Mucci. Levi Sharpe edits, designs, and mixes. Serena Berman plays Claire the human, and Natalie Walker currently plays Bea the demon (a rotating role).

Bea is an ancient demon who fought in the epic war against the tyrant god Yahweh. Claire works in… business. They're roommates in a fourth-floor walkup in Slope Hill, Brooklyn. And they have adventures!